93 Episode 93: Information gathering

 Allen and Cecil have been kidnapped by a group of three mysterious people. I think it's a warehouse somewhere, since there are a number of things piled up in the corners of the room that look like packages in crates.

I need to find out where I am first.

 Try to gather information from the bandits who have entered the mansion through the summoned beast of bird G. It seems to be a warehouse somewhere in the city, but I don't know where. I need to know where we are if I want to subdue the bandits or escape.

 In the summoner's gaze of the shared bird G, the man who was punched in the gut by the man called Dagraha's brother is still holding his stomach.

'Are you all right? Marcus, does it still hurt?

Oh, this is really disgusting. This one's almost to the bone. How can that guy be the leader?

 A man called Marcus is being punched in the side and poisoned. As the bandits' conversation continues, Allen is raccooned to sleep and listens in.

"What can I do? It's the boss' order.

"I don't know if it's because of Xenov, but I'm back from the war and I'm in a bad mood. You know what? Dagraha bastard, you say you ran away from the battlefield in a year. How can he be so tough?

"Oh, come on. Hey, hey." "Don't do that. Tell him that Ambra did. I heard he got his head chopped off and shot to death.

"Seriously? That's why you haven't seen Umbra lately?

"Yeah, but you say those Zenovs have been guarding the fortress for 10 years. Can Daglach beat Xenov?

What's wrong with that? Do you know what that fortress has become in 10 years?

You're a battlefield expert. What happened to you?

Yeah, I heard that after ten years of defending it, the fortress just fell down and killed all the people who were defending it. They're cold and heartless. I don't know how Zenov got back, but you're a d*mn good Knight Commander.

"Seriously, what's the point of dying like that if you have talent?

"Right? That's why, one year or ten years, it's the same. The battlefield is where a**h*les go.

(The battlefield? (There was no war, Rickel said, but there was a war.

 I don't know if there are any differences in the conversation between Rickel and the bandits about the war. But our priority now is to break the deadlock. I will lie awake and listen to the bandits' conversation.

 An hour has passed.

Hmm, not much more information than that. We don't even know where we are. We don't know where we are.

 I've been listening to him for an hour or so, but I don't think I'm going to get any useful information. They're talking about gambling with the money you sold me for.

 It seems you lost consciousness while fighting with the bandits in the mansion and left your mithril sword behind. The dagger and iron ball are in the chamber. Even if we go into battle, we should assume that Cecil is there, so we'll have to run away.

 One of the bandits stands up, saying he's going to take care of some business.

(Oh! You're leaving. I'll get out, too.

 One of the two bird G summonses hiding in the corner of the crate takes flight at Allen's direction. The door to this warehouse-like room is open, and you're about to step outside to meet the bandit who goes to do his business.

(Will it be suspicious? (Well, it doesn't matter, I'll know where it is when I get outside.

 I think it's important to know what's going on outside first, even if it's a little suspicious.

Huh? Why are there birds in this place?

 As it flutters through the warehouse, it catches the attention of the two remaining bandits. Ignoring the questioning gazes of the bandits who questioned the bird's sudden appearance, you slip out through the open door.

Isn't that it? Some rich guy's bird on a boat, right? A nice guy.

"Seriously? He got away. That's a good one.

(Huh? Ship? (Are we in a boat?)

 Allen listens to the conversation between the two bandits and looks past the door with the summoned beast of the bird G. He is in a warehouse in the city, and thinks the door is outside. I thought this was a warehouse in the city and that the door would lead outside. But beyond the door is a long passage. It's a long corridor, a little taller than an adult, maybe two meters high.

 You pass the bandits going to do their business and continue down the passage.

 There's a staircase at the end of the path. You go up the stairs.

(Don't follow the upstairs? (The warehouse is also large and this building is quite big?

 At the end of the stairs, there is a passage again, so keep going towards the exit.

 To your right, you will find another door. There is a round glass window, and you seem to be able to see through the door.

(Huh?) (Can you get out of here?)

 It was pitch black beyond the window. I couldn't see anything, no matter where I looked.

I don't see anything. Hmm? I see the stars in the sky. So it's night now. (I mean, why can't you see the ground?)

 It seems like it was before evening when the bandits stormed the mansion. Hours have already passed and it looks like night. Outside the window it's pitch-black and there seems to be nothing there, but if you look hard enough you can see the stars in the sky.

 More than that, I wonder how high the building is, but I look down and can't see the ground at all and it's completely dark.

(Whoa! (The room shakes!!!)

 It was at that moment that Allen was wondering about the structure of this building and the landscape outside. The room you are in shook dramatically.

Hey, hey. Fly tight, man.

Yeah, that's right. Don't let the wind blow you down.

 The bandits complain that the room has been shaken up.
 And the answer to their questions echoed through the room. It's like an announcement we've heard in a previous life.

"My deepest apologies, relaxing guest. The mage ship Bahona is currently being buffeted by the wind. It will not affect your driving, but please take care not to fall over due to the sudden jolts.

(Seriously! (Not in a grimoire!

 Allen and Cecil seem to be in a mage ship that is pushing through the night sky. They seem to have been kidnapped in the city of Granville and taken somewhere on a grimoire.

What do we do? We can't get away in the grimoire. We'll still have to kill those pirates. We'll search the inside of the mage ship a bit more. If we're going to fight her, first.

 Think that there is no escape in a mage ship that floats in the air with no visible ground. You will search the ship with the summoned beasts of the shared bird G to see if there is anything more. The stairs lead upward. It seems that Allen and Cecil are in a cargo warehouse at the bottom of this mage ship.

(So this wizard ship can go outside? I wonder if it's much slower than an airplane).

 If it's pitch black beyond the window, that means the door leads out of the mage ship. I guess it's a door to inspect the hull of the giant mage ship or something. Unlike prehistoric airplanes, the grimoire seems to be able to get out.

 Even if I get out of here, I'm afraid I'll fall to the ground unseen. Since Bird G's summoner can't open this door, you'll have to go further down the passageway that leads to the top of the grimoire.

 You'll see doors that look like guest rooms, evenly spaced. It looks like a business hotel of some kind. As you continue on, you'll hear a lively voice.

 The doors of the guest rooms are lined up just like a restaurant on a magic ship.

(Oh! There are a lot of people! Can we eat inside the grimoire? (I never thought I'd get to stroll inside a magic ship like this.

 Some boaters see you because the birds are flying, but they don't mind trying to gather information to see if there is anything. Then, as you move deeper into the restaurant, the clientele changes.

 I feel like a better-dressed person. There's a lady sitting comfortably on a sofa drinking.

 That's when I wondered if there was anything more to tell. I recognize the two men relaxing on the sofa in the private room.

(Oh! (ain't that Charnel!)

 The Viscount of Charnel and the royal messenger were sitting idly by.