95 Episode 95: Warehouse Battle ②

"Hey, Marcus!


 Throw the iron ball at Helgey, who is worried about Marcus' safety. It's thrown from the front and is easily repelled by the sword.

You little bastard!

 Allen takes the dagger Dogora gave him from his storage.

(Hmm, you have a sword against a human, but you don't have any hesitation. (No, it was the same when we were attacked in the mansion, and now it's too late.

 When I'm about to kill each other, I find myself surprisingly calm.

Are you afraid of kids?

 Provoke the hellgay who cut each other in the mansion.

You little shit.

(Bronn still, hold him down!)

"What the hell is this?

 Under provocation, a stone D summoner appears to sandwich Helgay, who slashes at you with his sword. Surround it and use the special skill "Defend Yourself".

(Ok, ok, I had to attack three times to defeat the Bear. That'll buy you some turns.)

 Even while defeating Marcus, the shared Bird G summoner was watching the battle between Helgay and the summoner of Beast D. I already know how long Helgay defeated the summoner of Beast D. I already know how long it took for the Helgay to defeat the summoner of Beast D. The Helgay's offensive strength won't be enough to take down the stone D's summoner as long as the stone D's summoner defends himself.

 I'll summon a Fish D summoner to buff Allen and his summoner.

(Okay, now it's time to take Chu's power! (Get out the spider thread!

 Two summons of Insect G attack Helgay, who can't move. Then, the summons of Bug D scatter the strings and further restrain their movement.

(Hmmm, so G summons are effective too? So the summoner's debuff is effective against humans as well. But still, Fish D's summoner's buff didn't make Cecil glow. (You didn't recognize him as one of them because he didn't participate in the battle.

 It's my first time fighting against someone else, and there are a lot of things I don't understand.

(It looks like there's a hitman in the house, so let's just get rid of him.

 Cecil had no effect of buffing Fish D's summons and no debuff of Insect E's summons. I don't know what the decision is, but there are at least four enemies, including one who isn't here, that I'd like to verify. I want to take out the third one, Helgei, as soon as possible.

 Surrounded by two Stone D summons, I slash at Helgei's shoulder with my dagger with all my strength.

''Ggh! d*mn!

Hard, or maybe I'm too weak. Maybe it's the performance of this dagger. Do I increase the attack power and push through with force? (Should I take a few swift hits?

 At an attack power of 750, the durability of the Helgay is so high that the attack doesn't work. The sword digs into the flesh, but it doesn't seem to be fatal. The Helgei are quite durable, perhaps due to their swordsman-type profession.

 This is the first time I've cut a human, but it's a world of durability, depending on their status. There's something strange about the fact that some mysterious power works and it's not fatal.

 The battle is dominated by Allen. I've made him too quick, so Allen's attacks keep being decided. His size is also much larger than Allen's, and he is almost one-sided because he is stuck with the stone D summoner.


 Finally kick up the belly and blow it against the warehouse wall. He's unconscious and his head is hanging down.

 Just then, an announcement is made throughout the mage ship.

Thank you for your patience. This grimoire is about to arrive at the city of Karnel. The grimoire is on its way down. Please do not leave your seats.

We've managed to beat him, but there's no time to spare. We must break Cecil's bonds.

 You feel a shaking like never before. I can feel my body as the grimoire begins its descent. Cecil will remain bound. If you reach the city of Karnel, you will have nowhere to run.

I'll unbind you now, miss Cecil.


 Cecil, who had been watching this summoned battle from beginning to end, was astonished. Allen didn't care about that and was about to tear off the cord when

"Hey, hey, what's this? Why is the kid doing this to you? Your client's kiddo is a lot weaker, isn't it?

 There appeared the assassin Dagraha, hired by Viscount Karnel. He is quite wary of Allen's summonses, which he has never seen before.

 Allen quickly let go of the cord that bound Cecil and turned his body to summon a new summoner of stone D. That's when he turned around to summon a new summoner of stone D.



 Allen was kicked up with great force. He was kicked in the side, his ribs were broken and he was slammed into the wall.

My God, is this guy a scout? You're f*cking fast. (Didn't this guy disappear for a second?

 The bird G's summons had captured Dagraha's position, so he could see Dagraha's position even if he was looking at Cecil. He had to turn around because he couldn't summon or direct the summoned beast through its shared vision, but it seemed that the time was too late for Dagraha.

 It was kicked up against the wall with such force that it disappeared from the gaze of the shared summoner.

''What's with the look on your face? You've never received a skill before? I can't believe I let this kid get to me.

 As Dagraha distances himself from the summoner, he slowly draws his rapier from his waistband and moves toward Allen.

(A skill? Did you just use the skill. No, we'll verify later. Fighting is not an option for this one. (Then there's only one way.)

 This blow showed that the opponent's strength was extraordinary. Use the grass of life to regain full strength.


"Hey, how long are you lingering?

"What? Why is the viscount here!

 Dagraha reacts to the voice of the bird G summoned from a blind corner of the room, shouting. The voice of Viscount Karnel, with his special skill "Voice Manipulation," shows his agitation.

 At that moment, Insect D's Summoner's special skill, Spider Thread, wraps around Dagraha's body. He quickly rushes toward Cecil. Stow your dagger and run towards Cecil in your princess's arms.

d*mn it! What the hell are these guys?!

(Is spider silk not so effective? Broncs, wall up)

 Allen bursts through the door and runs out into the hallway, but Dagraha is right there. He turns his back for a moment and summons two stone D summonses. This passage is about two meters long and no more than three meters wide. When you show the stone D summons, you have to kill them before you can proceed.

 Insect G and D summons will also flock to Dagraha to stop them.
 Meanwhile, I'm going to run up the stairs as fast as I can.

There's one bronc down. We're running out of time. Should we run to the passengers' shelter? No, that's not going to help you now. Okay.

 Allen is now at a door leading out to inspect the hull of the mage ship or something. If you look out the door's small window, you'll see that it's slowly moving toward the ground. The ground is illuminated by some kind of magic tool to prevent it from crashing into the depot, so you can see the ground clearly.

 Putting Cecil on the floor, Allen pry open the door. Looking down in the gusty wind, it seems that we are still more than 100 meters off the ground.

"Excuse me, Miss Cecil. I'm going to jump from here for a moment, but don't worry.

Mmmm !!!!

 File an unvoiced complaint saying what Cecil is talking about.

I'm going to file an unvoiced complaint saying that you should change your card structure to make it more durable. I could increase my strength with broncs, but I don't have time for that.

 Change the composition of the cards from Beast F to Insect D, which increases durability. Stone D summons take longer to synthesize, so stick with insect D summons.

It's okay. It should probably have no problem with durability. Status does not lie.

 I don't understand the quote.

Mmmm !!!!

 Cecil shows more protest with his whole body than when he woke up in the warehouse. But in vain, Allen grabs Cecil tightly and holds him to prevent him from falling.  Just to be sure, you wrap Cecil in the cloak you keep in the storage area.

Now, Allen, I'm going!

 While Cecil desperately pleaded with him to stop with tears in his eyes, Allen jumped off the magic ship under the full night.