118 Chapter 116: Recruitment of Nora ②

 Allen stood up. He's watching to see what Crenna and Dogora will do.

"Are you recruiting?

Yes, I would like to take this opportunity to recruit a monk.

 Cecil, seated behind me, asked me if I wanted to recruit one of the monks we used to talk about at the base.

("Demon King Defeating PT @ Monk 1 Wanted. We have a summoner, a swordsman, a sorcerer, and an axe. Not defeated yet". Well, this time it's a dungeon attack.

 Allen takes a deep breath.

'Everyone pay attention! Calling for dungeon buddies to go to the dungeon!

 Then he shouted loudly.

Look at this! This is a D-rank adventurer's certificate. My adventurer's party of four has already conquered a C-class dungeon. Here's the proof!

 Take out the adventurer's card from storage. The recruitment speaks on the basis of fact.

"Ho, that's right. That's a "D" rated adventurer's card.

 A student seated nearby tries to check Allen's adventurer's card as if he were peering into it. Allen gives the student his adventurer's card and asks him to check it carefully.

 What the heck, everyone stops recruiting and looks at Allen. Even the homeroom teacher is looking at him with her arms crossed.

"The four of us have been working on our dungeons two days a week since the school started in April! We've conquered two C-class dungeons in one month!

 Since then, Allen and his friends have already conquered another dungeon.
 The students are surprised to learn that they've already conquered two dungeons. Seriously, I'm buzzing. No one seems to be going to that many dungeons.

''We're looking for a talented person, such as a monk, who specializes in recovery! You must be able to participate at least one day a week!

 You've already conquered the dungeon and you're still going to the dungeon. You go to the dungeon every week? I can hear you saying that.

 As for Allen, he would like to recruit people who are willing to participate at least one day, if not two days a week. I think it's good etiquette to set out any non-negotiable conditions up front.

I want you to be comfortable with the dungeon attack. We have a sage and a mage in our group. The dungeons are not absolutely safe, but we want you to trust your fellow party members with great talent.

 Never lie about being safe. But make sure to include information to guarantee safety in the recruitment requirements.

Of course, all items and rewards obtained in the dungeon will be divided among five people! The lesser number of people, five, the greater the share!

 And present the benefits as well. Recruiting without benefits doesn't attract people.

 Allen explains it all and looks around to see the reaction and takes a seat.
 Everyone paid attention, but no one came. No one got on the bandwagon.

(Was it still too tough?)

 Allen is looking for a healer to stabilize the party. The demon king's army sounds like a large one. I know that we will always need a friend who can recover steadily. But I knew that finding a rescuer would be a tough sell.

 Often the church will take in children who are found to be able to recover through appraisal. In the village of Krena, Allen saw a serf who had been appraised that same year be taken in by the church.

 Those who can recover are taken in by the church, and he believes that few of them go to the school to begin with.

 And there's no reason to fight the demon king's army even if they join you. There are quite a few workplaces for those with the talent to heal. Some are even called upon by the nobles as their monks. You'll have no problem living after graduation.

 They have no problem going with you on the battlefield because they work for you.

 I've also thought about what to do if the school doesn't have a monk. It pays to hire an adventurer's healer. Hire a reasonably competent healer who earns a lot of money from conquering dungeons. That's another alternative I'm considering.

 But I'd rather have a student from the same school than an older adventurer with different values and experience. If I'm going to be your companion in the future, I'd like to share my experience with you.

That's kind of awesome, Allen.

 The general's son, Rifolu, who was sitting in front of me listening, shouts in surprise.

You're welcome. I'm not looking for swordsmen, but if you ever need help with a dungeon attack, just let me know. I can help you out.

Then I'll send Krsna. Dogora is included in the set.

"Really. If you need help, I'm here for you!

 The expression on Allen's face changed at his words and he replied quite happily. It's not too late to conquer the dungeon. The talented swordsman, born into a county family, has to graduate from the school because of his job. The pressure is considerable if you're an aristocratic family in the military service of a general.

 Soon homeroom is over and the morning classes begin.

 And then the lunch break. The usual foursome is about to call out to the cafeteria for lunch.

 A student walks up to Allen.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Allen?

"Hi, this is Allen. What's going on here?

My name is Keel. Are you still looking for a sober man?

(Oh! The rescuer is here! Recovering actor, right? (Why did you talk to me if not?

Yes, no one has applied yet. We have one spot open. Are you a recovering person?

Yeah, I'm wondering. Can you tell me more about it?

 It's lunchtime, so I'm going to the cafeteria with Krsna, Cecil and Dogora, saying that we can have a meal together.

 The school cafeteria is a buffet style. You can eat as much as you want by paying two copper coins. The prices are quite reasonable.

 It's a tradition that Kreena and Dogora always bring a heaping plate of food. Kreena will get sucked in and go to the table with a plate of food. Allen also takes a plate of food and goes to his seat, where Keel is waiting for him with a glass of water.

Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry for the wait. Please go get your food.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. I try not to eat at lunch.

 I wonder if he was saving a seat for Allen and the others. Allen took care to talk to him, but he said he didn't eat lunch.

(He's not much of a eater, is he?)

 Keel is a skinny, blond man. He's a little taller than Allen. With his tousled hair and bad eyes, I thought he was a hooligan when he spoke to me. Or a small-town punk.

 Krsna and Dogora arrived a little later with a plate of food on top of them. Keel is looking at the food on the plate.

"Mr. Keel. Now that we are so close, let me buy you a drink.

"Huh? No, indeed, that kind of thing is ......

What are you talking about. Let's talk about it over dinner.

 You give two coppers to Keel, who refuses. When you hand them over, he says again, "...... sorry," and goes to get the food.

 Maybe he was really hungry, or maybe the plate he held was heaped with food. As Keel took his seat, Allen continued the conversation.

So, you said your name was Keel. Let's identify ourselves again. My name is Allen. And these are my companions Cecil, Crenna, and Dogora.

Nice to meet you.
Best regards.
"Nice to meet you.

 Just a quick name, and an introduction.

Yeah, nice to meet you. His name is Keel.

So you're considering joining a dungeon capture party, is that correct?

"Yes. I'm a gifted 'monk'. Can you tell me more about what you're going to do before you join?

(Oh! I'm a monk. (I don't feel like a monk at all.)

 Think about being rude to the man who approached you.

 He starts talking about how all four of them are from the same hometown and they are conquering dungeons. You tell him that you're using the two days when there are no classes at school as dungeon capture days. He also says that he would like you to come for two days a week, and if not, at least one day.

 I didn't tell them that we all live in the base and that we have a routine of beating the lowest level bosses on weekdays as well, because it would raise the bar for participation.

'So, dungeons are lucrative? Weren't we talking about that?

(Hmm? What I'm concerned about is the money. (money)

 I talked about this and that, but I guess that's not what I wanted to hear.

Yes, in the dungeon, you can get a magic stone from killing a magical beast or a treasure chest from defeating the lowest-level boss in the dungeon.

 In C-class dungeons, you will get a treasure chest containing items worth 1-2 gold coins from the lowest boss. If you divide it into five equal pieces, you will get about 20-40 silver coins, I tell you.

"Well, you can get that much? Can I join you for a trial run?

"Oh! Of course. I look forward to working with you.

 Thus it was decided to go to the dungeon together with a talented man of the monk named Kiel.