98 Episode 98: Marder Garsh ③

 With only a day to go to the city of Granville, the summoner of the shared bird E discovers a hexenbiest who approaches Allen.

(BAM! It's Murder Garsh. (It's coming straight at you)

 We're only a few kilometers or so away from them now. We were pretty close.

Oh no, will I be able to escape? I'm a lot quicker than I was three years ago.

 Allen ponders what to do. If possible, the situation is such that I would like to escape without fighting.  

 I'm thinking about whether I can get away with it.
 It's been about three years since we last saw Murder Garsh. He has become much faster and more advanced, but now he has Cecil on his back.

 We've lost track of Daglach, and we don't know where he'll come from. I don't want to take any chances.

What's the matter?

 Allen doesn't seem to be very good with a poker face. Or maybe Cecil has a good instinct. I notice something is wrong with Allen.

"Yes, yes. I'm being chased by Murdergarsh.


 Now, at a few kilometers, I can tell you that Marder Garsh is there. He's running straight for Allen.

"It's tough to be chased by two people in this situation, so I thought it would be better to take out Murdergarsh and move on.

 Maedergarsh thinks that it is not an opponent that can be defeated in its current state, so he says he wants to defeat it and then proceed.

'Huh? Can you beat Maedergarsh?

I think it will work. It's not my first time.

 The strength of the Murder Garsh was tested roughly three years ago.

Okay, okay.

 Cecil knows how strong Allen is. He seemed to think that he could beat Murdergarsh as well.

 Then, a few minutes later, there in front of Allen is Murdergarsh. Cecil is staring at it from a great distance.

(Okay, okay, Cecil's safe and told me to take out Murdergarsh that's in my way.


 A five-meter tall monster with a face like a human dog, the upper half of which is made to look like a human hand and body, and the lower half of which has a wolf's body, is right in front of Allen. The hexenbiest, who has lost an eye, is grinning as if he is happy to see Allen after a long time.

We don't have much time, so let's go all the way.

 To such a Murderer Garsh, Allen declares a blink-and-you'll-miss-it. Twenty beast D summons appear around Madergarsh. They begin to attack Murdergarsh all at once.

 The strategy is quite simple. The way you defeated the orc king and the queen-armored ant, you must again massacre them in a battle of numbers.

(Spider's spider silk is still not very effective. There's no speed reduction in sight. I don't care if you're wasting your time on beast D summons. (Hold the broncs)

 Using the experience of the same B-ranked monster beasts, the Orc King and the Queen Armor Ant, I used four Stone D summons to hold them down from all sides. This makes it easier for the attackers to hit the beast D summons and prevent them from dying for nothing.

 Still, one by one, the beast D summons are killed. At a dizzying pace, the grimoire continues to flutter in the sky, generating more and more beast D summons, and new ones are born, strengthened by the beast D summons.

 The beast D summoner's special skill "Crunch" continues to be used against Murdergarsh, and blood gushes out of his body.

 Against Madhagarsh, Allen continues to throw a desperate iron ball into the left eye, hoping to crush both eyes.

 If possible, you should obliterate both eyes. If you lose both eyes, Cecil might be able to survive even if Allen is killed. But even with Allen's increased level of offensive power, his throws cannot catch Murdergarsh's eyes. Every time he throws, he is easily dispelled by his hand.

(I've already beaten the Orc King, but that's as good as a B-ranked senior. But I guess it's about time.)

 I had been attacking for about ten minutes, and that's when I thought I was about to defeat him.

 You can find out what is going on in the world and what is going on in the world.




 Allen has already thrown down the iron ball and repeatedly summoned from tens of meters away to ensure his safety. A leaping Murdergarsh landed near Allen.

 The beast D summons the beast that was in the position where Murdergarsh was just now, and it will be headed for Allen. But there's no way I'm going to make it in time.

Bron and the others come out!

 Four stone D summons have already been created and prepared for when Allen was attacked.

 Blowing away those stone D summons, the Murder Garsh grabbed Allen's body. Tightened with a force like a vise.

(Seriously, it's pretty bad? (Will it be in time?)

