120 Episode 118 C rank

 The day after I conquered the lowest boss I went with Kiel, Kiel asked me to join his party. It seems that the three gold coins in the silver box were quite large.

 That day, I went to the Adventurer's Guild and added Keel to the "Abandoned Gamer" party.

Keel is now with us.

 The grimoire firmly indicated that Kiel had become a companion. Thanks to that, you can now see Keel's status.

 Keel, whose family name does not appear, was also not a nobleman. Because he wasn't a nobleman, he didn't have to serve on the battlefield. However, it was great to have a monk as a companion within a month of arriving at the school. There's plenty of time for you to get to know the advantages of the "Obsolete Gamer" party.

 The best thing about Kiel is that the goal was money. If this was just a dungeon challenge for the summer vacation, the relationship would have ended when the goal was achieved.

 Since I joined the party, I proposed two things to Kiel: 1.

Since the four of us are living together, let's have him live in our base.
Participate in the daily routine of defeating the lowest-level bosses of C-class dungeons, even on weekdays.

 I was refused for the base. I was only told that this was not possible, but I was not told why.
 As for beating the bottom level boss of a C-class dungeon, he said he was willing to participate. Kiel has only conquered one C-class dungeon, so he can only challenge the bottom level boss at one location. But he says that's okay.

 If he earns more than 20 silver coins every day and has the occasional day with a silver box and a few gold coins, Kiel's problem of skipping lunch will be solved.

 Also, when I went to the Adventurer's Guild, I was told that in order to enter a B-class dungeon, all the participants who enter the dungeon together must have an Adventurer rank of C. Apparently, it's not enough for the party leader to be C-ranked.

 Allen, Klarna, Cecil, and Dogora have managed to complete three C-class dungeons.
 Kiel has only one. As for Keir, once Allen and the others have completed the first dungeon, we can finally try a B-class dungeon.
 We've discussed and decided that the adventurer's badge should be a C-rank as long as Keel joins the party.

 Finally, two months after the school started, on the school vacation in early June, the longed-for thing finally happened. It was midnight on the second day of school vacations, when classes start tomorrow.

 Allen is alone in a room on the second floor of the base where he lives, looking at a grimoire and grinning.

 As for the layout of the base's rooms, Allen and Dogora have their own rooms on the second floor of the base, while Krsna and Cecil have their own rooms on the third floor.

The synthesis skill experience is now 10,000000/10,000,000. Synthesis level has been increased to 6. Summoning level has been increased to 6. The grimoire extension has been upgraded to level 5. Awakened skill acquired'.

01 years and 00 months, grimoire acquired, summon level 1, summoner H-rank
01 years and 10 months Summons level 2, acquisition of synthesis skills
03 years and 00 months old, Summoner G rank
05 years and 11 months, summon level 3, acquisition of enhanced skills, summons F
-07 years, 09 months Summons level 4, storage skill acquisition, summoned animal E
09 years and 10 months Summons level 5, shared skill acquisition, summoned animal D
-12 years, 09 months Summons level 6, Awakening skill acquisition, Summoner C

(Hoho, the summoning level has increased for the first time in two years and eleven months.

 Record Allen's growth based on the grimoire log in the grimoire's memo feature.

 I have several goals for the last three years of school life. One of them is to raise the summoning level to 7 and summon a B-ranked summoner.

 According to the magic instructor, there are A-ranked monsters roaming around in the Demon King's army. From our past experience, you can defeat them easily if they are one rank higher. If it's a two-ranked hexenbiest, you'll be on the edge of the battle, and you'll spend a lot of magic stones.

(Thanks to that, I've spent most of my money and C-rank magic stones. Next month, I hope to start recruiting magic stones again.

 I spent it all, leaving dozens of gold coins and about 1,000 C-ranked magic stones, which allowed me to reach summon level 6. Since there are no more gold coins and magical stones, recruitment of magical stones for the Adventurer's Guild is over for now.

