123 Episode 121: Kensei Doberg ②

 The swordsman's homeroom teacher, who is coaching Krena, reprimands Krena, saying why she just told him. Krsna is staring straight at Doberg. I don't feel any hesitation or regret.

"Krsna. Krsna, why do you want skills?

 While staring at Krsna with one eye turned to one eye, de Bergh asks why he seeks the skill.

Yes, sir! Allen has big dreams! Because I want to make it happen with you too!


 You make a face that says, "Who's that guy?

"Yeah, it's that dark-haired boy over there that I was telling you about.

 Hermios gives Doberg an earful, pointing to Allen.
 Doberg looks at Allen for a moment, then returns his gaze to Krena.

Helmios, Silvia, I'm going to take care of a girl named Krsna, so I'll leave you to it.

"Oh, yes, yes.

 Helmios flaps his hand and says, "Yes, sir.

"Krsna, come over here and let me teach you some skills.

(Oh, you're a good man. You're teaching me.


 Crenna replies with a smile. He rises from the group of seated students and moves away from the group with Doberg. It appears that Doberg has the instructor bring a mock battle blade drawn sword.

 The students' questioning time is still going on. A student asks a question. Some students ask questions, others look at Klarna and Doberg.

 Give Klarna a mock battle sword and Doberg himself has a sword.

Go ahead and hit me.


"Use your skills and slaughter me.

I get it!

 Allen wondered if they were going to teach him specifically how to do the skill, but it seems to be a fight-and-learn type of training.

(I wonder if we can see in Krsna's future how well the current Krsna will be able to communicate with Doberg, who has been on the front lines for more than 30 years.

 This is valuable information and Allen will check the status of Krena.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 30
 Strength] 1240
 Magic power] 474
 Attack Power] 1240
 Endurance] 872
 [Quickness] 838
 Intelligence] 494
 Fortune 595
 Skill] Swordsmanship <1>, Slashing <1>, Swordsmanship <5>.
 Extra] Breakthrough
 Experience] 14,570/30,000

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 1
 Slash] 1
Skills Experience
 Slash] 0/10

 Crenna's attack power has reached four figures in the last two months and a bit. In dungeons, I'm minimizing the hunting of magical beasts as I'm basically prioritizing the attack. The main reason for my leveling up is the experience of the lowest level bosses of C-class dungeons, which I can now turn in three places.

 Klarna suddenly picked up speed and headed towards Doberg, who was standing a short distance away. Then, she delivers a flashy blow, slamming her sword down on Doberg from above.


 But de Bergh easily catches the sword, and then blows the sword off Krsna's body as he strokes it.

What's the matter? I'll stay with you until you can use it. Go ahead and use your skills.

 Apparently, we're going to do this exercise until the skill kicks in.

That's it. I haven't told you how to get the skill to work at all. Is that right?

 Soon, the question-and-answer period is over, and the students are scattered around the fighting tables in this large arena to begin receiving instruction on how to swing a sword. Some of the students are spear and axe wielders, but it seems they will be taught together.

 Allen had planned to learn about swordsmanship from the Swordsman, but he has changed his plans. Allen and Cecil watch as Krsna trains to activate her skills. Dogora has moved to a remote part of the arena to receive lessons on the axe.

 Two hours have passed.

What is it now? You've been doing the same thing for a while now. You won't be able to use your skills forever.

"Yes, yes!

 Blown away and desperately trying to get up, Doberg calls out to Krsna. Without advice, he simply blows Krsna away.

 Two more hours pass. Krsna's training, which began just after one o'clock, went on for four hours straight without a break. Krsna slams her sword into the dbergs and keeps getting blown off at random.

"If you're tired, it's okay to stop, okay? You learn slowly over the course of a year or so.

"That's okay!

(After all, it takes about a year to learn a skill.)

 Sword and axe skills seem to take about a year to learn. And I still haven't learned them in class. That could take a full two years from now.



"Do you already teach magic skills?

Of course. Some of the kids are finally getting their magic together.

 Kiel also said that he learned his recovery magic in two months. Aren wonders if attack and recovery magic takes two to three months to learn.

