100 Episode 100: Battle of the Aristocrats

 The day after defeating Dagraha, Allen finally returned to the city of Granville.

 Carrying Cecil on his back, he looks at the mansion. Seeing this, the gatekeeper of the mansion runs to the mansion to report Cecil's return.

I'm glad to see you're back at last. It's been a while since I've been in the mansion, but I got a magic stone and a rapier.

 Allen and Cecil returned to the mansion for the first time in several days.

 What they got during the past few days
B-ranked magic stones in Madergarsh
Dagraha rapier (made in Mithril)

 Of course you'll get the magic stone of Maedergarsh, but the Knight Commander said you should also take the rapier back with you. Maybe his covetous face was in the foreground.

"Master Cecil, it's time for you to go to the floor.


 Returned to the city of Granville with the Knight Commander, but Cecil came back with the Knight Commander and not Allen on his back. Drop it on the floor in front of the doorway.

 Once inside the building, the entire baronial family was waiting for you at the entrance.


Father, I'm back.

 It's an emotional reunion, but everyone's eyes are not on Cecil, but on Allen.

"Su, call the Yakushi now!


 The baron's expression changes from relief to relief when he sees Allen. The baron tells the butler what to do.

 Allen's tattered body looks terrible. He was eaten by the maddergarsh, beaten and mutilated by the assassin Dagrach, and his clothes are barely intact. From the way her clothes are torn and the blood spilled all over her body, anyone can determine that she has suffered near-fatal wounds.

Oh, I'll be fine. I've already used my recovery medication.

 I knew right away that it was me, so I moved my hand to show that I was safe.

(Hmmm... I'll put some clothes in storage for this. And, now we need to take measures against poison. Of course I have an antidote with me, but is there anything to prevent fast-acting sleeping pills like this? (Okay, so you learned a lot from this one.

 Allen realized that he had gained immense experience through this turmoil. It was an experience that he hadn't known from hunting in the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

 Fighting the Dagraha and learning more about his skills was also a great help.

(Killing a man does not bring experience.)

 The grimoire wasn't logged when the Knight Commander killed Dagraha. Killing someone doesn't seem to be an experience.

 After taking a bath, you're told to go to the dining room to hear the story of how it happened, and then you're dismissed at the entrance. A bath was prepared for Allen, and it was his first time in the house.

 When you enter the dining room wearing your new servant's clothes, you'll be told to sit here.

 It's in the middle of a long table in the back. The baron usually sits at the back of the table on his birthday, but he sits in the middle, facing Allen.

 Cecil arrived a little later.

You're probably tired after having just gotten home, but we have to move on. I need you to tell me what's going on.


 Now that we're all here, Allen is going to give a status report.

 You were kidnapped on the grimoire.
 The conversations you heard on the grimoire between Viscount Karnel and the royal messengers.
 You jumped off the grimoire and ran toward the city of Granville.
 That you encountered and defeated Murdergarsh on the way.
 Eventually, you encountered the assassin Dagrach and had the knight-errant defeat you.

Well, Sir Karnel was the guilty party.

Yes, he was acting in collusion with the royal messenger who came to him to get the mining rights.

 The story goes that it was a conspiracy with Viscount Carnel, a nobleman of his own faction, who needed money in order to make the seat of the Minister of Justice available to the Vice Minister of Justice, a nobleman of his own faction. I'll tell you that it was a conspiracy with Viscount Carnel, who was out of money due to the lack of mithril.

"So, I see. Sebas, I'll go to the castle and tell the royal family about it!


 The baron clenches his fists on the table and seems to be quite furious. The baron, whose beloved daughter has been kidnapped, wants to go to the royal family to settle this case.

(Report? Huh? (Hey, hey)

"What will you do?

 I'll ask you what you normally do in the castle.

Of course. I'll tell the royal family the whole story. I'm sure they'll work it out.

I'm sure that won't work. I have a contract signed by Charnel. That might work for Charnel, but Charnel's not the only enemy here. You'll just end up with Charnel getting punished for cutting his tail.

"May I? I have one suggestion for a solution to this one.

