117 Chapter 115: Recruitment of Nora

 After conquering a C-class dungeon for the first time, Aren and the other four players went to the Adventurer's Guild to renew their adventurer's certificate to become D-rank adventurers.

 Having conquered the dungeon, they decided to make it their daily quota to go to the bottom level of a C-class dungeon once a day. Naturally, I will go to the bottom level on days when the school is in session.

 The boss of the lowest level of the dungeon reappears at midnight every night even if you defeat it. The steel sword dropped by the first lowest level boss was sold for two gold coins.

 Since the four of us live together, this is a valuable source of income. It's not that we want to be extravagant, but we eat out for all three meals, so it costs a good deal of money. Crenna eats a lot and I have to pay for school fees.

 The magic stones you get in the dungeon are basically Allen's, so the reward for the lowest level boss will fund the activities of the four of you.

 After defeating the lowest boss, you will be rewarded with one to two gold coins if you sell them. You'll be rewarded with weapons, armor, recovery pills, and more. It feels pretty random.

 I'll add the second C-class dungeon I'm currently attacking to my quota once I've conquered it.

 There are six dungeons within a 15-minute walk of the base where Allen and his friends live: three C-class dungeons, two B-class dungeons, and one A-class dungeon.

 We talked about adding more bottom-level bosses to our daily routine as we add more dungeons we've conquered in the future.

 We all agreed on this plan, but there was one comment from Cecil.

 He wanted to know if we could hire someone to do the housework in this spacious house. He wanted to hire a maid or maidservant to clean the house and so on.

 Right now four of us are living in this big house that can accommodate about 20 people. Naturally, there are a lot of empty rooms that don't need cleaning, but everyone, including Cecil, cleans the common areas on the first floor, toilets, and plumbing.
 In the future, when there are four or five bottom-level bosses to go around on a daily basis, we will be too busy to manage the bases, including cleaning. Hiring one maid will not cost you three gold coins a month.

 This is something Allen had been thinking about as well. We ended up talking about thinking about it when the dungeon capture is complete.

 Two weeks have passed since we conquered the dungeon for the first time in early May.
 Today you'll start classes at the school again for four days.

 You can sit anywhere in this classroom, but the students are deciding where to sit. Allen has chosen to sit near the window. During class, he's going to convert the 10,000 D-ranked magic stones he got yesterday from a request into 2,000 magical berries.

 You can create and combine them in the classroom, but you'll need to be on the ground to turn the grass D-ranked summons into magical berries. Pretending to look out the window, I'm working on creating magic fruits on a secluded area of ground within 50 meters. The resulting magic fruit is put into the mouth of Bird G's summoner and placed in the grimoire's chamber.

Good morning, Allen.

"Good morning, Refor

 As soon as you take your seat, you are greeted by a student sitting in front of you. The person who speaks to you is a slender boy named Rifol, who often sits in front of Allen.

 He's slim and lanky looking, but he's the son of a somehow or other earl. His father was a general, so they say. After discovering the source of the battlefield information, Allen says hello when he enters the classroom and tries to establish a relationship as a classmate.

 Or, rather, he was approached by Refol. I'm sure he's not looking for Allen, but Krsna, but after seeing the relationship between Allen and Krsna, he decided it would be better to talk to Allen.

 Allen thinks it's also good to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

"Allen, did you hear that?


I heard that the Swordsman Doberg is coming to teach a class next month. But this time a brave man will be coming with you.

(Oh! The lesson of the swordsman Doberg? Or rather, will the heroes come to the kingdom again? It's been less than two months since the entrance exam. (No way)

 A demon king's army is not always fighting on the battlefield. Fortresses and fortresses are also attacked by magical beasts all the time, but that's not the case. These days, the battle with the demon king's army in the fortress and fort is said to be only once a year. In the past few years, the number of monster beasts has decreased due to the influence of the brave men, so it's gone from two or three times a year to just once.

 It's just a matter of how many times a brave man hunts monsters.

