96 Episode 96 Escape ①

 Allen jumped off the mage ship, leaving Cecil in the princess's arms. It seems to be more than 100 meters below, but with the status raised by the level and blessings, I think it's fine.

 And then both feet hit the ground with tremendous force. The momentum of the landing shatters the neatly set floor stone.

(d*mn it!)

 The bones in both of Allen's legs are also shattered and broken. But as soon as he lands, the grass of life he used repairs his leg bones at once.

The grass of life can also heal bones. I'm glad I got my belly broken by that dagraha or whatever.

 Allen checks on Cecil. There was a small amount of debris on the cloak, but Cecil seems to be unharmed.

I used the grass of life, but as expected, Cecil is unharmed. It didn't even hit his arm. Your endurance is very capable.

 Allen believes that endurance is like a shock absorber that protects the body from physical damage.
 When I fought and cut with the bandits earlier, I always thought that the increase in endurance does not increase the muscle mass of the body. It doesn't make you puffy or hard. It's just a kind of protective coating that protects you from impact.

 The physical damage in this case was caused by the girl falling from over 100 meters to the ground. Her leg was not unharmed, and her leg was broken, but her durability killed the impact, and the impact was not transmitted to her upper body or Cecil.

 You're already recovering from being kicked up by Dagraha in the warehouse and recovering your shattered ribs. It's already been confirmed that bone repair is in the scope of physical recovery.

"Miss Cecil, I'll take the restraints now.

 The grass of life is also used for Cecil when he falls, so I don't think it's a problem, but once again, I check to see if there are any injuries from the shattered cobblestones. I'm not going to be able to get any injuries, so I'm going to quickly cut the cord with my dagger.

"Hey! Allen!!!!

I'm sorry. Miss Cecil, the grimoire is coming down.

 Along with being released from custody, Cecil protests with all his might. But now is not the time to listen to Cecil's complaints. Once again, you put the cloak on Cecil.

(That's good, in case the arrows come flying from behind as they chase you.

"Hey, listen up! Where did this come from! What the hell was that--

"Miss Cecil!

"What, what?

"Now it is important to ensure the safety of Miss Cecil. We'll get you out of here right away. I'll carry you on my back.

 Allen talks to Cecil a little harder. He asks you to ride on his back for a piggyback ride. It's hard to run in a princess carrier. The grimoire is going to land on the ground.

 Frustrated, Cecil rides on Allen's back because this is the way it is.

Hey, you're fast!

Hold on tight. You'll bite your tongue if you talk.

 Cecil is surprised at the speed at which Allen runs. At least he's running faster than the horse.

We're running out of time. (Hollow, tell me where by night eye)

 Summon the four summonses of Bird D into the night sky and look for the gate that is the exit from the shared city landscape. Then rush for the gate to the outside of the city.

(Oh! Great, Daglach said he's going to explain the situation to Karnell and others. (That'll buy us some time.)

 Allen checks the situation inside the mage ship as he runs. Inside the grimoire is a bird-G summoner in the shape of a parrot. The shared summoner will keep track of his pursuers during his escape.

 Dagraha quickly explains the situation, saying that the servants of the Granvelle family jumped off the mage ship with Cecil. Viscount Karnel hurriedly asks, "So you two are still alive? Daglach says that he won't know until it lands. But he says it could be dead because it was at that height.

 Changing the configuration of the holder's cards as he runs.

44 cards of Insect D
2 cards of bird G
4 birds D summonses

He was in quite a hurry. Apparently there's no such thing as a wizard in this other world. Summoners would be surprised.

 While running, he recalls a story he heard from the adventurer Raven. When Allen was playing games in a previous life, there was a profession similar to that of a summoner. That was the wizard.

 A wizard is a wizard who works with demons. Much like a summoner who works with summoned animals. But according to Raven, there are no witchcraft masters in this alternate world. I remember being told that it's impossible to use a hexenbiest.

 The reason why the bandits were so surprised by the summoner's appearance is because he appeared out of nowhere. The reaction might have been a little different if demon handlers had been recognized as a matter of course.

 The gates of the city of Karnel are still open, and when I showed him the coat of arms of Granvelle's house, he let me through. As expected, a gatekeeper could at least recognize the next territory's coat of arms. The servant carrying the girl on her back is quite suspicious, but apparently there's no reason why she shouldn't.

(There it is. I think the mountains are in that direction.

 Thanks to the starry sky is not entirely unseen. In such a night sky, run out of the city. First and foremost, we have to get away from the city. Then we'll head for Granville territory.

Good thing we're out of the gate. Let's find the Shiro Dragon Mountains and go around from the north of the range and return to the city of Granvelle. (How many days will it take us to get back?)

