94 Episode 94 Warehouse Battle ①

 Apparently, this area is now reserved for rich people. Many of the people are glamorous in their dress. There are two men in the restaurant who look familiar.

(Karnel and the royal envoy. So these guys are on board, too?

 Two people are sitting on a couch drinking an expensive looking drink. The summoner of Bird G flies close and stops at the light to listen to what he has to say. Viscount Karnel takes a moment to look at the summoner of Bird G as it suddenly flies by, but it quickly slips out of sight. He doesn't seem to mind.

"I'm still annoyed with you, my dear. His Majesty's still troubled by the idea of appointing a schoolteacher as Minister of Justice.

"Not at all, sir.

(Hmm? (the school group)

That seat should be our seat. The Vice Minister of Justice should be the minister, by all means.

 The royal messenger is complaining to Viscount Karnel in a rather drunken state. I don't know what he's talking about because I started listening to the conversation in the middle of it. Keep your ears open and try to understand what's going on.

 Apparently the justice minister's seat is going to be vacant next year. A nobleman from a faction called the Gakuen School Faction will take the post. This decision must be overturned by court politics.

Still, the memory of Lord Granville's face makes me drink more.

Yeah, well, you're getting better at it now that you're getting mithril. It's the job of a royal messenger to mentor the lower classes.

 The Baron de Carnel changes the subject from court politics to the baron.

"Thank you for your help in this case. Thank you for taking care of the contract this way.

It's natural. But still, this is an important time for a white dragon to move. We need money for the Justice Minister's recommendation.

"Yes, sorry for such a time.

 Viscount Charnel is apologizing for being so obtuse.

 She seems to be the motive for what happened here.

Well....since Mithril has been available in Viscount Charnel's land for more than 100 years. This is how we've been trampled by money.

 As the conversation between Viscount Charnel and the royal messenger continues, Allen understands. For more than a hundred years and generations, Viscount Charnel has been cozying up and dictating to officials and nobles in the castle. They could do it with the money they had from Mithril.

I wonder if it's still possible? We're not the only ones inside the castle. What kind of trouble do you want the baron to get into when he comes to the castle? It is true that without a written contract, His Majesty cannot move. It must be signed.

 The royal envoy confirms to the viscount.

"Of course, sir. That's why I took the girl. The baron loves his daughter very much. I'll write to him to make sure he doesn't do anything naughty.

 Apparently, when robbing the mansion, they left a letter telling him not to go to the royal castle. I recall that the attitude of the royal messenger suddenly turned bad when the baron went to check with the royal capital.

"Yeah, well, anything to make sure he signs it.

 The royal messenger did not care about the rest as long as they made him sign the contract.

Yes, if you don't sign the contract, I'd be happy to send you one of my daughter's arms.

"So you want me to let the assassins take care of Zenov when he attacks?

I think so. But we don't want Dagraha to lose and have Zenov rampage through our territory.

Oh, well, that's good. If the Lord Commander riots across the land, he can condemn Sir Granvell for the crime. That's why I'm guilty of sedition. I suppose I should thank you for coming all the way out here.

I see, I'm impressed.

But you know what I'm talking about, right? I've done so much to help.

"I know, I know. Mining rights, sir. I'll keep my promise.

 A royal messenger to remind you to be grateful.

(Hmm...is this in favor of Karnel, both in power and in law? If you don't bring Cecil back, the baron can't do anything. But still, you attack the baron's house with your mithril concessions and kidnap the baron's daughter.

 There seems to be enough money changing hands that people could die. It was then that I heard valuable stories from them and tried to learn from them.

Mmmm !!!!!

(Oh no, Cecil woke up)

 Cecil, who was asleep next to Allen, woke up.

"Hey, hey, girl, you're awake, but you're going to be all right.

Mmmm !!!!

 When Cecil wakes up, he gets angry at the situation of being tied up and protests with his whole body. However, he can't say anything and can't move because his mouth, hands and feet are tied.

