116 Episode 114: Bottom Boss

 April is now in its third week since I dove into the dungeon for the first time.

 There is a big thing I discovered during this time. Allen conquered the first level of the dungeon for the first time, and when he got to the second level, he left behind a summoner and some firewood.

 The reason why I did that is because when I first entered the dungeon, the cube-shaped object, the total dungeon system, told me to. I didn't listen to it, but I thought maybe I should try an experiment.

 I was told: 'Depending on the adventuring party and the number of rooms you enter, each dimension you are sent to is different. No other adventurers will come, so please be prepared for no help.

 When I first heard about it, other adventurers would not come in because of the different dimensions. I was happy to know that I could produce as many summons as I wanted without being seen by other adventurers, but as I progressed through the dungeon, I realized another possibility.

 The reason I realized that possibility was because room 205 was too small. I don't know if I could fit twenty people in there if I tried. It's not going to fit fifty people. But the real estate guild official said that 50 people would go to the dungeon.

 Maybe in a class B or A dungeon, there is more room to enter the dungeon.

 According to the total dungeon system, it is not the case that each individual adventurer has a different dungeon to enter. Different rooms and parties of adventurers have different dimensions of dungeons.

 I thought that a party of 50 adventurers could be divided into multiple rooms and join a dungeon of the same dimension. Then they could get themselves into the same dungeon again. To get into the same dungeon made sense.

 To do so, we placed a clear marker and re-entered that day, and were able to move to the second level of the C-class dungeon with the firewood and the summoner.

 I asked the general dungeon system if Allen's guess was correct, and he was right.
It seems that dungeons recognize the rooms they enter and the party of adventurers they serve, building dungeons in countless dimensions.

 You can enter a dungeon as many times a day as you want, and there is no limit to how many dungeons you can enter. These dungeons seem to have existed since before the Demon Lord appeared, but who in the world is managing them?

 I was told by the dungeon system that there are two important points to keep in mind.

 First, if you enter a room in a building, even if the dungeon is of the same class, it is considered a different dungeon and you cannot go to the same place as before.

 Secondly, if a month goes by without entering a dungeon, the record of that dungeon will disappear. There will be no relics left behind.

 After hearing this much, Allen entered the dungeon in the morning before going to school. This is to let the summonses collect the magic stones. Summon five summons at the first and second levels, and let them retrieve the magic stones. Since I've never been to the second level, I'm going to create the map at the same time.

 You can collect the magical stones without being disturbed or noticed.

 In one day, I was able to collect about 200 gravestones in one level. There's a higher chance of magical beasts coming out than outside the city of Granville. Together with the two levels, that's 400 monsters. I've been collecting them every day since then. When I'm in a dungeon with others, several units are collecting at the same time.

 Three years seems like a blink of an eye.

 Finally, after five days of diving, I've arrived at what I believe to be the lowest level of the hierarchy.

 After arriving at the sixth level, Allen and his team notice something strange about the hierarchy.

Hey, there's a door at the back.

It's true.

 Cecil and Krsna have a normal conversation. Since they live on the same third floor of the base, the conversation has become much more lively.

 The hierarchy management system tells me that the first place I jumped to this level where we are having a conversation is the safe zone. From this safe place, the labyrinth begins in the form of a passage. Because it is a passageway, the previous five levels were open, but this sixth level has a huge door.

Isn't this the lowest level?

I guess so. I think we're talking about a C-level dungeon with a maximum of six floors. I'm pretty sure it leads to the room with the bottom level boss.

 I don't know what time it is, but I think it's evening, because I've just hit the fifth level. Allen and his friends don't have watches. There is also talk of buying a portable mage's watch.
 I was planning to leave here, but since we're here, it was agreed that we should beat the lowest boss.

 The large door is massive, and the pattern on the door gives off an atmosphere of a powerful enemy beyond.
 When Allen touches the door, it opens automatically with a rumbling sound. Beyond that, there is a circular square with a radius of about 100 meters.

 In the center of the square, there's a Goblin King and about 10 goblins. They are motionless and frozen.

(Is that one reacting and attacking you when you get a little closer?

I see, a C-class dungeon has one C-ranked monster monster and about 10 D-ranked monsters as the boss.

 Allen makes an analysis. The three of them nodded like that.

 The only C-ranked monsters in C-class dungeons are the bottom bosses. If it's a B-class dungeon, then a B-ranked hexenbiest is probably the bottom boss.