 The whole time the baron and Allen are talking. The barons are all sitting down, and so is the Knight Commander, but this time it's Allen who risked his life to rescue Cecil. Everyone in the dining room turns to Allen.

What. Tell me.

Allen will relinquish all of the 30 percent of the mining rights he has obtained.


 The cafeteria is in an uproar over Allen's offer to give up all of his vast assets.

"May I ask you to use the mining rights to ask the royal family to investigate and rectify this incident thoroughly?

Wow, they want me to use my mining concessions to buy the royal family and give them a say in things. Like Lord Charnel.

 Freezing for a moment and unable to speak, the baron is quite upset.

That's right.

(You tried to sell the mining rights for Cecil. Well, that's not the same thing.

"No, no, but

"A knight has a knight's way of fighting. But my lord is not a knight. He's a nobleman. He believes that noblemen have a nobleman's way of fighting.

"Aristocrat fighting style?

Yes. Can you show me your hands on the table?

"Hmm? What are you talking about?

 I don't know what that means, but the atmosphere of the place already belongs to Allen. Without thinking, the baron shows both palms of his hands to Allen. Since you don't know what he's talking about, everyone looks at the baron's palms in unison.

My lord, now is the time to get your hands dirty. Now is the time for you to get your hands dirty, my lord, and fight like a nobleman.

"Allen. That's it!

 The steward admonished him for his excessive behavior as a servant.

No, that's all right, Sebas.

My Lord, no, but...

 Having said all that, the butler looks at the baron and is at a loss for words. The baron looks at his hands and begins to think. And tears are streaming down his cheeks.

I am, Aren. Your father died when I was your age. Then he said, 'Take care of the estate. my brother and I want you to guard it.


 Staring at his hands, the baron begins to speak as if remembering. It was when the baron was in his early teens.

Your brother was on the verge of adulthood when he became master, and he thought he had worked hard with him. But he died before he was twenty. Sebas, you were and still are a pain in the ass since then.


 The butler bows to the baron's words of thanks. Allen listens quietly to the baron.

"My brother taught me to be a nobleman, and I thought I had done everything right. But I think I was mistaken somewhere. So this is the battle of the nobles. To be taught by a child as young as I was then: ......

 The baron grasps his outstretched hands and stands up.

I'm going to do battle as a nobleman. I'm sorry, Allen. I'm going to use these mining rights. Sebas, prepare to leave.


That should be fine. Karnel probably used the mining rights as bait. Now I just need to ask a favor before I go to King's Landing.

"Well, my lord, I'm not making it contingent on the mining rights.

 Allen speaks to the baron, who gets up and starts to act.

Huh? What?

If possible, could you tell us about the work of the Granvelle family?

(It's about time you heard it.)

...... Yes, it is. That's true. I'll call the instructor on that one.

 I was at a loss for words for a moment, but something seemed to convince me to tell me.

(Hmm? Do you call an instructor to teach you how to serve? (Will it be in the form of a class on aristocratic duties?

 Thus, the baron, accompanied by his steward and vice-chief of the knights' escort, is on his way to the royal house.

 What happened later that year is rumored among the nobility as the "Strange House of Granville".

 Several nobles, including Viscount Carner, were punished for bribery and forgery of official documents.
 Although Viscount Carnell says it's a fabrication, the royal family applied sedition charges for not cooperating with the investigation and sent out a thousand of the kingdom's strongest knights of the Kingsguard to the Viscount's territory.
 As a result, the fief was found guilty of many crimes and was demolished and incorporated into the royal domain.
 Some people are wondering why he would go to such lengths to send messengers of the royal family and even deputy nobles who held important positions.

 Many were thrown in jail, their houses were demolished, and a storm of purges comparable to talent fraud by the nobility swept over the kingdom.

 Apparently, it was a riot caused by an enraged baron who kidnapped the baron's daughter over the mining rights to mithril. It is said that the baron had the royal family and several noble factions investigated and punished the newly discovered vein in retaliation, even ceding all the mining rights in return for a thorough investigation and punishment this year.

 Some people wonder if the daughter would really go that far on her own, but no nobleman can ask the baron to tell the truth. With the royal family and multiple factions on their side, no nobleman would dare to pry into the truth of the rumors.