 Then Cecil notices Allen tied up in front of him.

Mmmm !!!!

(Oh, hey don't kick. (You're pretty handy for being limbed up.)

 He tries to wake up Allen, who thinks Cecil is still unconscious. However, Allen, who has been sleeping in a raccoon, does not react to Cecil, who kicks him while his arms and legs are tied up.

Be quiet for goodness sake. Your servant is sleeping on drugs. We'll be at the city of Karnel by now.

(Is this magic ship headed for the city of Karnel? Well, Karnel was on board, of course. I'm sure he can do whatever he wants to, so we should do something. Ouch!

 You think that this situation is very bad because you are heading to a place where there are a lot of handlers of Viscount Karnel. While you're thinking about this, Cecil moves like a shrimp and kicks Allen's ass.

"Hey, shut the hell up, Helgey!

 Markus, the bandit who was hit in the gut, tells his buddy Helgay to shut up.

"d*mn, it's unbearable. Keep quiet if you don't want to get beaten up.

Mmmm !!!!

 Cecil still kicks Allen's ass. You might have thought that if Allen woke up, things might get better.

(Hmmm, I'll have to do something about this. The card is in good shape, so I guess it's time to do it.

 Check the status again, just to be sure.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 41
 Strength] 1040 + 240
 Magic power] 1620 + 20
 Attack Power] 570 + 200
 Endurance] 570 + 635
 [Quickness] 1065 + 679
 [Intelligence] 1630 + 104
 Fortune] 1065
 Skills: Summoning <5>, Generating <5>, Combining <5>, Strengthening <5>, Expansion <4>, Storing, Sharing, Deleting, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 37,839,560/50,000,000,000

Skill level
 Summons 5
 [Born] 5
 [Combined] 5
 Enhancements 5
Skills Experience
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] DEFGH
 [Beast] DEFGH

 [Bird] DEFG
 [Grass] DEF
 [stone] de
 Fish ] D
 Insects] 1 F, 1 E, 29 D
 Beast] 10 D
 Bird] 2 Gs, 4 Ds
 [ Grass ] 
 Stone ] 2 D
 Fish] 1 D

You know you have to hit them.

 Saying this, Helgay goes to Cecil. Frightened, Cecil stared at Hergay. That's when the Sergeant raised one hand in the air.

(Well, let him sleep, Swallowtail!)


 To the bandits' amazement, a butterfly-shaped insect E summoning nearly a meter high appears, flapping its wings and scattering yellow scales. The room is filled with yellow scales.

Okay, one is asleep. It worked.

 The dagger wielder of the three fell as if his batteries were dead and went to sleep. The summoned beast of Bug E. quickly turned into a glowing bubble as Helgei smashed it with his sword.


 Allen tears off the ropes by force. Allen's status is such that he can't be tied with this level of rope.

 Helgei reacts to Allen's movement. The summoned beast of the beast D appears in front of Helgei.

What the hell was that?


 Beast D's summoner's special skill "Crunch" attacks Helgei. However, Helgei calmly ducks and slashes the beast D's summoner with his kesa. I couldn't finish it off with a single blow, but Helgei is also much faster, and the beast D's summoner can't catch it. After being cut three times, the beast D's summoner, strengthened and strengthened, would disappear into a glowing bubble.


"Gafu! You little bastard. !!!!

"Get the f*ck out of here!

 Allen's fist digs into Marcus' side. The beast D's summons against the Helgay is just a stall for time. Marcus was beaten by the assassin Dagraha and his target is Marcus. He drives his longest fist into the side of his head after being hit by Dagraha.

You have to kill the weakest first. And now the two bandits are out of the fight.

 Marcus reaches the floor face-first, clutching his stomach and convulsing. Together with the sleeping bandit, two of the three are now incapacitated.

 The bandit Helgey, who was watching, slowly raised his sword at mid-level.