"Oh, Allen!

 Cecil, who was spying on Allen, who was summoning him from behind, shouted loudly, "It's okay!

It's all right!

 Cecil doesn't seem to be doing very well. With his hands clenched by Maedergarsh, Allen continues to generate and synthesize. He reminds Cecil, who is worried, to stay away.

 Murdergarsh, bleeding all over, can't seem to stop grinning at Allen, who was grabbed with both hands. Smiling, he slowly exerts himself. It doesn't seem to kill him all at once.

 Clutching his body, bones crushed and blood vomiting, Allen continues to hold on, regaining his strength with the grass of life.

 Then, after a few minutes of tightening, he lifts Allen's head up to pinch it, and with a crunch, Madhagarsh takes a bite.
 The lower half of his body is eaten, and fresh blood spatters as his canine teeth strike Allen's belly.

 Cecil dropped to his knees in the distance and whispered, "Allen. I thought it was all over when Allen was eaten.

"Hey, you a good dog? I thought you'd eat the head first, but I didn't know you were a tail guy.

 Talk to me about how to eat Thai grill.

(You ate the bottom half. Then I'll go for it!

 With that said, Aren takes the dagger that Dogora gave you from his storage and grips it with all his might. It's a good idea to make sure that you are able to get the most out of the dagger.

"Aaaaaaahhhh. !!!!!

 Moisture in the eye is sprayed around. Maedergarsh screams in pain.

(Okay, I've crushed both eyes now. (And...)

 Thrust the dagger into the eyes of the marder-garsh, twisting the arm further. Allen's dagger is already going into Madhagarsh's eyes, arm in arm. Still, he doesn't stop putting his strength into it.

What's the matter? Dog, put some pressure on your mouth or you'll get stopped!

 Murdergarsh is in a situation where his eyeballs are propped up with daggers, but does not spit out Allen.

 Murdergarsh forces his way into the chin and tries to stop Allen.

Is it hard? This is getting harder and harder. You didn't put a stop to me right away, and you lost.

 The moment Allen is caught by Murdergarsh, he is repeatedly generating and synthesizing, turning most of the holder's configuration into a stone D summoner.

 Madhagarsh uses both hands to try to grab hold of Allen. Allen is unconcerned and thrusts his arms further into his eyeballs.

 In the midst of the offense and defense, you raise your strength and endurance to 20 with 48 Stone D cards, raising your strength to nearly 2,000 and your defense to nearly 1,500.

"Listen, dog, status doesn't lie.

 I do not know the status of Murder Garsh. But the stone D summoner did not defend himself and could not be defeated in one hit. From that, I judged its attack power to be neither 2,000 nor 3,000.

 I decided that drinking the Grass of Life would be enough to stop them in this situation. You made hundreds of Weed of Life while you were resting for a nap. I have enough grass of life prepared for Dagraha.

Yeah, it's been a while. I've missed this tension.

 When I was Kenichi in a previous life, I didn't just hunt small fry in games. I've done the same thing against boss character enemies that would kill you in a few shots. Manage your health by firing a succession of healing potions to deplete your opponent's health and defeat him.

 Check your stats in the grimoire and use the Grass of Life at the right time.

 The dagger has already struck the bone in the bottom of the eye and is slowly digging in. Even after the tip of the blade stops against the bone, you continue to put your strength into it. The bone in the fundus begins to crack.

 And then...


 The bone in the fundus cracked and the blade reached into the head. Maedergarsh let out a mighty yelp and fell to the ground. He spits out Allen and twitches, but eventually stops moving.

A maddergarsh is down. I have gained 82,000 experience.

"Hmm, an unquestionable win. Your bottom half is sticky.


 Cecil comes running up to me. He's checking to see if you're okay.

"So, what should we do now?

"Huh? Ah ......

 Dagraha appeared in front of Allen and Cecil's eyes. Cecil noticed Dagraha's presence.

Hey, I found you at last!

(Mm, something's pissed off.)

It's a cutting edge that can be seen from the side. Daglach's voice is so angry that he's turning inside out.