(There are swordsmanship skills that any swordsman can learn, but they are slow to learn. But the skills are learned slowly. Wizards learn it faster because they can't do anything without the magic that is their skill. I don't understand the adjustment. (Is there a reason for this?

 I do not know if it is a difference in intelligence due to occupation or not.

 Another two hours pass. A light made of magic tools illuminates the arena. The instructors, Hermios, Silvia, Allen, Cecil and Dogora are watching Krsna's training, not knowing when it will end.

 I used the summons of bird G to tell Keel, who is not here, that he can't go to a C-class dungeon today because his training is not likely to end.

What's up? The sun has gone down. Don't really cut in!

"Yes, yes!

 You're already tired and dazed, but Doberg, who doesn't show any signs of fatigue, sends out a notice. I haven't said a word about how to use the skill yet.

 Another two hours have passed. It's been eight hours of non-stop training.


 Crenna is blown away again. For the hundredth time and who knows how many times. I'm wobbling and trying desperately to get to my feet. Maybe her legs aren't strong enough anymore, but she can't get up.

"Is that all you dreamt of, my friend?

"No, no!

 Doberg calls out to Crenna, who can't get up.

It's true! Behold! Your body! You can't stand up for just this much!

"No! Allen has been working hard all along!

 With that, a tousled Krsna stood up once again.

Come on in! Prove it with a sword!

"Yes, yes!

 At a slower pace than walking, Klarna is heading towards Doberg.

"Come on, just think about the skill. Go ahead and put it all on the line.


 A dazed Krsna doesn't reply anymore. From the blown end she slowly makes her way to Doberg at a speed slower than walking. Then, slumped down, he raises his sword.

 Then he raises his sword above his head and swings it down.


 The sword, which I had expected to be swung down too slowly, had more speed than ever before. It was a speed that it had never shown in a dungeon attack.

 Krena's sword strike easily sliced through the sword that Doberg held at the ready, slicing Doberg's shoulder.


 Crenna's sword stops at her shoulder, but the impact is so great that it cracks the fighting table at Doberg's feet.

 In one fell swoop, the sword slices through the mock battle sword that Doberg was holding and digs into Doberg's shoulder. Doberg is not wearing armor, but the sword stops at Doberg's clothes.

That's brilliant. That's skill. Don't forget.

"Yeah, I did it. ......

 Klarna collapsed in front of the doberg.


 Allen, Cecil, and Dogora, who have been watching the scene for a while, rush to Krsna's side. Allen takes Krsna in his arms. She seems to have fainted, but her face has a look of relief on it.

'Why don't you show me your skills already? It would have been faster.

 Helmios, who has been waiting for a long time, asks Doberg.

"Helmios. Not everyone learns everything as dexterously as you do. This girl doesn't seem to be able to think with her head. But you got it all in one day. You got it in a day. ......

 Doberg didn't think he could do it in one day. He looks at Allen, who is holding Krsna with a curious look on his face.



 The instructor, noticing that blood was oozing from the shoulder that had been hit by Crenna's sword, rushed over.

"Huh? You're hurt. Heels.

 Helmios casts a recovery spell on Doberg's shoulder.

You're hurt. It's been a long time since someone cut me. Has the new swordsman grown up that fast?

No, you can't cut it with a status and skill like that, yeah!

 Hermios's eyes glow faintly. It seems to appraise Krsna while wondering about the bleeding of the doberg. Then a startled voice wakes up in the arena.

"What is it, Helmios?

"No, this kid's status is amazing, huh? Huh? I guess I just imagined it. I'm sorry.

"Well, ......

(What about Krsna's status?)

 Allen also checks Krsna's status in the grimoire. I have full strength, but my magic power is down by 2.

Oh! (Skill experience is increasing!)

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 1
 Slash] 1
Skills Experience
 [Slash] 2/10

 At last, delighted that Klarena's skill experience had increased, she thanked de Bergh for his help.

 At Crenna's feet, a steel simulated battle sword with a clay handle had fallen to the ground.