124 Episode 122: Riding Experiment

 This is the first holiday I've had since Krena became able to use her skills for the first time.

 I've learned quite a bit about the Awakening Skill in the past few days.

 I continued to let Bug H's summoner use the Awakening Skill, and it seems that it can be activated again after 24 hours, a day. The delay time is one day. I would have liked to have been able to use it in about an hour, but I'm just thankful for the delay time.

 It's June and I've finally run out of gold and C-ranked magic stones. Before that, my summoning level went up, so I think it's okay. If you collect more than 1,000 C-ranked magic stones in B-class dungeons a week, you can resume recruiting 10,000 D-ranked magic stones a week.

 We are working on C-ranked summons that can be used as a base, and verification of their awakening skills is in progress. But now, I want to resume recruiting stones, so I want to attack C-class dungeons.

It's a good place to start today.

 This is the third floor of a dungeon that has six floors. This is where we'll start to go through the dungeon today.


 Krsna reacts to Allen's words.

 Krsna is always in a good mood, but she's been in a very good mood the past few days since she learned the skill.

 Krena has been itching to use the skill. The feeling of being able to use the skill for the first time is not hard to understand.

 Name] Kleanna
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 30
 Strength] 1240
 Magic power] 474
 Attack Power] 1240
 Endurance] 872
 [Quickness] 838
 Intelligence] 494
 Fortune 595 
 Skills: Swordsmanship [2], Slashing [2], Flying swords [1], Swordsmanship [5].
 Extra] Breakthrough
 Experience] 21,970/30,000

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 2
 [Slash] 2
 Fei Jian] 1

Skills Experience
 Slash] 6/100
 Fei Jian] 5/10

 After the end of the school, the skill level of the slash became 2 in the C-class dungeon, and thanks to that, my swordsmanship level was also increased to 2. And I got a new skill, the flying sword.

 The flying sword is a long-range attack. The slash is visible to Allen's eyes as it flies. It seems to be a single-attack.
 The slash is also a single attack. I think it's time to have more than one attack.

 But just like the slash and the flying sword, I'm not sure how powerful they are since we've only been able to fight demonic beasts up to C-rank in dungeons. Crenna's attack power is so high that even a normal attack can kill a C-ranked monster.

 The slash became available when I was in the Swordsman's Doberg's class. The newly-learned flying swords also seem to have a knack for activating the skill right away. It seems that it's important to focus your mind and understand the flow of magic.

 The new skill is also activated, and as Krsna says in translation, that's what it looks like.

 Dogora still has no skills to use. I'm still struggling with this one.

Are you experimenting with a new summoner today?


 Allen answers Kiel's question. I've told him that today's dungeon attack is also an experiment.

 I still have some distance between me and Keel, but I'm trying to have a normal conversation with him.

"Allen, what are you doing?

"It's Krsna. It's him! Come on out, Frans!

 Allen replied to Crenna's words by summoning five summons of bird C.


 A summoned beast that resembles the cassowary, a flightless bipedal bird, appears. Only, it is about twice the size of the cassowary in its previous life. It is about 2.5 meters to its head and less than two meters tall. It looks rather large for a bird. Bigger than an ostrich.

 They have a large chicken crown on their heads and their well-muscled legs are very strong.

That's a big bird. What are you going to do with five of them?

Dogora. I think I'm going to take this one for a spin in the dungeon.


 Allen thought that someday there would be a riding-type summoner. I believe that one day there will be summons that can fly on horseback and summons that can cross the ocean.

 Getting a means of transportation and expanding your range of activity is the basis of the game. I knew that summons would appear at some point since they don't specialize only in attacks.

 Since the beast lineage is mostly attack-oriented, you won't see summons like a horse. I thought it would be a new strain or a bird strain that has many useful skills such as information gathering and searching for enemies.

 And the C-ranked bird lineage had a special skill that seemed to be a good one, "running through". Today, I'm going to test whether Allen's prediction is correct.

Do you want to ride this one, Death?

"Yes, Maria.

"I understand.

 The Spirit C summoner that was on top of Allen's head floats fluffily and moves on top of one bird C summoner tosser.

