102 Chapter 102: History of Demon Kings

 The magic instructor's story of the history of the Demon King continues.

The demon king's army that destroyed Rasturi's kingdom clashed with the Ghiamut Empire at its border 57 years ago.

 Claiming to be the leader of the central continent, the battle between the demon king's army and a huge power that occupies two-thirds of the continent has begun. The empire, which already knew the current situation of the Rasturi Kingdom, did its best to fight back.

"So the empire stopped the demon king's army from invading.

 The current map shows the Demon King's Army formation above the Imperial border. The map shows that the Empire is defending its borders. You wonder if the kingdom that Allen is in now is safe because of the empire.

Not at all. The Empire has suffered battle after battle. Although not as bad as the four nations that were already extinct, they were mostly struggling, their fortresses had fallen, and they were busy trying to slow down the demon king's invasion. That's what gave birth to the League of Five Continents.

"A League of Five Continents?

 Judging that the power of the Demon King's army was too great, the decision of the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire at the time was a quick one. There are four continents around the central continent, excluding the continent where the demon king was born. He offered a common front to the allies of these four continents.

 It is said to be the 'League of Five Continents', an alliance that is still in effect today.

Was the demon king careless or did he make one big mistake? Instead of attacking only the central continent, he invaded the two continents where the Baucis and Rosenheim empires are located at the same time.

 A continent half the size of the central continent is in the northwest of the central continent and a continent about a third of the central continent is in the northeast of the central continent. Tell us about each continent.

 The Baukis Empire, located northwest of the central continent, is ruled by dwarves. Its military might is said to be greater than that of the Ghiamut Empire. It holds tens of thousands of golem soldiers larger than magic ships. All of its magic ships are said to be from the Baukis Empire. Sixty percent of the magic tools used in the kingdom come from the Baukis Empire.

 And Rosenheim, located northeast of the central continent, is ruled by the elves. The Elf Queen has made a pact with the Spirit King Rosen, and the elves who borrowed the Spirit King's power are fighting against the Demon King's army with his powerful spirit magic.
 Rosen is the spirit of all things, and beyond the realm of spirits, he has become a sub-god. It is said that his existence is in the truth of God.

 The demon king attacked the three continents including the central continent at the same time. Therefore, led by the leaders of the three continents who felt threatened, talk of an alliance soon moved forward.

 And with the agreement of the alliance of five continents, a system of cooperation for troops and supplies was established.

It was a little better, but the war was still lost.

 The alliance of five continents had greatly increased the military strength of the central continent, but that did not stop the progress of the Demon King's army.

 The demon king's army was not just a beast. They attacked the weaknesses and weak fortresses of the mixed alliances. They exploited the weakness of the alliance's cooperation.

"I have seen the most terrible plan of all.

 Following the defeat, the Empire, the leader of the Central Continent, has requested the Latash Kingdom to go to war as well. Naturally, the kingdom of Latash is a member of the Five Continents Alliance. So, we have been sending knights and others, but more than that, we have been asking for more.

 Latash Kingdom has sent out many of its royalty and nobles based on the alliance's agreement. It was with or without talent.
 Nowadays, it is based on the formation of armies based on talent, but at that time, they tried to outnumber the demon king's army. They sent out troops regardless of talent.

The demon king's army consists of monsters of B-rank and above. Many royalty and aristocrats died at the behest of the empire's too recklessness.

(There are millions of Madergarsh classes?)

 The army of the Demon King's army, which is in the millions, is made up of at least B-ranked monsters. There are plenty of A-ranked monsters, and sometimes they are even more powerful than that.

 Most of the talentless royal nobles were swallowed up by the demon king's army and never came back. Almost all of them lost their lives on the battlefield where they were deployed.

(Is the baron's father also dead around this time?)

 Allen recalls the words of the baron. The baron said his father died about the same time as he did at his age. I wonder if he lost his life fighting the demon king's army at his request.

That's how the "One Country, One School" system began.

 The World with Levels. In a world where the power of the individual can be multiplied by several times or dozens, let's develop the full potential of the child born with the talent. And send them to the battlefield. To this end, there is at least one school city in each of the countries on the five continents.

 In the kingdom of Latash, the current school city was chosen because it has many dungeons and is suitable for training.
 With the treaty of alliance, the right to rule the city was revoked from the Kingdom of Latash. Giving the governing authority to the kingdom will favor one kingdom. Administration is strictly based on the will of the 5-continent alliance.