 Check the grimoire skills and summons page.

Skill level
 Summons 6
 Born] 6
 Combined] 6
 Strengthening] 6   
 Awakening 1
Skills Experience

 Composite] 0/100,000,000,000
 Strengthening] 3,180/100,000,000,000
 Awakening 0/1,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Beast] CDEFGH
 Bird ] CDEFG
 [Grass] CDEF
 Stone ] CDE
 [Fish] CD
 【 - 】 C
 [ Bug ] 
 Beast] 9 D
 Birds] 3 G, 3 E
 [ Grass ] 
 [ Stone ] 
 Fish ] D30 sheets
 [ - ] 

(Well, at summon level 6, one more summoned beast, one more expansion, and one new skill, I guess.

 Verify one by one that you can now do at summon level 6.

 Open the page further to see how many holders can hold the cards.
 There are 60 holders and 60 cards can be stored in them.
 The number of cards is increasing every time the summoned level is increased, so the number of cards is increased by 10 cards this time as well.

(Now all that's left is a C-ranked summoned beast and my longed-for awakening skill. I finally got a skill that grows.

 After the enhancement skill, storage and sharing was a very useful skill, but it was not a skill to grow. There was only a fixed effect, but now awakened skills are shown in the skill experience column.

 I can't wait to see the effects of the skills.

 Using the grimoire generation and synthesis, Allen decided to first find out what a C-ranked summoned beast was. If there are a thousand C-ranked magic stones, I should be able to find out everything.

 I've even created a fish strain that was released when the D-ranked summons was released and

Shape of the scorpion bug C status
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] C

 Name] PION
 Physical strength] 320
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 214
 Endurance] 500
 Speed] 500
 Intelligence] 310
 Fortune] 120
 Protection] Endurance 50, speed 50
 Special skill] Numb needle

Shape of the boar's beast C status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] C
 Name: Button
 Physical strength] 500
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 500
 Endurance] 360
 Quickness] 220
 Intelligence] 320
 Fortune 200
 Protection: Strength 50, Attack 50
 Special skill] lunge

Shape C status of the cuckoo bird
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] C
 Name] Fran
 Physical strength] 76
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 125
 Endurance] 240
 Speed] 500

 Intelligence] 500
 Fortune 340
 Protection: 50 speed, 50 intelligence
 Special Skill] Running through

Shape of the eggplant grass C status
 Species] Grass
 [Rank] C
 Name] Marabor
 Physical strength] 78
 Magical power] 500
 Attack Power] 42
 Endurance] 45
 [Quickness] 67
 Intelligence] 82
 Fortune 500
 Protection: 50 magic and 50 luck
 Skill] Yakumi

Shape steel full plate stone C status
 Sort] Stone
 [Rank] C
 Name】 Tekko
 Physical strength] 500
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 455
 Endurance] 500
 Quickness] 280
 Intelligence] 390
 Fortune] 123
 Protection: Strength 50, Endurance 50
 Special Skills】Switching

Shape of the shark fish C status
 Species] Fish

 [Rank] C
 Name】 shark fin
 Physical strength] 200
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 420
 Endurance] 127
 Quickness] 160
 Intelligence] 500
 Fortune] 360
 Protection: 50 magical power, 50 intellectual power
 Special skill] Shark oil

I don't mind the name. But still, the status is getting a lot higher.

 The atmosphere that comes from the card gives it a cancerous name as well. The maximum status is 500, which can reach 1,000 when strengthened. You can summon up to 60 of them at once.

 As for the blessings, it increases your status by a total of 6,000.

(Now we'll check out the [ - ].)

 Attempt to examine the summonses of the new lineage, which are in [-] in the grand total. When I combine the bird C and fish C summons, the grimoire shines brightly. It looks like I've successfully synthesized them.

Oh! Spirit! Spirits-type summons?

 The card of the summoned beast, labeled Spirit C, looked like a French doll.