 The reason why Spirit C is being summoned is because of his request. Spirit C's summons has a strong ego that can exchange words and makes requests.

 According to him, he wants to be summoned at all times.

 They stay at the base while Allen and the others are away and are also summoned inside the dungeon.
 I've told them that I can't take them into the city because they are at an age when they are too embarrassed to walk around the city with a French doll.

"Fran, please get down. I want to give you all a lift.


(Hmmm, does this feel like a bird strain can't say a word?

 The summons of Bird C responded with a chirp and seemed unable to utter a word.

 With one word from Allen, the summons of Bird C folded their standing legs and placed their bodies on the ground. The nearly two-meter-high figure has been lowered to about one meter.

 Allen steps on top of Bird C's summoner on behalf of everyone else. He will ask you to stand up astride its body like a horse.

Okay, stand up.


(Oh, that's pretty tall. I guess I'm taller than a horse. But this is better. (Higher visibility is better, too.)

 Slowly the bird C summoner rises up.

 Note that the ceiling of this dungeon is more than 5 meters high in the passage. In the small room, it's more than 10 meters high. The low ceiling won't bother you if you ride it.

 Just let him walk around the area while I give you directions.

(Oh! It doesn't shake at all. (And my ass is fluffy with feathers.

 Proceed with the verification while walking. Riding the summoner of bird C is stable and does not shake at all. It's clearly designed for riding.

I want to ride it!

 Crenna, who was watching, excitedly says to Allen, "Okay, let's go for a ride.

Let's go for a ride then. Let's keep going through the dungeon!

 Now that the ride is safe, all four of us are given a ride on the summoned beast of Bird C. They all ride with trepidation, but seem to be surprised by the comfort of the ride.

 As before, Dogora and Krsna lead the way, with Cecil and Keel in the middle and Allen at the back.

 To protect the center, have two Spirit C summonses fly alongside each other to surround the left and right.
 In the sky above, the summons of bird E are flying around searching for them.

(This isn't a cavalry unit, but a cavalry unit. It's taking shape!

 Feel the endless possibilities. For the past two months and a bit, there was inevitably a difficulty with the speed at which you move, but I'm sure that's gone.

 From now on, when you fight against the Demon King's army, your mobility will be completely different depending on whether you can ride or not.

 And just before noon, Aren and the others are among the lowest bosses. In front of you is a crate that has fallen in front of you.

The attack is over!


 Cecil and Crenna are impressed. I've been attacking one level a day, always with a break in between, and before noon I was in front of the bottom level boss.
 I've attacked two levels and defeated the bottom boss.

So this is what Fran's performance looks like. She's incredibly talented. I can't wait to awaken her.

Travel speed is about 50 kilometers per hour
With special skills, about 100 kilometers per hour
No fatigue
Can't talk
The ability to wield a sword or axe while mounted
Can be instructed to listen to instructions other than Allen's

 Bird C summons are closer to the enemy from a seated position than a cavalry horse. And because they are taller than the horses, they can easily be wielded by Krsna and Dogora, who have larger weapons such as swords and axes.

 Both Krena and Dogora are still growing. Even if their bodies and weapons get bigger in the future, these summons will still be powerful enough.

 The lowest boss also let me ride Kurena and Dogora as they rushed in.

''Okay, so now all five of us can have C-rank adventurer's certificates.

 The four of them had already finished conquering the three dungeons, except for Kiel, but they were waiting for Kiel to finish his conquest. Together, they were talking about exchanging their C-rank adventurer's certificate for a C-rank adventurer's certificate in the Adventurer's Guild.

I see.

And since we finished before noon, I think we'll have a C-rank adventurer celebration at the base.


We haven't even had a welcome party for Mr. Keel to join us yet. Would you be okay with that, Mr. Keel?

 As for Allen, I think it's time for Kiel to integrate into the party. It's also a long-awaited invitation to come to the base. I'm willing to live in the base.

"What? I kinda like that one: ......

"Is there anything wrong?

 Then there was silence in the hall. I wanted to take this opportunity to resolve any problems Keel may have.

 After a few moments of silence, Keel speaks out.

...... I actually have a family.

 Kiel's confession was .