121 Episode 119: Awakening

Summon level 6 analysis continues until late at night .

 The newly summonable spirit line cards show a girl in a fluffy dress. And .

(Huh? There are three blessings. Whereas the other C-ranked cards had two. (I mean, it has magic.)

 In the lower right corner of the card there are indications of endurance +50, intelligence +50, and physical resistance. I guess it doesn't just raise your status.

 Let's check the status details in the grimoire.

 The shape is the status of the girl's spirit C
 Sort] Spirit
 [Rank] C
 Name] Maria
 Physical strength] 200
 Magical power] 300
 Attack Power] 290
 Endurance] 500
 Quickness] 350
 Intelligence] 500
 Fortune] 210
 Protection: Endurance 50, intelligence 50, physical resistance
 Special Skills] Psycho

(It's totally French doll. The face is about 5 years old and cute. It doesn't look so big... maybe I'll summon her. (Come on out, Maria.)

 Then a girl in a western style dress, about thirty centimeters tall, comes out.

"Master Allen, it's nice to meet you. Thank you for summoning me.

 Bowing his head while floating fluffily in the air, he greets you. Perhaps it's because the body is a spirit, but I can see through it a little bit to see the walls of the room behind me.

Oh! Talked!

 The first time a C-ranked summoner has uttered a word. Is it the effect of intelligence or is it just a matter of examining the C-ranked summons that have not yet been released?

"Fufu, I can talk!

 Proud to be able to speak with a fearless smile. He puts his hands on his hips and stretches his chest. He seems pleased that Allen was surprised.

"Your name is Maria. It's a pleasure to work with you.

"Thank you for your name.

(Hmmm... High status, high intelligence, speech. It'll be useful for defending the base. You sound like a ghost, so the word death sounds like DEATH.

 Basically, while Allen is awake, the summonses of birds E and D are searching for enemies around the base from the sky. The other world is not that safe. This is a corner where there are many adventurers. I have summons to keep an eye on the stronghold in case something happens to the children who live here alone.

 I'm thinking that if they are intelligent and small enough to stay out of the way, it might be a good idea to have one in the base. The number of summons has increased to 60, so it's not a burden to have two or three of them around.

"Mr. Allen, what's the matter with you, what's the matter with you, Death?

 When Allen was thinking while looking at Spirit C's summoner, he asked me to get close to his face and look into it .

I'm thinking about it. By the way, can Maria slip through a wall or a door?

"What? Wall Death?

 Then the spirit C summoner poked its face into the door. The head is stuck in the door. And when I put my head back, there doesn't seem to be a hole in the door. They seem to be able to walk through the wall normally.

Great, I see. This is going to be useful in dungeons.

 The number of summons that can slip through walls has increased. Also, fish-type summons can swim through the ground. Even if you share it with the fish lineage, the ground is too dark to see, so it was of little use, but now it is conquering a dungeon. I see potential in Spirit C's summoner.

(It has an ego. She seems to be a very unique character and we need to communicate with her to understand her personality better. (Okay, now it's time to awaken.)

 The next step is to verify the awakening. In the meantime, keep the Spirit C summoner floating in the room to check on it.

 Generate one Bug H card. In Allen's mind, it's been decided that the beast to experiment with is the summoner of Bug H.

Okay, awaken!

 Then the colorless margins of the card glow with rainbow colors.

"Oh! Something's awakened. Okay, summon. Come on out, Denka.

 Summon the summoner of Bug H. Then the faintly glowing summoner of Bug H comes out into the room. Watch Bug H jump and see what's different about it, except that it glows.

 I check the status column of Bug H in the grimoire to see what has awakened it since it's not different from the previous Bug H summons.

 Type] Bug
 [Rank] H
 Name】 Denka
 Physical strength] 3
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 2
 Durability] 5
 [Quickness] 5
 Intelligence] 1
 Fortune 2
 Protection] Endurance 1, speed 1
 Special skill] Jumping

(Huh? There's a new one called The Awakening. More skills. (Are the other summonses the same?)

