101 Chapter 101: History of Demon Kings

 A few days had passed since the baron left for King's Landing.

 The baron asked me to stay by Cecil's side as his bodyguard until the baron returns and until this matter with Viscount Carnel is settled. Of course, he said, and Allen is basically in Cecil's room.

 The baron's escort to King's Landing will be accompanied by a deputy knight commander. According to the Knight Commander, you can't defeat the Vice Commander with a dagraha.

 Right now, the knight commander and several knights are in the fortified mansion.

 Up in the sky are summonses, hawk-eyed by day and night-eyed by night.

 They're watching, but I expect Viscount Karnel will have no time for that. There's nothing in hand for the viscount to play right now. And it's the baron who can negotiate with the royals and nobles for the mining rights.

 To be with Cecil, they take lessons together. Tea and sweets are now served for Allen. It's a pity that Cecil's twang has gone down since we got back to the building.

 The head of the order tells you that we'll be teaching here today and leads Allen and Cecil to the third floor conference room.

This is where we'll do our lessons today, right?

You said you wanted to know how the Granvels work.


The instructor will be here in a few minutes, but, well, you know the drill, so don't say a word.

 After saying that, the Knight Commander walks out of the room.

 After waiting for a while, a magic instructor comes in accompanied by the leader. The leader has a large bag in his hand. It looks like the magic instructor's luggage.

(Here comes the magic lecturer.)

That's all well and good, isn't it?

 As soon as you enter the room, the magic instructor confirms something to the Knight Commander.

Yes, my lord has given his permission. I have the master's permission.

 The Knight Commander seems to speak rather politely to the lecturer of magic. After saying that much, the Knight Commander walks out of the conference room again.

"Good grief.

Good day to you.

 Apparently I've made a mess for myself. I bow my head and say thank you.

"Well, first off, don't tell anyone else what I'm about to tell you, please. It will not be on the school's exam.

I understand.

Well, it's a pretty loose talker, but... If you are too much of a jerk, the royal family will take action, so don't be so blinkered.

 Apparently, if you blow it around too much, you're subject to a crackdown.


So, what's bothering you so much that you wanted to talk to me first?

(Hmm, I guess it's a question-and-answer type of class, as was the case with magic.)

It's about what works for the Granvelle family.

 And I heard earlier from Cousin Chief Rickel that the kingdom is not at war. But I will tell you that I learned from the conversations of the bandits and Dagraha that they are at war.

Well, there's no mistaking what that lazy ass Rikker said. Rikker learned about the history of the kingdom.

(You disrespected the baronet's servants accordingly.

"Kingdom History?

Yes, and to know the truth about the world, you need to know the history of the Demon King.

 Then he begins to unfold a large folded piece of parchment.

"Is this a world map?

 Allen has only seen a map of the territory. But I can vaguely tell from looking at it that this is a world map. There are many chunks of what appears to be continents on the big map.

Hmm, yes. You're as smart as ever, Allen. The largest continent in the center of this one is our home, the Central Continent.


You must have lived on a pretty big continent. Since this large part is an empire, the small country south of the empire is a kingdom. (Is it located in the south of the central continent?)

"The empire to the north of the Kingdom of Latash, where we live, is the Ghiamut Empire.

 Tell me the location of the Kingdom of Latash and the Ghiamut Empire. Keep going and tell the story.

I wonder how much Cecil knows. I think the baron told you.

 Allen is carrying on a conversation with his magic instructor as the class progresses, while Cecil remains silent, looking at the map. The day the royal messenger was told of Mihai's death, the baron may have told him what happened, but it's not clear to what extent he heard. I'm sure that Cecil's gaze on the map will lead to the story of this battlefield.

"There's a demon king in this world, isn't there?

...... Yes, that's right. In the north of the central continent, the northernmost continent on the world map, a demon king was born.

 The magic instructor is at a loss for words for a moment because Allen has accepted the demon king as too commonplace. But he listens and points to the map and continues the lesson.

 The magic instructor tells a story about the birth of the demon king. It was 112 years ago that he was born. It is said that the demon king was born in the most northern outskirts of the continent called the Forgotten Continent.

How do you know this?

Well, that's what the Demon King himself said.