"I think we should know the power of Allen.


So, can you take down these hexenbiests with Allen's summons?

"Wow! It's Allen's summoner!

I'd like to see that. Sure, I'd like to see Allen's summons fight, too.

 When Cecil tells them to take it all down, Krsna and Dogora agree.

 So far, we've basically been focusing on killing Cecil's magic. As Cecil reaches level 10, the skill level cap has been removed. Now the skill level goes up to 2.

 I can gain skill experience and long range attacks save time, so Cecil has been the main one to kill.

 In addition, Krsna and Dogora have not yet earned any skill experience. Skill activation doesn't feel right. They're struggling unexpectedly.

(Cecil is definitely right. It's still a C-class dungeon, so you don't have much of a role to play, but in a B-class or A-class dungeon, you'll need the power of summons to attack, so it's a good idea to show them off while you still have time.

 Unlike Cecil, Krsna and Dogora have only seen little bird and rat summonses. You should know the usefulness of summons while you're at it.

(Now, look at my power with my enhanced skills up to 6)

 Name] Allen
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 42
 [Strength] 1065 + 180
 Magic power] 1660 + 600
 Attack Power] 584 +
 Endurance] 584 + 180
 [Quickness] 1091 + 36
 [Intelligence] 1670 + 636
 Fortune] 1091
 Skills: Summoning <5>, Generating <5>, Combining <5>, Strengthening <6>, Expansion <4>, Storing, Sharing, Deleting, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 3,016,226/60,000,000,000

Skill level
 Summons 5
 [Born] 5
 [Combined] 5
 Strengthening] 6
Skills Experience
 (Combined) 3,635,015/10,000,000
 Strengthening] 1,220/100,000,000,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] DEFGH
 [Beast] DEFGH
 [Bird] DEFG
 [Grass] DEF
 [stone] de
 Fish ] D

 [ Bug ] 
 Beast] 14 D
 Birds] 3 G, 3 E
 [ Grass ] 
 [ Stone ] 
 Fish ] D30 sheets

 Enhanced level 6 was only reached last month.

 Since then, I've been working on leveling up the generation and synthesis. With the Adventurer's Guild's request and the magic stones I have now, I replaced 35,000 D-ranked magic stones with magic fruits.

 You can make the magic fruit that recovers 1000 times with 5 D-ranked magic stones. One stone can recover 200 times of magic power.
 Since there are 35,000 D-ranked magic stones, this is equivalent to 7 million skill experience.

 Furthermore, the effect of strengthening level 6 increases two statuses to +500.

Wait a minute.

 With that said, Allen removes about ten fish D summons. To make room for the holder. Then, I'll continue to generate, synthesize, and strengthen them.


What a wow!

 Dogora and Krsna are surprised by a fast-moving grimoire.

 Dogora and Krsna were surprised to see the magic in Cecil's attack magic for the first time, but there seems to be another surprise.

 Underneath the lowest boss is a magic circle of sorts drawn as if it were floating slightly off the cobblestone ground. It's getting closer and closer.

 Allen is in the lead with Krsna and Dogora, and Cecil is at the back of the line.

 Less than 50 meters away, the magical beasts began to move.

"Kill the beasts, Bear! Bronn and the others protect us!

 Eight beast D summons appear around the monsters. And they make full use of their special skill 'crush' to lay waste to these monsters. For rehearsals, I put two stone D summons in front of Allen, but it was still unnecessary.

 The eight Beast D summons defeated the Goblin King and the Goblins with a single blow. They were no match for the summons of the enhanced Beast D's.

''Hey! Isn't it amazing!

"Awesome! It goes by so fast!


 Cecil brags about why. Both Krena and Dogora watched the battle with surprised expressions.

 The monsters turned to magical stones.

Okay, you killed it. Hmm?

 After defeating the hierarchical boss, a new magic circle appears in front of you. You'll be surprised for a moment, but a treasure chest will appear from the magic circle. It looks like a wooden box.

(I'm not sure if there are any mimicry of monsters in the treasure chest as a reward for defeating the boss.

 Allen approaches the treasure chest on behalf of the three men and opens it. The three of them watch the scene from behind, pounding heartily.

 Inside was a steel sword.

It's the reward for the lowest level boss. I think the bottom level boss appears once a day.

That's right.

 Each adventurer party could challenge the lowest level boss once a day.

 This is how the first C-class dungeon was conquered.