122 Episode 120: Kensei Doberg ①

 There's a crowd in the corner of the usual classroom.

I think it's time to attack the next level with this configuration.

Worcester, that's a lot of time for a participant who has never gone through the ordeal before. I think it's best to stay at your current level this month. Also, the formation should be laid out like this: ......

 It's a morning about two days after Allen's summoning level has reached 6. Before the start of morning homeroom, a classmate named Worcester has placed a piece of parchment on the desk where Allen sits and is discussing the strategy of the party he leads.

 Allen takes the consultation seriously, giving advice on the timing of the attack and the pros and cons of the composition.

 Many students surround the exchange between Allen and Worcester in a circle. The number of students watching this exchange, which began last month, is increasing rapidly.

 At the beginning of May, I conducted a stray recruitment in the classroom and recruited Keel to join me.

 Since then, I've been asking for advice from Allen, who already has a proven track record in dungeon conquest. He continues to consult with everyone according to their level and party structure.

 For dungeons where lives are at stake, Allen will answer your advice in a safe and reliable way. Each time he answers, more and more people come forward.

 Allen is quite surprised by this situation. He has surrounded himself with rare and powerful swordsmen and mages and wondered if he would be envied and talked about behind his back. The people in this classroom are the ones closest to the numbers of the exams you took at the ceremony.
 So, there are students who were in the same line as Allen, who had all E's on the evaluation, and who saw him interact with the brave men.

 But maybe it wasn't so much the impression of the stray recruits in the classroom. Maybe to a twelve-year-old, he seemed to be leading the way.

 In this crowd, Krsna, Cecil and Dogora are seated nearby, but Keel is not in the circle.

 He is sitting alone at a distance.

He's still skipping lunch. We'll have to talk this through once.

 Allen thinks about Keel while answering Worcester's questions. Keel has been receiving C-class dungeon rewards in the last 20 days or so in proportion to the number of people in the dungeon. I got two silver boxes. I thought things would improve soon, but his eating habits have not.

 While I was thinking about Kiel, his homeroom teacher walked into the classroom.

Hey, hey, today. Take your seats, I'll pass along your messages.

 Everyone takes their seats as they leave Allen's seat.

As I told you last week, I will be having an afternoon class with the present Mr. Dodberg, the Swordsman, so as not to be rude.

 The Swordsman Doberg has been in the city since last week. His purpose is to instruct the students at the school. According to him, Hermios the Brave and the three Imperial Swordsmen have come together.

 There are three thousand first-year students. They'll divide the class into several sessions in the afternoon. That's why we've been teaching for the last week. I wonder if the battlefield will be okay, but I'm sure it will work out.

 Allen suddenly sees Krsna, also a swordsman.

d*mn! (This is an eye that's up to something)

 Crenna listens with motivated eyes as her homeroom teacher speaks. The gleam in her eyes makes Allen feel uneasy.

 The morning class is over, and you go to the cafeteria for lunch to be grabbed by your classmates in the classroom. Everyone's lives are on the line, and they're desperate. Allen doesn't have time to go to the dungeon every day after class. The only time Allen can talk to you is before homeroom and during lunch.

 I wanted to talk to Keel for a bit, but I think I'll try to talk to him again when the school is closed.

 The Swordsman's class is open to anyone who wishes to take it, regardless of talent. Several classes will be taking classes together, so the number of students is quite large.

 Today, those who want to take Doberg's class are gathered in the school's martial arts arena, which has been set up for matches. Allen is among the crowd of students, along with Crenna, Cecil and Dogora. Kiel hasn't come or is nowhere to be seen.

 Soon, at what seems to be the appointed time, the instructors will arrive.

Oh! It's my first berg. It's my first berg. (And you're a self-proclaimed hero and your sister)

 I first heard of Doberg when I was five years old at a valuation ceremony. His name, which has reached all the frontier villages, must be one or two of the most famous men in the kingdom.

 Surrounded by instructors, the three arrive. Swordsman Doberg was born a serf and is now over 60 years old. There have been many Swords Saints born in the kingdom since Doberg, but Doberg is the only one who has survived. He's a white-haired man with an eye patch. His face is covered in scars.

 They say that the Swordsman de Belg is only interested in fighting. He's been on the battlefield his whole life, and the academy is one of the few reasons he comes to the kingdom.

 You sit on the floor of the arena and listen to your homeroom teacher's story, wondering what you're thinking about as you stand in front of the students with a blank expression on your face, or if you'll return to the front line when this is over.

 Some of them are seeing the Swordsman for the first time, so they talk at length about how amazing it is. The story of the demon king's army is blurred and I think it's a bit abstract.

 Then, the instructors' explanation is moved to the brave men. Some students are wondering if there really was a brave man. Most of the students think that he is a fictional and non-existent being in a picture book. You are still smiling and waving your hand lightly to the students in response to the voice of whether it is really a brave man or not.

 After listening to the stories of the three heroes from the homeroom teacher, he will have a question and answer session with Kensei and the heroes, and he will give you instructions on how to swing and move your body. This is what was said in the explanation given in advance so as not to be disrespectful to the swordsman.

 I spent half an hour listening to the saga of the three.

Do you have any questions for the heroic Helmios, the Swordsman Sylvia and the Swordsman Doberg?

 The homeroom teacher asks if you have any questions.

"Yes! I have a question for you, Master Swordsman Doberg!

 Allen heard a familiar voice coming from the side. It's definitely Krena's voice. There's no doubt about it because she's shouting next to me.

 All gathered here are students between the ages of twelve and thirteen. In a previous life, they would have been about the same as a seventh grader.

 No doubt they are children, but they have grown up in a harsher environment than in their previous lives, prepared for the school's entrance examinations, and have a certain amount of common sense and moderation that won them a severe multiple. Some of them are wompers, but they have more self-control than children in the real world.

 Some of the students were going to ask questions, but the situation with all the brave men and women lined up in this situation just makes them squirm, and the pink-haired girl's hand is raised straight up. Doberg's eyebrows twitched up.

...... Oh, Krsna. A question for Master Swordsman Doberg.


"I'm a swordsman who came in this year.

 The homeroom teacher tells Doberg about Klarna. Allen thinks that his gym teacher is very polite to Doberg.

So, Krsna. What is your question for Master Swordsman Doberg?

"Yes! How can I use the skills?

 With a carefree smile, Krsna asks a question.


 The homeroom teacher is exclaiming, "What is a skill? "What are the skills? I hear the students say, "You've done it, Krsna!

Krsna did it. ......

 Dogora mutters with a sigh.

(Haven't we done skills in class yet?)

 In the dungeon attack that started in April, Krsna and Dogora have been struggling with the inability to activate their skills. Allen went through several classes on practical skills of sword, spear, and axe, but it was mostly body-building exercises and gestures.

 They don't seem to teach skills in class all of a sudden. I don't know when they will start teaching about skills, but it might be next year.

"Huh, Krena. I told you skills would be taught next year!

(I was just asking my homeroom teacher about it next year, Krena.

 She exclaims red-faced, wondering why the homeroom teacher asked that question.
 It seems that Krsna was going to ask the Swordsman about his skills because his homeroom teacher wouldn't tell him.

 Krsna was staring at him with such straight eyes that the Kensei Doberg looked at him with a one-eyed stare.