91 Chapter 91: Joint Management

 It's October and Allen has finally turned twelve years old. This month, it will be four years since he came to the mansion.

 In the past five months or so, the knights have taken control of the nest of armor ants that Allen defeated. Around September, the northernmost mithril ore mine in the Shiro Dragon Mountains just became operational. I haven't been able to get around to the nest of armor ants that Allen has obtained.

 Now that Allen has defeated the queen ant, the mining of mithril ore is not expected to be possible until next year.
 For now, they have only sent out professional miners to confirm that the mine is a new mithril mine. The results of that investigation showed that there is fairly abundant mithril ore.

 Since then, we've cleared two more armor ant nests. But unfortunately, no mithril ore was found. Still, I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would be.

 Lately, I've been thinking about it.

 Now that I have shared skills, I have more time to hunt. When the knight leader helped me in the orc village, I found myself in a pretty liberal environment. Next year, the mining rights to Mithril will become an unearned income and I'll be able to live a comfortable life.

 Then I realized something is missing lately.

 Something was missing from Klarna's village. It was status. I hunted desperately for the albaherons to turn my family into commoners, and I led the boa hunts. I never got out of the village, but it was so fulfilling.

 I don't know now. Maybe now it's like hunting slime desperately around the castle. Keep hunting the slime until the level is complete. There is enough money and you don't have to worry about your enemies. Just go through the routine day by day.

(Mining rights. Is this a useless bribe?

 I feel like I'm carrying a useless piece of flab that I don't need to have. I came into this world to make a go of it. I don't want to live a comfortable life.

 This is not what hard work looks like for me.

 When I came to the mansion when I was eight years old, I thought I'd be an adventurer. Mihai asked me to protect Cecil. I said "yes" to Mihai's last request. I'd like to fulfill that request.

 I've turned 12 years old. It's time to take the next step. Surely the life of hunting slime around the castle is not the way to go.

Hey, were you thinking?

 I'm approached by Rickel.

No, no,

 A chat at breakfast with servant Rikker that lasted four years. Next year, Rikker is going to quit his job as a servant and become a coach or cook. Apparently, being a servant isn't a job that lasts for decades and must be replaced by a new servant. He asks me in his usual light tone which job would be easier.

 I think this idea is also typical of Rickel. You will be able to see that you are thinking too much.

"Looks like the royal messenger is coming again. Mithril, mithril?

I guess so. What can I do for you, having just arrived last month?

 The Baron Granville has been sent by the royal family many times before. However, during the past year or so, their frequency seems to be increasing rapidly.

 Some of them are to check the schedule and current progress of mithril mining. Mithril is no longer available from the side of Viscount Karnel in the Shiro Dragon Mountains. As if there isn't enough mithril in the kingdom, they come to the mansion in a manner quite similar to a reminder.

 The other day's visitors were given a date and time, but they did not say what they wanted to talk about.

 The butler told me that the royal envoy would be arriving shortly after noon and that I should remain upstairs in the dining room after the barons had lunch.

 Shortly after 1:00 p.m., two men arrived at the mansion.

 The butler leads them into the dining room, and the baron catches his breath.

 One was a messenger of the royal family. There are a number of royal envoys, but their position in the castle dictates who comes to the mansion. So I had met one royal envoy before and I recognized him.

 And the other was much more than just a familiar face.

 With the royal envoy was Viscount Carnel.

"It is good to see you.

 The baron speaks with an air of composure. The baron thought the messenger had come today because of Mithril. That's why the baron's wife and children are also present in the dining room. If the Baron Carner was coming, the baron alone would handle it.

I hear that the Baron Granville is actively involved in the development of his domain. You are a model of nobility.

 The messenger of the royal family, who turns around and speaks in a condescending manner when he takes the birthday seat opposite the baron. You'll be able to see that the royal messenger is still very arrogant.

 Viscount Carner, without taking his seat, is standing a little behind the royal messenger as if he were an entourage. Just like a butler standing behind the baron.

"And what brings you here today, sir?

