97 Episode 97 Escape ②

 Allen walks into the city with Cecil on his back.

 He zigzags away from the main street and into the alleyways.

"Aren't you going to stay at the inn?

"Yes, I will not stay.

 Questioning Allen's erratic progress toward the alleyway, avoiding the main street, Cecil asks a question. There were several innkeepers on the main street, but Allen walked past them.

 While advancing through the alley, a bird D summoner watching the gate with his night eye discovers Dagraha.

(Hmmm, I knew you had some kind of permit.)

 Dagraha shows something like a permit and enters the city through the gatekeeper's door that Allen also passed through.

 Then he starts moving again at high speed.

(So it's still footprint-tracking. I'm glad it's not a map type.

 Allen has finished analyzing the skills of Douglasha's pursuit by this hours-long escapade.

 Allen has played many positions in the game when he was Kenichi in a previous life. Basically, you've been a warrior or a wizard, with a strong arsenal of weapons that do a lot of damage to your enemies and use powerful magic. It's a total brain game. So you have very little experience in a tangled occupation such as banditry.

 But some of them have had to be bandits, so I have some knowledge of them.

 In Allen, there are two types of tracking.
The first type allows you to follow a subject by seeing his or her footprints in the field.
The second type shows the coordinates of the target on the map and allows you to follow the target.

 This is the first kind that Douglasha is using this time. Allen can be 100% sure of that.

 Because Allen was moving to see where he had turned. Daglach was moving around the same bend as Allen was at that bend.

 If Allen's position was visible in a coordinate or something like that, he would not be doing that, and would follow it at the shortest possible distance while correcting the direction of travel.

 Now Dagraha continues to move in accordance with Allen's trajectory, which is moving in a zig-zag fashion to no avail.

Let's roll up!

"It's a bit of a jump.


 Allen flies and begins to move over the building. He's getting further and further away from Dagraha, so that he won't be chased immediately.

(Yes, yes, yes, I've lost him! (The analysis of tracking is perfect. (You're a hundred years too young to follow me!

 The summoner of the bird D catches Dagraha in a hurry. He was moving so finely that he misjudged it and seemed to be heading back down the road. It never occurred to me that Allen would be planning a countermeasure against the search for the enemy, and I didn't think I'd be able to make it to the top of the building.

 Then, you stand on top of the city's outer wall.

"Huh? Don't fight? Allen is strong, right?

 In Cecil's mind, Allen seems to be quite strong.

"Yes, he's a bit of a pain in the ass. You probably can't win.

Even by any means, there's no 10% chance of winning. My summons are slow. If I set a trap and ambush them, they'd d duck. Any little attack goes through... the healing potion will cure him and that's it. Now let's get out of town. (Bronn out.)

 A stone D summoner is summoned out of the city and, under Allen's direction, raises his shield horizontally to the top. Allen jumps on top of it and summons the stone D summoner further forward and instructs him to do the same.

 Repeat the same thing, jumping on more and more to move. It will go on for several kilometers without leaving any footprints.

I don't know if they'll recognize the summoner's footprints as my footprints, but I'll occasionally cover them up like this.

 This strategy allows you to erase footprints, but it slows you down considerably. Running on the ground and covering the footprints with Stone D's summoner a few times, I'm going to the north end of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, where I've already seen Bird D's summoner. There's a barrier at the northern end, and when you pass through it, you'll be in the city of Granville.

 Soon after, I'll be getting ready for bed. But we won't be able to return to the city of Granville in a day or two.

 Place the stone D summons around you and pull out the blankets and magical lights from the storage room.

He was talented.

 Cecil says to Allen, who is putting things out, with a grin.

Yeah. It's very useful.

"Why didn't you tell me?

Talent is nothing to talk about.

"Yes, ......

 There seems to be something in Cecil that makes sense.

"I'll run more tomorrow. Get some rest.

"Allen doesn't sleep?

