99 Episode 99 Skills

"You're not gonna get away with this!

 Dagraha appeared before Allen and Cecil.

So they finally found him. No, I was aware of it when Madhagarsh ate me.

 I changed 48 of the 50 cards I could carry to stone D summons. There are no summons of bird E to search the sky over Allen already. Now that they've already found us, there's no need to search for them.

 Step by step, the Dagraha is getting closer and closer. He glances at Mardagarsh, who lies behind Allen. But he doesn't seem very interested. You take one look as if it's only Murdergarsh, then turn your attention back to Allen and Cecil.

 Allen hides Cecil on his back.

(Well, the iron ball was thrown out. The dagger remains stuck in Murdergarsh. With the slowness of the summoner, surely the dagrach can't catch it. (It's easier to know what to do when you don't have many options.

"Seriously, Cecil lady, step aside! I'll hold them off here.

(With attention drawn)

 Allen spreads his hands and hides Cecil.

"What? A servant's book. Taking a stand? That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of!


(Seriously, about disappearing from view, even though I was facing forward. I can't see it at all.

"Allen! Ca!

 Dagraha uses some special power to kick up Allen at high speed. Then Dagraha slaps Cecil away as he tries to run to Allen. The blow seems to have knocked Cecil unconscious.

What's the matter? Don't you get a call? Show me that hexenbiest I showed you before, again.


I see, so you've used up all your magic to defeat this hexenbiest.

"You've been using too much magic to catch up with me, haven't you? You'd better save your magic for the trip home.

"Huh? Of course you have a magic cure, you little shit.


(Good boy, this idiot can say anything. Dagraha uses magic. Now you know something about skills.

These kids need to be taught a lesson.

"Can't you educate a coward who looks like he ran away from the battlefield in a year?

"Ki, you!

 Then he disappears in front of Allen again and is blown away. Maybe he didn't like what you just said, but he decided to hurt you carefully.

 Even as he was battered, the answer to the question he'd been wondering about came out.

 The question of what skills are.

 In Allen's perception, there are three types of skills.
The first is the "summoning technique," "generation," and "summoning" skills that Allen had identified in his grimoire when he was one year old.
The second type of skills, swordplay and throwing, obtained by playing knights or throwing stones
The third kind is "extra skill" and Allen does not have it

 The question is what is the difference between the first kind and the second kind of skills.
 One difference would be whether or not it consumes magic.
 Throwing a projectile does not use magic, but summoning a summoner requires magic during the generation stage.

 From here, the next question arises.
 What is the status of those with talents other than Allen's? What is listed in the skill column for those with other talents?

 The answer was in Dagraha. Dagraha now implied that he would use his magic to activate the skill. Daglach must have a status column like this.

Allen's expected status of Dagraha
 Skills: scouting <5>, robbery <5>, agility <4>, ears, stealth, sense of presence, swordsmanship <5>.
 Extras] Tracking

 There is a basic skill called the scout, not the summoning technique, and as the level increases, several skills branch out and grow.

(The answer was there in the beginning. It would have been well documented in the instructions of Hell Mode before you were reincarnated in another world. Every gifted person is given a skill that is chosen for their profession. (I'm sure Cecil has skills like magic <1> listed in the status bar.

Hell Mode (excerpt)
 Only skills selected in the profession are initially available.

 Talented and untalented players have different status increases when they level up. But that only means that a gifted player has a higher status than a non-talented player.

 I concluded that being talented means that we all have skills like summoning that consume magic and grow with the magic they use.

(I guess the reason why Dagraha is so ridiculously strong is because she's talented and has raised her level and skill level well.

"That's a creepy kid. What are you grinning at?


(Oh, how much stronger I can be with only one or two stars . (How much stronger will I get when I grow up with eight stars?)

 I hold back a smile as I anticipate my future as a grown-up, getting battered by the unseen speed of Dagraha.

 Then an hour passes.

 Allen is beaten like a rag and Dagraha is out of breath.

d*mn it's tough. Are you a warrior monk? What does that hexenbiest thing have to do with it?

"Have you stopped attacking already? Then get the hell back to Charnel town. Before you get killed.

(Mythril's rapier slashes at me. It f*cking hurts, doesn't it? I'm running out of life grass. (I'll have that rapier when I kill you.)

 Dagraha is not going to spend an hour trying to hurt you. It's already on the verge of killing you, but the tremendous increase in Allen's strength and endurance and the grass of life continue to prolong your life.

"Huh? Who's going to kill you? By you?

"Don't you get it yet? You can't do range-finding for a scout type,

(That's really educational.)

"What are you talking about? Stalling for more time with a story won't change your death, will it?

No, no, it's really late.

"Huh? What's that? ......

 At those words Dagraha notices. From afar, with a cloud of dust, someone is running toward us.
 A knight appears as Daglach warns him, stopping his attack on Allen.

"Hmm, are you still alive?

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's interested in this.

No, I was just about to die. Run a little faster.

Don't be so sure, I can't run as fast as you. Besides, I would have made it in time to live.

 The summoner of bird G perched on the shoulder of the knight commander answers in the voice of Allen. The summons of the bird E are circling above the knight commander.

 Allen had already flown the summons of bird GE toward the city of Granville, one by one. Find the Knight Commander and use the summons of bird G to explain the situation. The Knight Commander was heading towards us, guided by the summons.

 The captain was aware of Allen's talent and quickly swallowed the situation.

Hehe, dear. Get it over with.

 Allen will stop at nothing to defeat his enemies.


 Daglach will soon realize who he is.

That's right.

A parasite wagging its tail at the aristocracy and coming out of the woodwork in a fit of pique.

You're an assassin in the service of the nobility.

"Aristocratic parasites?

Yeah, I do. You know what I mean. The aristocrats who use commoners on the battlefield like pawns.

"Well, there is no denying it, is there?

"Right? f*ck those who fight so hard for talentless shit. Just like you.


"Ten years of defending the fortress and what have you got? That really makes me laugh. A small-town knight-errant for your accomplishments. That's quite a reward.

 Then Dagraha disappeared. The bouncing dirt and grass tell me that Dagraha is moving fast.

"Back up a little, Allen. You don't want to get caught in the middle.

"Eh, yes.

 Allen, who had been speaking in hushed tones, returns to the honorific language. It's not because he was startled by the obviously angry look on the Knight Commander's face. The Knight Commander's body is shimmering like a flame as he turns to face Allen. He slowly draws his sword.

(I see...extraskill can produce effects like this...) I remember you didn't use extra skill when you defeated the Orc King.

 I think there are effects in extra skills that do not appear in normal and vocational skills. Even in these situations, there is something new to discover.

"Where the hell are you going?

 Dagraha appears, moving so fast that he disappears, and thrusts a rapier at the heart of the knight commander.

We fought for all men. We fought for all men...and all our men died. Every last one of them.

"d*mn! What hardness.

 You don't listen to the leader of the knights, and you put all your strength into your rapier, trying desperately to pierce it. You try to grab the mithril rapier that penetrated your armor with both hands and try to pierce your heart. But not a drop of blood comes out of the armor you're thrusting against.

That's impressive durability. Is this the swordsman? How long have you fought on the battlefield?

 Dagraha's attack power seems to be too low compared to the durability of a knight commander who has the talent of a swordsman, a rare profession with two stars.

''Everyone risked their lives to protect it! We will never let anyone deny what we have done!

 With those words, the raised sword is cut off in a kasagake, and Dagraha's body is cut in two. In addition, the shock wave of the sword strike blows the earth wide open for more than 100 meters.

 Allen gasps at the sheer force of it. And so the three-day chase with Dagraha came to an end.