 Then the royal messenger says, "Hm," and after a sufficient silence he says, "I have a proposal for you today, Baron Granville.

"I have a proposal for you today, Baron Granville.


That's right. There's a famous quarrel among the nobility in the kingdom. This is your solution to that problem.


 The baron's mind wanders to what he was fighting about. I can't think of anything.

Yes, the great conflict between the Baron and Baron de Granville and the Baron de Charnel. I think the royal family needs to resolve this issue, which it cannot afford to ignore.

"Yes, it's ......

 There's only one major quarrel between the Baron and Baron de Granville and the Baron de Charnel. The mithril of the Shiro Dragon Mountains. It's true that they've had problems for generations. Both lords have prospered and declined at the mercy of the white dragon.

That's why I've brought this today.

 Viscount Carner reacts to the words of the royal messenger and brings a rolled-up envelope to the baron's seat.

 The butler reacts and receives the envelope of Viscount Carner with both hands. Place the envelope on the baron's seat.

What is this?


 Read first, don't ask. He unrolls the parchment, which is rolled up and tied with string, and begins to read. As he begins to read, the baron's face changes dramatically.

"Oh, no. ......

"Hmm, what's the problem? I moved in to resolve the quarrel?

No, the joint management of the Hakuryu Mountains. This is not good.

What is this? This is what happens when they divide the territory at the top of the Shiro Dragon Mountains in the first place. The Bailong Mountains will be jointly controlled by both parties. Naturally, the resulting profit will be shared as well.

(Co-management?) Baron and Viscount co-managing the Shiro Dragon Mountains? Seriously. (That's why the viscount is grinning)

 Behind the royal messenger, Viscount Karnel smiles. His shoulders are shaking and he seems to be desperately trying to hold back his laughter.

 The royal envoy brought a contract for the joint management of the Shiro Dragon Mountains between the baron and the baron. The burden and profits are to be split between the two noble families.

"No, but...

"What's the complaint? I asked the Vice Minister of Justice to draw up a contract to solve our problems.

"But ......

That's enough. Viscount Charnel has already signed.

 To the confused and bewildered baron, the royal messenger tells him to just sign the contract without saying anything else. That seems to be the end of the contract.

 There is a silence. The royal envoy looks at the baron as he glares at him.

"I'm sorry, sir. ...... Sorry. I'm sorry to say this out of the blue, but may I check with the royal family first?

 The baron barely managed to squeeze the words out of his mouth.

"What? My deputy minister took the trouble to make a contract with you, and you can't sign it? The Baron has come up big.

"No, no. We just need to check it out once. I'd like to go to King's Landing to check it out.

"Ho, you don't trust me. I guess I've become arrogant now that I can take mithril. That's enough!

 With that, the royal messenger rises and hurries to the exit. Viscount Karnel follows like an entourage behind. As the butler tries to follow, he shuts the door firmly, saying no farewell is necessary.

 The dining room is empty of royal messengers. A contract is laid out in front of the baron.

There's no such thing as a stupid contract. Sebas, we'll head to the capital. Was the Commander two days later?

Yes, I am returning from the Hakuryu Mountains, so it should be two days before I return to the city.

 Begin to assess the situation as if the time stopped by the royal messenger had begun to advance. As soon as the head of the knights returns, they'll ride the grimoire together to the capital.

 The barons and servants gathered in the dining room are dismissed.

 A few hours later, Allen is at work in the afternoon. Except for serving, I help out where I am short. I also cook, and I work in the garden. I do laundry, but today I'm cleaning the baron's silverware with a rag.

Co-management. It's tricky as it sounds.

 As I wipe the silverware clean with a rag, I remember what just happened.

 Co-management, peaceful operation, equal distribution without conflict

 Thinking that it would be hard to say no to this just because of the beautiful language. If you refuse, the question is why you said no. You may be accused of having a monopoly. I was wondering what I could do in King's Landing.

 That was the time.



 The screams of a woman from the upper floor could be heard echoing through the building.