119 Episode 117 Kiel

 Long-awaited monk Keel has joined us.
 He was just a trial period for Allen's wild recruitment. We were told that Keel had never entered a dungeon or hunted a magical beast.

 It seems that money is the reason why Keel became Allen's companion.

 Allen has a good track record in classroom recruitment and his friends are excellent, so he can conquer dungeons with ease. He also said that since there are only a few of us, we will get a larger share of the money. The monks were just as good as the ones recruited.

 Since money is the main goal, I explained the money plan to them so they wouldn't misunderstand.

 The dungeon is navigable once you've been there. However, just because the party leader has been there, does not mean that you can't move to it if you have never been there.

 You can only move to a level that you have been to before. So, if you have not yet conquered the dungeon, you will start from the first floor of a C-class dungeon.

 In C-class dungeons, except for the lowest level bosses, the only ranks of monsters that appear are E and D. The lowest level bosses are C-ranked. Even the bottom level bosses are C-ranked.
 The main thing that can be used as a golden trick is the rewards you'll receive when you defeat the bottom-level boss.

 There are three C-level dungeons near Allen's base.
 I checked each level and found that there is one each on levels 4, 5, and 6.

 The third dungeon you're going to take on now only has four levels, so you should be able to complete it in two weeks.

 I asked him if he was okay with it, but he said he was okay with that much.

 As for the request to enter the dungeon at least one day a week, he said he wants to go to the dungeon both days to earn money.

 As for joining the party, I was told that this is pending. He said he'll think about it after he goes to the dungeon.

 Allen and his friends are now in a room in the building to get into the dungeon.
 And I'm checking to see if Keel, who joined us but isn't part of the adventurer's party, will go into the dungeon in another dimension by himself.

 If you go to the dungeon from the same room, you can go to the dungeon in the same dimension without a party. The dungeon system says that if you go to the dungeon from a different room, the time and space will be different.

Keel-san can go to the same dungeon without any problem. Let's go to the dungeon then.

"Do we enter the dungeon from here?


 Allen's conversation to Keel remains polite. Be polite to anyone who rides in the field. It's the manner of a stray recruiter.

 Allen and his team are in a room with the dungeon operation and management system to conquer a C-class dungeon with five people. And we have moved to the first level with five of us.

 We've been going to C-class dungeons for about a month now. Including Cecil, his level has risen quite a bit, so there's plenty of room at this level where only E-ranked monsters appear.

 However, since I'm sure you're worried about Keel, you're going to have Krsna and Dogora in the front row, Cecil and Keel in the middle, and Allen in the back.


"Mr. Keel, I'm going to take out that big one you mentioned the other day.

"Bigger? What!

 Keel raises his voice loudly.

"It's a surprise. This is my gift.

 Allen will walk the stone D summons on both sides of Cecil and Keel. This is to fortify the defense.

 Notice that Keel doesn't surprise everyone but Allen. This is a normal look on your face.

"Yeah, I get it. That was awesome, though.

 I briefly explained to Keel about the summons. When I explained it to him, he was skeptical that it could do such a thing, so I gave him a summon. I don't want to show you all my abilities, but I don't want you to think that I'm completely powerless to do anything but tell you what to do. I'd like you to join the adventurer's party as well.

 And if you're going to ask for information, you might as well give it to me first.

"No, speaking of which, Keel, can you use recovery magic anymore?

 Now that you've shown your skills, let's check it out.

"Huh? Yeah, I can use it.

It's available. I thought it would be better if it wasn't available.

 I found out when I entered the school that just because you have a talent doesn't mean you can use your skills.

 Crenna and Dogora can't use their skills yet. I'm sure they don't have an image in mind.

 Apparently, the most important thing in using a skill is an image. Without an image, the skill won't work.

 Cecil has taken classes with the magic instructor in the mansion and has seen the magic of the magic instructor. There could be no better way to understand the skill.

 Dogora and Krsna had no instructors to teach them. Even Kiel could not have learned it yet, but he seems to have already mastered it.

 Allen has been able to use the art of summoning since he was a year old. Perhaps the gods built his summoning skills from what he could visualize in his head. To Allen, a floating card in the air is a sight he's seen before.

'Is that right? Where did you learn your magic?

 Let me ask you a more in-depth question.

"I learned it in church. You said you'd give me money.