 The rector of the academy is the blood of the elven queen of Rosenheim, and high elven royalty was chosen. The current president, who has lived for over a thousand years, runs the academy and the city based on his own philosophy.

And what happened to him?

(So far, though, it still doesn't sound like a very good story.)

 The magic instructor, seeing the expression on Allen's face, nodded one nod and continued.

It's not enough to stop the offensive by the demon king's army.

 As the demon king's army grew into the millions, countless strongholds and fortresses set up in the Ghiamut Empire were attacked at the same time, and little by little, they were invaded.

 The empire had lost a quarter of its territory, and the human habitat was dwindling.

 Decades passed since the demon king emerged and his army began its march.

 It seemed that there was no hope for the world. There was a sense of despair in the world that the demon king's army would eventually destroy it.

But the god of creation, Elmere, never abandoned the people. A brave man has been born into the empire.

(Dwarves, elves, and even brave men?)

 Twenty-two years ago, to a commoner in the Empire of Ghiamut was born a child with a talent for bravery .

 His name was Helmios.

 At the age of 12 he was educated in the imperial school town and at 15 he was sent to the front lines.

It was a miracle. It was a miracle.

 Raised with expectations, educated at the school, and sent to the front lines, the brave man continued to produce results that exceeded expectations. It is said that when the brave men went into battle, the land was stained with the blood of demonic beasts.

 He defeated the demon king's army at a breakneck pace and regained the borders of the Ghiamut Empire in less than five years. They are currently fighting to retake the former kingdom of Rasturi.

Our kingdom has issued a decree of territorial settlement, and we are trying to bring as many supplies as possible to them.

 The Kingdom of Latash, as a member of the Alliance, has issued the "Territorial Development Order" to increase production in its territory.
 This is all for the purpose of increasing supplies for the warriors on the front lines fighting against the demon king's army.

This is how the frontier village where I was born was built? Was this why they wanted Boa's meat so badly?

 Allen finds out that he was born in a larger history. The pioneer village didn't come about by accident. It was created by a territorial settlement decree issued by the kingdom to protect the world from the evil king's army.

 And you can't talk about life in Krsna village without hunting the boa. Why did the baron personally go to the boa for the meat of the boa? And even now, four years later, the meat from the boa is not consumed in the city of Granvelle. It is rarely served at the feast of the Baron Granvelle.

 It was all just a supply for the warriors fighting on the front lines. Dried meat preserves well and is likely to be useful in the field.

And the work of the Granvels. It's not just the duty of House Granvelle, as you can see from everything you've just said. It is one that belongs to the royal family as well.

 Royalty and nobility born in a kingdom are obligated for three years of military service under the terms of the League of Five Continents.

 It is not something that even royalty has the right to refuse. You must fight the demon king's army in the fortress for three years. If you refuse or fail to graduate from the academy, there are heavy penalties, including the demolition of your house. If the royalty refused, they would lose their voice in the 5-continent alliance and their credibility as a nation, as well as their diplomatic and trade losses would be great.

 Of course, there are benefits as well as penalties. If you serve for three years of military service, you can get a tax break for a certain period of time in the territory, and you can easily get an important position in the royal castle. In fact, a faction called the Academy Faction controls the castle. They are all noblemen who have served their military duty.

 And the vice-captain must have served for more than three years in the army to become a vice-captain. The knight commander and the knights of the Kingsguard, the strongest in the kingdom, can only serve for five years or more.

 The History of Magic King instructor is also a talented mage, so he served for three years. After retiring from the military, he was allowed to study magic in the castle and was given a comfortable retirement. But even with the benefits, the battlefield was too horrible.

 At that time, more than 70% of talented young men died after three years of service. Now there are brave men and places where the warfare is better, but even so, fifty percent of young men lose their lives in three years.

 Allen looks at Cecil.

 Cecil doesn't say anything, but stares at the border line between the empire and the demon king's army with his hanging crimson eyes. I'm sure he's thinking of his brother Mihai.

 And then, Allen looks back at himself.

(I see...I had to be in Hell Mode...I had to be in reincarnation. It had to be reincarnation.)

 Allen found himself choosing Hell Mode and realizing the real reason for his reincarnation.