104 Person introduction and chronological table up to Chapter 2, other units, etc.

 Protagonist . His name in a previous life was Kenichi Yamada, and in a previous life he was 35 years old. He is the only one who uses a rare skill summoning technique.
 Born a serf, he was a servant to the Baron Granvelle and then a guest of the Baron Granvelle. Sweet tooth. Named after a hexenbiest named Albahelon.

 The creator god. Worshipped in this other world. Sometimes they respond to Allen's complaints.

Krsna Village
 Allen's childhood friend in the house next door . Same age as Allen. A swordsman. Pink hair and blue eyes. He was born a serf, but was rewarded by his lord for becoming a commoner.

 The son of a weapons dealer in the village of Krena. Same age as Allen. The axeman. Potato face. Brown hair. Large in stature.

 Allen's father. Twenty years older than Allen. He has brown hair and a wild face. He was a serf organizer and worked his way up from boar hunting to commoner.

 Allen's mother. 18 years older than Allen. Brown hair, green eyes.

 Allen's brother. Three years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. He is a gifted spearman. He is named after a magical beast named Maedergarsh.

 Allen's sister. Seven years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. Talent unknown. Named after a precious herb called mullase flower.

 Crenna's father . Looks and builds like a gorilla.

 Crenna's mother . Miss Krena's mother.

 Krena's sister .

Deboji Village Chief
 The chief of the village of Krena . Fat.

 The son of the village chief. Same age as Allen. He is a gifted merchant. He is a slow learner.

The town of Granville
Cecil Granvelle
 The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family . Same age as Allen. Talented as a mage. Light purple hair. and a pair of baleful eyes. Deep red eyes.

Butler von Grundvel
 The head of the Granvelle family . Purple hair. Eagle eyes. From baron to baronet on the advice of Allen and with the offer of mithril mining rights. He made Allen a guest of the baron's house.

 The eldest son of the Granvelle family . Cecil's older brother. Died in battle against the Demon King's army.

Thomas Granvelle

 The second son of the Granvelle family. Cecil's brother.

 The Granvelle family's butler.

 Head Chef . Former Court Chef .

 The servant master. I've been taking care of Allen for four years. He's a slacker.

 Knight Commander. He is a gifted swordsman. He has fought the demon king's army for 10 years.

 Vice Knight Commander. Talented spearman. I have fought the demon king's army for three years. Beaten up by five-year-old Krsna is black history.

 C-rated adventurer . Allen helped me. He helps me find E-rated magic stones and gives me advice.

 The same party as Raven.

 The same party as Raven.

Ghiamut Empire
 Brave man. Ten years older than Allen. A native of the common people. Restored the borders of the Ghiamut Empire in five years.

 Elven country. Located on the northeast continent of the central continent. . about a third of the size of the Central Continent.

 Spirit King . Sub-God. An object of worship of the elves. The elves are given spirit magic.

Baukis Empire
 Dwarf country. Located on the northwest continent of the central continent. About half the size of the central continent. No major characters. Prolific maker of magic tools. It is the sole creator of the world's magic ships.

112 years ago, a demon king is born
Sixty-two years ago, a major calamity raised the strength of a hexenbiest by one rank.
      The criteria for ranking a hexenbiest is the same as it was before the Great Misfortune
      The Kingdom of Cortes, the Kingdom of Gamelot, the fall of the Duchy of Bashuri
59 years ago The Fall of the Kingdom of Rasturi
57 years ago Close battle with the Ghiamut Empire
55 years ago Five Continents Alliance established
47 years ago Viscount Granville loses his father due to a request from the royalty and nobility
42 years ago Introduction of the one country one school system
22 years ago Hermios the Brave is born in the Empire of Ghiamut
19 years ago in the Kingdom of Latash, a decree for the development of the capital
17 years ago Start building a pioneer village
12 years ago Allen is born
9 years ago Mash is born
7 years ago - Helmios the Brave begins to push back the front line of the Ghiamut Empire
Five years ago Murat is born
4 years ago, Allen became a servant

Currently the school starts

The value of money (*4 below are of equal value)
1 gold coin
100 silver coins
1000 pieces of copper coins
10,000 pieces of iron coins

0 hours
24 hours a day
6 days a week
30 days a month for 5 weeks