 The brave man and the saint of swords, Doberg, who is said to be the strongest in the kingdom, will come to the school to teach a lesson. It's convenient for transportation by grimoire ship. It's also a customary practice for heroes to instruct the new students, perhaps to gain the popularity of the school.

It's useful at times like this. I'm going to join the class.

 Allen can show up to any class. The homeroom teacher comes into the classroom thinking she's heard valuable information from the general's son, Rifol, and she has homeroom before her morning liberal arts class.

 I have homeroom before morning liberal arts class.

Hey, I have something for you to know. Now listen up.

 Quite gymnastically, I'm going to give you some of today's communications. And

Hey, you've been at the school for a month now. Are you getting along with the people in your classroom?

 The students scowl at the question, which I don't understand the purpose of.

As some of you may know, there will be a dungeon attack assignment during the summer vacation in August and September.


I don't care which dungeons you conquer, but anyone who hasn't conquered them during the summer break will be expelled.

I hear a little girl's voice say, "Oh no".

'I'll tell you the conditions of the dungeon attack. You may invite a freshman from another classroom to join you, but you must have no more than eight players to capture the dungeon. You must not hire anyone outside the school, such as adventurers, or have a second year or other senior student help you. Any cheating will be recorded on your adventurer's badge. Anyone who cheats will also be expelled.

 Students buzz even more upon hearing the word "expulsion. Some of them are unconcerned. I guess they knew they would have an assignment during their freshman summer break.

Yeah, last year about 20 people died in the dungeon during the summer vacation. Do your research before you go.

 It goes from rustling to screaming. Your homeroom teacher never seems to talk about the mechanics of dungeons or the difficulty of dungeons, or anything like that. They just let the students do everything from gathering friends to information gathering.

(Oh, I see.)

 While everyone was buzzing, Allen came up with an idea as to why he would let them conquer a dungeon.

 It would be to send non-noble students to the battlefield.

 I've been wondering about this since about a month ago, when the same students were instructed not to call each other honorific titles. Allen has also dropped the honorific titles and honorifics to Cecil. I'm sure they all did the same.

 No honorifics, no boundaries of status, nobles and commoners working together for one goal. There would be challenges next year and the year after. And next year the students will have a class on the history of the demon king. Your own people must serve in the army. They may die after enduring a tough ordeal and eating the same food.

 Aren't you going to fight together as friends even if it's only the nobles who have a job to do? Isn't that what eight men clearing a dungeon is all about? It seems that the Five Continents Alliance is hoping that one nobleman will lead seven commoners to the battlefield.

 A nobleman who graduates only 300 students each year will lead several times as many commoners and talented servants, adventurers and mercenaries. And the number of men going to the battlefield will range from three hundred to several thousand.

'Oh hey!

 While I'm thinking about this, a man gets up from his seat. He makes a face like, "What the hell?

"My name is Hector! Calling all friends to help you through the dungeon! No swordsman, spearman, or axe wielder! When we get to eight people, we're closing the recruitment process!

 A man who calls himself Hector the big guy started recruiting people. Someone said, "I'm in! And raise your voice. Then someone else, who was watching it, starts recruiting as well.

(After all, the homeroom teacher has to stop.)

 The systematic homeroom teacher who talks privately and tries to talk with her fists, arms crossed, won't stop this situation.

(This is total stray recruiting.)

 Those who get on the recruiting trail lest the fellowship be overrun. There's a sense of déjà vu in this situation of being in an uproar over those who recruit themselves.

 This is a common sight when Allen was Kenichi in a previous life. Often a companion is needed for a successful hunt in online games. I remember typing frantically in the chat room to recruit a mate.

 Basically, the online game world has a friend function, where you can friend your friends who you met in the game. So it's your usual buddies you meet in the friend feature that you go hunting with.
 However, you may recruit a companion for a short term hunt, such as a single item collection, a single hunt, etc. This is called stray recruitment. This is called stray recruitment. In some games it's also called an impromptu party.

 It's happening right now right in front of your eyes.

Good grief, amateurs. I've been screaming two hours a day to get my people together in the field to show them what I can do. Carve out what a stray recruit is.

 Allen was slowly getting up.