 It is said that the one who calls himself the Demon King has been sending out messages about himself. I am the demon king of the end. I am the demon king who will end all things." He is said to have sent a message to all emperors and kings. Follow me, demon king".

What's going on?

"Not all countries have ignored it. There was no reason for them to play with you.

 The demon king has done nothing since then. Fifty years have passed since then.
 And so it was 62 years ago, when many nations were about to be forgotten for generations, telling them to "follow me" as well. And they also told him, "If you don't obey me this time, there will be no next time.

Did you ignore that too?

Well, they ignored it. And that year was the Great Misfortune.

"The Greatest Disaster?

The power of the Demon King has increased the strength of every hexenbiest in the world by one.

 Note that the demon king does not claim to have caused the great evil. It's just that most people believe it was the demon king's work.

 It was the beginning of the demon king's terror. Every hexenbiest in the world has risen one rank. An E-ranked hexenbiest became a D-ranked hexenbiest, a D-ranked hexenbiest became a C-ranked hexenbiest, a C-ranked hexenbiest became a B-ranked hexenbiest, a B-ranked hexenbiest became a B-ranked hexenbiest and an A-ranked hexenbiest became an S-ranked hexenbiest. It is said that S-ranked monsters are now closer to sub-gods.

 Many people who were leading a normal life became victims of the monster that became evil. At most, millions of people around the world are said to have died that year as victims of the hexenbiest.

(Huh? (Isn't this the answer?)

 Allen has one big question since he hunted Albaheron. Isn't a hexenbiest stronger than its rank?

What about the rank of the hexenbiest? Did you raise all the ranks one by one because the Demon King made the monsters stronger?

Stay tuned. The Adventurer's Guild keeps track of the ranks of the monsters, but the ranks must have been the same since before the Demon King appeared.

(Well, there was a reason for those muscular goblins and the marder-garsh that neither the Knights nor the adventurers could touch.

 If it was a B-ranked magical beast, Maedergarsh would have the power of an A-ranked monster.
 And the white dragon would have gone from A-ranked to S-ranked and become an impenetrable existence.

 And it didn't end there.

 The great disaster was only the beginning of despair.

 That year, an army of the demon king's men numbering in the millions crossed the sea and attacked the central continent.
 The three kingdoms on the Central Continent - the Kingdom of Cortes, the Kingdom of Gamelot, and the Duchy of Bashri - were attacked, and within a year they were all gone.

Three countries perished in one year?

Yes, that's right. And so the army led by the demon king, we now call it the demon king's army. And the rage of the demon king's army will continue.

 Three years later, 59 years ago, the demon king's army had destroyed the kingdom of Rasturi. This is said to have sent a tremor through the world.

"A cataclysm?

"Hmmm, a tremor. The kingdom of Rasturi was a middle power in the north. A country far more powerful than our own kingdom of Latash was destroyed in just three years.

 The first three nations to fall were small states in the northernmost part of the central continent. However, the kingdom of Rasturi was a medium-sized nation that bordered the Ghiamut Empire and competed head on with the Empire. It was not a country that could be easily destroyed.

 That wasn't the only reason for the tremor.
 When the capital was surrounded by the demon king's army, the king surrendered. It is said that he begged the king to save his people in exchange for his life.

 But the demon king's army refused.
"We've already given them two opportunities to surrender. It was you who refused. Take up arms and fight to the end," he said, and continued to fight.

 It turned out to be too one-sided. Those who managed to escape from the hidden passage say it was an unspeakable slaughter. The demon king's army continued its march, and within three years the kingdom of Rasturi was empty of men. It is said that not even half of the people in the Ghiamut Empire survived.

"They say a demon king can't follow a man.

Yes. I thought that if a demon king called himself a king, he should rule, but he didn't.

 At first there was a new king who called himself the Demon King. If he was a king, he was supposed to be the one who would enslave them if they invaded another country. All nations thought he was to conquer and rule.

 They thought that new kings were born and prospered, but this was not the case. The reality was very different.

 Allen asked how House Granvell worked. To answer that question, he began a lesson that went far beyond what he had imagined. It was about a demon king with a huge army and a desire to destroy the world.