92 Episode 92: Robbing

 With the sound of a window pane breaking, there is a noise as if someone is rampaging on the third floor. Then a woman's scream echoed through the building.


 Tossing the silverware he was taking care of, Allen, who is on the first floor, heads for the third floor.

 I don't know what happened all of a sudden. I know the scream doesn't belong to Cecil. It sounds like a wench's scream. Still, Allen runs up the stairs. There are servants and butlers in front of him, but he's going through them at great speed.

 The first thing that caught Allen's eye was a maid standing trembling in the hallway leading to Cecil's room. Then, blown from the door to the corridor, is the squire lying on his side. She was blown with such force that she was plunged into the hallway wall, bleeding to death from her stomach.

 Avoiding the maid, he enters the room.

(Seriously, she came in through the window!

 The window of Cecil's room on the third floor has been largely destroyed, leaving a hole larger than the window. It seems that they forced their way in through the window.

 There are three men there. They don't have the stature of knights. They are lightly armored, like leather armor, but they look more like ruffians or thieves than adventurers.

 One of the three men was holding Cecil in his arms.

 Just seeing that was enough for Allen to decide what to do. He takes Mithril's sword from the stockroom. He leaps at the man holding Cecil, clutching his sword.

 Then he catches Aren's sword as another one with it stands in his way. He's the biggest man of the three.

What a little shit!

 He catches every sword Allen swings while cursing.

Oh shit, what are these guys? They're so strong. We'll have to change the cards, oh and.

 After a game or two, you figure out that the intruders are quite good. I guess that the other two are as good as the other two, and I guess that the men with weapons are just as good.

 Currently, Allen has 30 of the 50 summons on his Fish D card.

 While wielding his sword, Allen simultaneously retrieves the magic fruit from the chamber and restores its power. You don't have enough magic to create or combine them now.

 After taking the grimoire, look backward for a moment and erase the grimoire to make it reappear on the blood-spurting, dying squire.
 From the grimoire's compartment, which is opened down the page part, a blade of life appears in the air. With a flutter, the grass of life falls on the squire.

 The wounded squire is recovering fast, but he can't afford to look back forever. The bandits seem to be pretty good. We've yet to kill one of them.

 While fighting the intruder, flip the grimoire in the air and begin to change the configuration of the cards, repeatedly deleting and generating them. Your status rises and you become more powerful.

"Hellgay! Get the hell out of here and kill that little shit!

"Yeah, I know. f*ck you!

 The men didn't expect to be bothered by a ten or so year old. You look like you're running out of time or in a hurry.

"There's the bandits! Squire take up arms! Call the knight!

 In the corridor the butler has already taken stock of the situation and conveys the news of the bandit. The baron is also giving orders. Already the squires have begun to crowd the corridors, arming themselves at the first wench's cry.

There are more knights in the garden! Hey, Helgei, that's enough. You got a kid, let's get out of here.

"Let me go!

 The intruders seem to have given up on defeating Allen. The man with the dagger throws something from his waist pouch to the ground and smoke begins to fill the area.


 I tried to catch my breath, but it was too late. The smoke spread at once, and Allen fell to the ground, unconscious, as he inhaled it.

Where am I? (Was he unconscious?)

 How much time has passed, Allen regains consciousness. He tries to remember what happened before he lost consciousness.

(Maybe he and Cecil were kidnapped by those bandits? d*mn it, sleep or paralysis. You didn't have your anomaly countermeasures in place. (Is this tied up?

 Realizing that he has been kidnapped, Allen checks his body without moving, in case there are bandits around. There are no cuts or broken bones, but his limbs are immobile. They are tied with a rope or something, and their mouths are wrapped around something. It's like a restrained caterpillar.

Who's nearby?

 As I concentrate my attention, I can feel more than one person nearby. It's possible that there are bandits who have broken in.

(We'll have to work hard here to make sure Cecil is okay.

 We still don't know if Cecil is safe. But I think that if I was going to kill him, I would have killed him right there. We know that he was that good, crossing swords. We think our first priority is to find out what happened to Cecil, who we think was kidnapped with us.

You missed a beat. No, that's a lucky one. It would have been awful if they hadn't tied your eyes.

 I can't move my arms and legs, my mouth is blocked and I can't talk, but I don't feel any pressure around my eyes. It seems that she can open her eyes and see her surroundings.

 The summoner has one major weakness. It's the eyes.

 He has to use his eyes to designate where to summon the beast. So if there's a cloak, he can't summon beyond it. Of course, you can't summon one with your eyes closed.

 Slowly open your eyes to see or not see.

(What? (A warehouse?)

 When Allen looks around with his dim eyes, it looks like a warehouse. In the warehouse-like room, you can see a number of large wooden boxes. It looks like a decent-sized warehouse or something.

 Summon the bird G summoner on top of the crate. Don't forget to share it immediately and tell it not to fly around.

(Okay, okay, it's not natural to summon too many of them, but I want more than one in sight, so I'll summon another one.

 Summon the second Bird G summoner. In the view of the summoned beast of Bird G, there are men sitting and resting thoughtfully. In this warehouse-like room are the three bandits who attacked the mansion.

 And Cecil is lying quietly a little behind Allen.

(It's Cecil, so we can assume he's safe.)

 From the view of Bird G's summoner, I can see that his body is wrapped around the summoner as well as Allen's. I guess that the fact that his body is restrained is a sign that he is alive. I guess that the fact that the body is restrained is a sign that it is alive.


(Good grief!)

 I wonder if they know I've regained consciousness and am searching for them. In the field of vision shared with the summoner, he sees another man enter the warehouse-like room.

 A fourth man, whom Allen doesn't recognize, walks in. Unlike the three present, he doesn't appear to be the bandit who stormed the mansion.

 He's a scrawny man over forty with scrawny cheeks and bad eyes. He doesn't look like a katana, like the other bandits. But he has something different about him than the other three.

What is it? Dagraha's Brother

 One of the three people in the room replied.

(Huh?) (Wasn't that found to have served the summons?

What do you mean? I've heard that one kid gets kidnapped, so why do we have two? One seems to be a servant?

 Apparently, he's asking why Allen is there when he was only going to take Cecil.

"Hey, hey. I'm sure he's learned some swords for a child, so we can sell them for money.

 Before he can finish, a fourth man with scrawny cheeks slams his fist into the side of the man he was talking to. The man who was hit is wearing leather armor, but that doesn't seem to protect him from the force of the blow.

"You, man. You stay out of trouble. As you can hear, I'm in charge this time. Follow orders. You try anything else and I'm going to kill you.

"Hey, hey. Hey, hey. ......

 A man holds his side and thrusts his elbows into the ground in agony, begging for forgiveness. The other two men don't seem to help. Don't do it again, says the skinny man with the scrawny cheeks, and walks out of the room. Apparently, he's just here to make sure it's a kidnapping.

"Marcus, you okay?

 They seem to be worried about the guy who got hit.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't know why the boss hired a killer like that. It's a f*cking joke.

 The punch in the gut doesn't seem to have made him any less angry, so he begins to poison himself.

Yeah, I heard you hired a hit man to kill Zenov.

 I said, "Seriously," and held my belly where I was hit.

(Shit, this has been totally kidnapped.)

 Allen and Cecil were kidnapped and locked up in what appeared to be a warehouse somewhere.