103 Episode 103 Quest

 It was November and the baron had returned for the first time in a month.
 He looked quite tired, but at dinner, he told everyone that the baron's case was taken care of, so that even Allen, who was serving, could hear.

 I asked Allen to come to the conference room the next day.
 I was summoned, so I went to the conference room, and I found the baron and the butler. And there are three bags in front of the baron.

 I was told to sit here and I sit in front of the baron.

What is this? You're brooding.

 The baron has something of a difficult look on his face.

"Allen. Did you listen to your magic instructor?


 I've heard all about the history of the Demon King. I've learned a lot about the kingdom's involvement in the creation of the Dark Lord. I think I know a lot about the problems the Granvels have been having.

 When Cecil turns 15, he must serve in an army where half the men die in three years. Mihai died as a result.

As a matter of fact, I asked His Majesty about Cecil's service, but he said he would make sure he went.

 Dejectedly the baron speaks of this. In King's Landing, he asked His Majesty if he could exempt Cecil from his duties as well.
 He was told that the mages would be a valuable asset and that he could never exempt them. I'm sorry, but even the royal family can't help him.

(Well, mastering magic is far more powerful than mastering the sword. (Well, mastering magic is far more powerful than mastering the sword.

I need a favor from Allen on this one.


So this is what the baron asked for in the Orc village. I've heard a lot of things, including the service of the Granvels, so I have an idea.

"I want you to go with Cecil to the school and then go to the battlefield to protect him.


I know it's a stretch. This is the reward for the defeat of Murdergarsh, this time for rescuing Cecil, and for escorting Cecil for three years.

 The reward for the defeat of Maedergarsh, the reward for rescuing Cecil, and the reward for Cecil's escort is 600 gold coins, all of which are 200 gold coins.

 The baron looks anxiously at Allen as if to peer at him. The boy in front of him is not concerned with gold. If need be, he would give up mining rights for the means.

 And with the sale of the armor ants and the sale of the materials for the queen armor ants, we now have over 500 gold coins in our possession. Money is not lacking.

(Hmm, I said yes.) Need I say it again? But there's something deja vu about this situation.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, the first similar situation he received in a game was a request to save a princess who was kidnapped by a dragon. Another situation was that he needed to sacrifice a maiden to the lord of the lake, and he needed her help.

 The village chief, the mayor, the lord and the king have asked Kenichi for many things. I think I've fulfilled them all. Because if you choose "no" you won't get anywhere.
 Sometimes I remember that if I kept choosing "no" for an unreasonable request, the conversation would loop.

 Now, in front of Allen, there is a despairing lord whose father was killed by the Demon King's army, his brother was killed, and his son was killed.
 He wants you to protect his daughter from the demon king's army.

(This is an unmistakable quest. Do you think the story has progressed? So a quest that happens the day after you arrive in town takes four years in a different world?

"My lord, I am happy to accept this Allen for Cecil's escort.

"Oh! Will you accept !!!!

 When Allen again clearly agrees, the baron stands up with too much joy.

''So, I'll take one bag, but let me change the rest of the reward.

 They say there are three bags of 200 gold coins, but they only need one bag.

What's the change?

(Totally new to quests. I'm supposed to pay for quests after the fact. But still... 600 gold coins. We're supposed to be desperately short of money. Did he use the mansion as collateral?

 Allen found out why the barons have no money. To begin with, not only the barons, but all the royal families and other nobles are poor. With the state of emergency by the demon king's army for the past few decades, they can't afford luxury.

 Allen thinks that 600 gold coins is a tough sell with no profit from mithril. It will still take a few years to turn a profit.

"400 gold is fine. In exchange, please eliminate my family's capitation tax.

"Lose it? Is that all you need?

Yes, if you can afford it, lose Krsna's family too. In exchange for a reward of 400 gold coins.

It's okay, you may not be able to send money back for a while. With tax relief we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. I hope mash and Murat grow up well.

"Okay. Let's get rid of the Allen and Crenna house capitation tax.

"And thank you, my lord, for raising me as your servant for the last four years.

 Then Allen put the Granvelle coat of arms on the table, which he had in his pocket.


 Allen knew that the baron would make such a wish. And then he would decide what to do with himself.

 The baron is silent to hear Allen's last words.

I, Allen, will return to being a commoner. And as a commoner, I will fight alongside you, Master Cecil, against the Demon King's army.

Yes, of course.


 Then the butler, who was standing behind the baron, goes to Allen and retrieves the Granvelle coat of arms.

 Then another object that the butler had is placed on the table.

What is this?

 It looks like a beautifully decorated dagger made of silver.

It was made by the royal family and is proof of a guest of the Viscount Granville.

"Viscount? Guest?

Allen. Thanks to you, House Granvelle will become a baronet next year.

 He said he hadn't told everyone yet. Tonight at dinner, I will tell everyone, but first I will tell Allen thanks for his work.

 The king was very pleased that he had divided and transferred all the mining rights for a vein of mine to the royal family and the nobility. That is the epitome of a nobleman's spirit of enrichment, not only for himself, but for everyone. And in honor of his contribution to the kingdom, he said, he would make him a viscount.

 "Well, it's as if I bought my viscount with money," he added with a dry laugh at the end of his reasons for being made a viscount.

You've been made a viscount. Congratulations. What does it mean to be a guest?

It's a sign that Viscount Granville was an invited guest. It is a sign that my house will take responsibility for any problems.

 If there is trouble from the nobles somewhere, you will be responsible for dealing with it. Add the words "I will tell you who's guest you are causing trouble for.
 You are also to bear jointly and severally responsibility for all that Allen has caused, and to bear the coat of arms of House Granvelle as proof that you will stand behind him. This sword also had the meaning of a covenant.

 Although Allen doesn't know it at this time, the baron, encouraged by Allen, has gone a little too far in the castle. Due to the lack of money for the nobles, they volunteered to help, and this whole affair was quickly resolved.

A prize dagger. Oh, so the whole event is over.

 Look at the sword and think about the last four years.

 And I know why I'm here.

(I've been trying to figure out why I reincarnated, but was there a reason for my reincarnation?

 Allen has always wondered why he first reincarnated instead of transferring. Why reincarnation and why not transference? There was a big reason.

 In the transference, you could not succeed in the boa hunt and become a servant of the lord's house. You couldn't go to the academy and you would have died because you couldn't deal with the demon king's army in this country where information was being controlled against the demon king's army.

(And there was a point in being in Hell Mode. You had to be in Hell Mode. Yes, how you came to this other world was the answer.

 I learned the meaning of Hell Mode when I was told about the Demon King.

 When Allen was Kenichi, he used the word "game devastating" and found a site that took him to this world. You probably wouldn't have found the site by searching for null games.

 I believe that the creator was looking for people who would choose Hell Mode.

(You want me to choose Hell Mode and save this world that is out of balance.

 In the normal mode, the Demon King's Army, which is not able to fight as a unit.
 The game balance was already broken.
 The world is dying.
 Can the new heroes defeat the demon king?

 A brave man is born and 10 years later he is asked to choose hell mode.

 You are keenly aware of what you were asked to do.

I'm going to accept this quest. Leave it to me. We will slay the demon king together, master Cecil.

 Allen stands up, grabs the silver dagger and declares.

Speaking of defeating the demon king, we need to find our friends first. I've got a lot of energy!

 The baron gulped at Allen's words with too much confidence to say, "No, I didn't say that much.

 Thus, Allen is released from his position as Baron Granvelle's servant and becomes a guest of Viscount Granvelle.

 Then he moved his activities to the school city.