 I'll look at the status of other summons in the grimoire, but there is no such addition. Apparently, it will be added to the status column of the summons you awakened.

Well, we don't know any more. But let's pack up. Now that you know your awakened name, let's give it a try. Denka, form a flock.

 The summons of Bug H glows faintly at you.

 And then


 One Bug H summoner grew to about 100. There's a room full of summons. I'm going to have bad dreams about an inexhaustible supply of big grasshoppers.

 It's a swarm of locusts I've seen in a picture or video.

Hey! Tammas, back to normal!

 As if in response to his words, Bug H's summoner returned to one.

Wow, I've seen something amazing. Let's try it again.

 Pull yourself together and try to get them to use their waking skills again for the duration of the skill.

(Hey, I don't see anything. (Could it be that you're getting one skull per card?

 I try to get it back out, but the awakening skill doesn't work. I need to figure out why it doesn't work.

I need to find out where it's not working. I'll have to recreate Denka and try it first.

 Create another Summoner of Insect H. Then activate the Awakening skill. Then activate the Awakening skill. It feels like magic is being consumed. It seems to wake up normally.

Now, let's try to reawaken it.

 Prepare yourself and summon the Summoner of Insect H once again and let him use his Awakening skill. Another Insect H Summoner will fill the room with about 100 of them. Stop summoning the beast and return it to the card.

(Another card can still be awakened. Well, that's what the verification looks like)

 Record the results of the verification in the grimoire's memo function.
Magic consumption is 100
You will be able to use the Awakening skill once per card (for now).

 Verification Required
Can't I use my awakening skills twice over time?

 Allen thinks. Is this really only one card that can be used once? If this is an A-ranked summoner, then I'll have to find a new A-ranked magic stone every time I use the Awaken skill. For now, I'm going to take some time to awaken it, believing that it has a cool time.

 This reminds me of when I was playing games in my previous life, skills had a cool time setting, like a cool time. For example, you could only use it once every 10 seconds or so. Some skills could be used once an hour or so, I remember. The more powerful a skill was, the more it couldn't be used in a row.

(Now I just need to make sure I know which cards can be used for what awakening skills.

 If it's a normal skill and a waking skill, the waking skill seems to have a greater effect. Check which summons have which Awakening skills.

 This time, I generate a rat-shaped beast H and awaken it.

 Sort] Beast
 [Rank] H
 Name] Choloske
 Physical strength] 5
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 5
 Durability 2
 [Quickness] 3
 Intelligence] 1
 Fortune 2
 Protection: Strength 1, Attack 1
 Special skill] Running around
 Awakening the rat race

(Hmmm, rat race, I have a bad feeling about that.)

 Summon a beast H summoner with the appearance of a rat and have him use his Awakening skill.

 Then one Beast H summoner will increase to 2. More and more of them will be added, four, eight, 16 and so on. Finally, there will be about 100 of them.

Just like Denka!

"How much longer are you going to be buzzing? What is this? ......

(Hey! (There are people of my age, you can't just come into my room!

 Then Cecil, wearing a negligee, opens the door and walks in. Then I saw Allen's room overflowing with rats and my blood boiled down.

 I heard some noise upstairs, so I knew he was about to come in. I'm sorry to have disturbed you, and I'll put out the Beast H summoner.

"Allen, what's up?

 Then, Krsna, wearing a nightgown, also hears the commotion and comes into Allen's room.

 Furthermore, the sound of footsteps can be heard in the corridor of the room. Dogora, who had been asleep, ignoring the commotion of Allen's new skill experiment, seems to have finally awakened as the three of them floundered around.

...... oh, hey, what about ......, gefu!

"Hey! I've said it before! Get dressed!

 Dogora walks into Allen's room wearing only his underwear. Seeing this, Cecil's face turns red and he slams his fist into Dogora's cheek. This is what Dogora looks like in the summer in the village of Krena, Allen thinks.

"Are you an acquaintance of Master Allen's?

Yeah. That's my guy, and you can help me out Maria.

"Yes, sir.

 The summoned beast of the spirit C. Gazing happily at the bustling situation was .