 The church offers you 10 silver coins per day if you learn recovery magic and cast a recovery spell on the injured until your magic runs out. The church also offered to provide you with a meal until you learned, so you said you worked hard to learn it.

 It took nearly two months to become available.

(Maybe two months is pretty fast. Maybe there was a priest in the church who served as a model of recovery magic and was quick to understand it. (But still, 10 per diem silver coins?)

 The daily allowance is 10 silver coins. If the school is closed two days a week, you can earn one gold coin for ten days a month. That's 12 gold coins in a year.

 That's not a small amount of money.

 I know because I've worked as a servant for four years in the city of Granville, Allen. Few jobs in a twelve or so year old can earn a gold coin a month. I'd make as much as a nobleman's servant for a gold coin a month. Some store apprentices make about half this much.

 The academy costs one gold coin for entrance and ten gold coins per year for tuition. A freshman earns 11 gold coins a year. This fee includes the cost of uniforms, textbooks, and practical training gear and weapons.

(I'm told that students in the school don't have to pay a per capita tax.)

 It varies from territory to territory, but many subsidize half of the tuition fees for passing the B grade, and full tuition fees for passing the A and S grades. It is forbidden by the law of the kingdom to subsidize more than the tuition fee.

 The Five Continents Alliance wants you to earn your living expenses by going to dungeons.

 If life is so hard that you can earn 12 gold coins a year but skip lunch, I wonder if Allen was graded C or didn't get the grant.

(If you're this poor, at least you're not a nobleman.)

 A working nobleman would have been ideal, but a commoner or a serf would have been fine.

 Two weeks have passed since then. Today is the third day of your vacation dungeon attack.

Is that the bottom boss?


 At last we have reached the lowest boss. There is a C-ranked orc and 10 goblins in the center of the magic circle.

Now, please do it again.


 The bottom level bosses are basically Krsna, Cecil, and Dogora to beat. Defeating Allen is not a good way to practice coordination. Klarena and Dogora practice using skills, while Cecil gains skill experience by consuming magic, so it's more beneficial for the three of them to fight.

 Krena and Dogora run side by side as they charge into the enemy. Cecil uses attack magic to kill the goblins. Cecil's long-range attack magic causes the orcs and goblins to move.

 Rather than fighting, Allen sends out a summoner to protect Cecil and Keel.

 Dogora guards the orc's full-length spear with his axe, while Krsna slashes at it with her great sword to match.

There's plenty of room for one C-ranked monster. We need to get to the B-class dungeon as soon as possible.

 Thanks to going to the dungeon for a month and a half, it seems that a C-ranked one with these three is too weak. The three of them rushed over to Crenna and Dogora.

"Hmm? Are you okay? Heels

 Dogora's arm was hit by an orc spear, and Keel cast a recovery spell on it.

...... Yeah, thanks.

(Oh?) (It's the first recovery magic)

 This is the first time in two weeks that we see Kiel use recovery magic. I've never had a chance to get attacked before in a C-class dungeon.

There's a treasure chest! Oh!

"You're in luck today,

"Oh! This is a treasure! Hmm? Lucky?

 Keel has been following everyone for the past two weeks without having much conversation.
 That's when Keel raises his voice.

 After killing the bottom level boss, a treasure chest appears. This time it's not a wooden box, but a silver one.

(What's this rare effect?)

 There are three types of treasure chests that the lowest level bosses drop, according to the dungeon's general system. I was told by the dungeon system that there are three types of chests: a wooden box, a silver box, and a gold box.

 Some time ago, I learned that the silver box was released and that the rewards for the lowest level bosses are hit or miss. He didn't tell me the probability of each one coming out, but I'd say 90% of the crates, less than 10% of the silver box, and less than 1% of the gold box.

 The silver box falls about once every 10 times, so I expect the probability to be about that. I have yet to see the gold box.

 When I open the treasure chest, I find

"This is a Mithril buckler. A Mithril buckler of this size would cost more than ten gold coins.

 The mithril armor comes out.

"Ten gold pieces! Ooh! What do you think?

Of course.

 And so, returning from the dungeon. The armor shop is still open, so I take it with me and I'm left with 15 gold coins. Break the three gold coins and the magical stones evenly and give them to Keel.

 I didn't recruit a monk on the condition that Allen would get all the magic stones, so naturally a fifth of the magic stones belonged to Keel.

"Oh, thanks.

 With that, Kiel ran through the already darkened city towards the station with the magic train.