 Taking a break for Cecil away from the city. In front of Cecil's eyes, he pulls out from the storage room, lights from magic tools, water and food. Cecil watches the scene.

 Shortly after the break, the bird D summoner, which was waiting above the landing field where the grimoire landed, sees a disturbing movement.

 People are gathering on the cobblestones that Allen destroyed when he got off the grimoire.

(Karnel and Dagraha are there.) She's telling us what to do. That's because there weren't any dead bodies for me or Cecil, after all. They'll know we're alive, though.

 Viscount Karnel has some entourage around him. While the summons of the shared bird D is staring up in the sky, the viscount is giving some rapid-fire instructions. As I'm watching to see what's going on with my pursuers, Dagraha is talking to the viscount as if to interrupt his instructions.

 The voice is too far away to hear, but that's when I wondered what Allen was talking about.

 Dagraha's body momentarily shakes. Some kind of shimmering haze covers his body. And then he ran for the gate.

You're fast! (That's the scouting profession)

 Dagraha, who I expect to be a scout, whose speed status is easily raised, heads straight for the gate that Allen passed through.

(Huh? (Out of the gate?)

 Let the shared bird D summons to check on the movements of Dagraha in priority. Dagraha, out of the gate, begins to run at once.

(Huh? (You know, this one)

 Allen found himself in a nightmare. Now Daglach is running straight in the direction Allen is running.

Oh, shit. What's that? (It's using skills of spying or something)

 Dagraha, who I thought was a scouting profession, seems to be able to locate Allen using some skill of spotting or something. I'm going to run straight to Allen.

"Excuse me, Miss Cecil, I'm sorry. It looks like they're coming after us. Let's get out of here now.

"Huh? Wow, I get it.

 It is a dagraha running at considerable speed. But Allen's speed finally reached 2000, thanks in part to his blessing. Even with Cecil on your back, you're not so fast that Dagraha will soon catch up with you.

 Continue to run away from Dagraha with Cecil on your back without being overtaken.

 You then try to correct your direction and enter the river where you found it, but Dagraha's pursuit shows no signs of stopping. Dagraha is coming up behind me all the way. He's at a great distance from Allen, but he knows exactly where he is, as if he can see me.

(Scouts are so talented, aren't they?!!!)

 The bird D summons ahead of us to discover the city. It looks like a slightly larger city in Karnel territory. Aren is running towards the city. But the gates are already closed and a gatekeeper is standing guard.

"Hey, Allen. Going to the city?

 A bonfire is burning and Cecil notices the city. He speaks over his back to Allen, who is heading straight for the city.


"What do you think the gates are closed?

Well. I'll try my best. Please talk to me for a minute.

(Hey, can't we use the city to disperse the dagraha?)

"Oh, hey stop!

 Allen is told by the gatekeeper not to proceed any further and to stop. At this late hour of the night, seeing a boy dressed as a servant with a girl on his back is obviously a questionable look on his face. There's even a spear at the end of it.

Good, good. ....... Well, we're in town. Master, we're going to have to be patient for a while longer.


 Ignoring the vigilant gatekeeper, a breathless Allen spoke to Cecil with relief, "I'm sorry, Mr. Gatekeeper.

I'm sorry, Mr. Gatekeeper. Could you please let me into the city?

That's not possible. The gates are already closed. We can't let in anything suspicious like you two arriving at this hour.

"No, we are not suspicious.

 Allen shows the coat of arms of House Granvelle.

House Granvelle. No, but why this night?

 I showed him the coat of arms and he flinched for a moment. Although it is the Viscount Carnel's territory, it is too unnatural for two people from the neighboring territory of the Granvelle family to come together at this late hour .

To tell you the truth, our carriage broke down a short distance from here and we're stuck here. The young lady doesn't want to spend the night in a place like this.

 Allen lies fluidly. The carriage breaks down, and the lady has a look of selfishness on her face that says she's in trouble.


 Cecil blamed himself and forgot to fit in.

Oh yeah, no, but ......

(Oh, this looks good. Dagraha is going to be here soon, so what more can you ask?

"I am well aware of the impossibility. So would you mind closing your eyes for now?

 Allen quickly extends his hand to the gatekeeper's hand. The gatekeeper is startled, but he checks the object given to him by Allen with his gaze alone. It glows golden in the light of a bonfire beside the gate.

 Allen gives you a gold coin.

"I don't blame him. But even if you let me through, the inn is closed.

I'll ask you to do something about that, too.

 It implies that I'll let you stay with your money. With a gracious smile, the gatekeeper let me through a door next to the gate like a gatekeeper's service entrance.

 Chased by Daglach, I fled into the city.