"I'm going to bed too, good night Miss Cecil.

"...... good night

(Well, I'd like to get home in 3-4 days if possible. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to keep up.

 Allen watches Cecil's sleeping face and checks on Dagraha's movements through the summoned beast.

 The next morning, a few hours later, you start running with a still sleepy Cecil on your back. I'd rather take a break just to take a nap.

(Gosh, the footprints on the building are gone. Nice work.

 Dagraha has found out about Allen's manipulations. Put your bags away and get Cecil up and start moving.

 Dagraha is now on top of the building. Dagraha is standing on top of the building that Allen moved to. It won't be long before it's tracked up the wall. There are no footprints of Allen outside the city, and he can be seen looking here and there for his tracks.

(Gghhh, what do you think? There are no footprints. (And what?)

 As Allen ran, he kept checking on Dagraha's movements. Dagraha made sure that there were no footprints, and then he started running straight ahead. Then, after a few kilometers, he began to run in a circle around the city.

(Wha-what was that? Huh? (This is)

 Naturally, it was running in a circle and would eventually hit Allen's footprints. Once they found Allen's footprints, they resumed their pursuit.

(d*mn it, we'll have to increase the distance between the footprints.

 Having been spotted after a few kilometers, he heads for the northern edge of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, daring to make his footprints disappear over a longer distance with a stone D summoner.

 The distance between Allen and Dagraha will continue to close in and out as Dagraha loses track of the footprints and finds them, and the distance between Allen and Dagraha will continue to close in and separate from each other.

 Then, on the morning of the second day from the city of Karnel, Allen successfully completed the reception at the checkpoint and entered Granvelle territory.

What's the matter? What's going on?


 There seemed to be something wrong with Allen's behavior of getting through the barrier and going right away.

(Guess he's noticed. Let's be honest here.

I just lost track of Douglasha.


 Allen is checking the location of Dagraha. He said that he somehow has such skills when telling that he is being chased.

 Not long ago, as the summons of Bird E was chasing after Dagraha, Dagraha began to move with ever-increasing speed. So fast that the bird E summons couldn't catch it.

 There are now several bird E summons looking for her, but they haven't been able to find her. We haven't been able to catch up with them in the first place, so it will be difficult to find Dagraha.

(I knew I had a skill that would boost my speed all at once.)

 I remember being kicked by Dagraha in the warehouse. I couldn't follow it with my eyes, and for a moment it seemed to disappear. I thought he might have used the skill, because of what he said about the skill. When I was shown this thing, I fully recognized it as a skill.

(I never thought I could travel such a distance.)

 I thought the skill was also a short-range speed increase, but it seems to be able to travel quite a distance. He was off in a flash.

"Wouldn't it help Allen if you left me behind?

"Huh? What are you talking about. I'm not going to leave you.

"Because as it is, it's ......

(Hmm, Cecil is 12 years old. (Hmm, Cecil is 12 years old.)

 He seems to have gotten anxious because he has been moving around for several days in pursuit.

It's okay. Let's get you both back to the city of Granville safely. Everything is going to be okay. And you promised.


Yes, I promised Master Mihai that I would protect the Master Cecil. I will keep my promise.

"Thanks ......

 Cecil buries his face in Allen's shoulder.

(I know that's a cool thing to say, but I'm going to have to take some insurance on this one. We're past the barrier, so I guess it's time to go.

 Allen summons several summons and flies them into the sky. Then the summons of the shared bird D summons make a hawk-eye search of the surroundings. They will soon spot Dagraha.

 And so it's the third day out of Karnel.
 Today we've been riding Cecil on our backs since early in the morning as we head toward the city of Granville.
 I'm hurrying, hoping to reach the city of Granville tomorrow if possible.

 A hexenbiest is staring at the bird E summoned by Allen. This hexenbiest knows that this bird has someone to play with nearby.
 A grinning face like a human dog with one eye missing was twisted into a grin and began to move.