115 Episode 113 Dungeon ②

 Allen and the other four have been sent to a dungeon level. Form a formation at the destination and start moving forward. The dungeon has no sunshine, but somehow it's not completely dark.

 Krsna and Dogora in the front and Cecil in the center. The last one is Allen. I'm glad I rented the property because we can talk about these formations at the base beforehand.

We're splitting up.

 Just after advancing through the dungeon, the path splits.

I think the right one is a dead end. Let's go left.

(That's quite a labyrinth even for a C-level . . with no way out yet.)

"Allen, wow!

 Complimented by Crenna. I'm checking the path, flying the four bird E summons at the same time I started to enter the dungeon.

 I'm mapping the dungeon, just as I did when I conquered the ant's nest of armor. I want to complete the directions in the shortest time possible.

 This seems to be a labyrinth-type dungeon, with passages and small rooms. To get to the next level, you need to find the cube-like object that controls the dungeon and get it to skip to the next level.

We've talked about this before, but I'll keep the hunting of magical beasts to a minimum. Ignore the treasure chest because it could be a hexenbiest or a trap. I want to complete the three C-ranked dungeons as soon as possible so that I can get to the B-class dungeons.

 Everyone nods. Apparently, treasure chests can mimic a hexenbiest. Also, when opened, arrows will fly or poison will be emitted. Treasure chests in C-level dungeons don't seem to be that good, and there's no profession in the party that can disarm the traps, so I'm going to ignore all of them.

 There are several objectives when entering the dungeon. Leveling up everyone, including me, gold, and collecting magic stones. They are all important, but for now, the priority is to capture the dungeon. The reason why I'm working on the attack is because the magic recovery ring may come from the lowest level bosses of A-class dungeons.

 Besides, the monsters in C-class dungeons are ranked too low. Your gold ruses and leveling up aren't enough here. At the very least, I think it should be a B-class dungeon first. So I want to raise our levels so that we can deal with monsters that are B-ranked or higher.

(Alright, let's check everyone's status.)

 Allen checks the grimoire as he walks. When he formed a party, he could see everyone's status.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 21
 Physical strength] 880
 Magic power] 330
 Attack Power] 880
 Endurance] 620
 [Quickness] 595
 Intelligence] 350
 Fortune 415
 Skill] Swordsmanship <1>, Slashing <1>, Swordsmanship <5>.
 Extras] Breakthrough
 Experience] 2,850/3,000

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 1
 Slash] 1
Skills Experience
 Slash] 0/10

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Mage
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 25
 Magic] 25
 Attack Power] 10
 Endurance] 16
 Quickness] 16
 Intelligence] 30
 Fortune 16
 Skill] Magic <1>, Fire <1>, Kumite <2>.
 Extras] micrometeorite
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Magic] 1
 Fire Magic] 1
Skills Experience
 Fire Magic] 10/10

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 12
 Occupation: Axeman
 [Level] 21
 Physical strength] 464
 Magical power] 248
 Attack Power] 610
 Endurance] 404
 Quickness] 258
 Intelligence] 170
 Fortune 276
 Skill: War Axe <1>, Full Length <1>, Axe Technique <4>.
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 2,850/3,000

Skill level
 Battleaxe] 1

 Best of Body 1
Skills Experience

 I've been able to see everyone's status for about a week now, so I've given it some thought.

 Furthermore, everyone can now see the grimoire, but it doesn't seem to have any effect beyond being able to see it. It seems that in exchange for the god making everyone's status visible, the grimoire is also visible to those who can see their status.

 First, as Allen had expected, not only summoners, but every profession has a basic skill, just like summoning skills. Allen calls these basic skills "occupational skills". For Krena it is "Swordsmanship" and for Cecil it is "Magic".

 Second, Cecil has gained skill experience, but his skill level has not increased. This is because the magic instructor said you have to go through an ordeal to learn powerful magic. I'm going to try to level up and see if my skill level goes up because of the possibility of level restrictions.

 And the reason why Krsna and Dogora haven't gained any skill experience is probably because playing knights doesn't consume magic. They were not in a skill environment.

 When you show the grimoire to Krsna and Dogora and tell them that Krsna has a skill called "slash", they seem to have an idea of what to expect. I want you to learn how to use the grimoire and use the skill names and images in your head. Also, we have a practical exercise in the afternoon at the school, so I want you to learn there as well.

"Cecil, the slime!

"I get it. Fireball!

 I'm considering this in my grimoire, but I haven't neglected to scout for magical beasts. I know there's a slime straight ahead, so I'll have Cecil attack it with magic.

'I killed a slime. You have gained 8 experience.


 Cecil got his first experience of defeating a hexenbiest.

Thank you, keep up the good work, please.

 The same way of talking to Cecil as Krsna and Dogora. Cecil is also accepting, so nothing has happened since the first day.

 Smoke comes out of the slime, which is half-destroyed by Cecil's magic. Then it disappears completely, leaving behind a small magical stone. As the staff of the Adventurer's Guild told me, there were no materials for the monsters, and only magic stones were left.

 I didn't have time to collect the magic stones, so I had the remaining magic stones brought to me by the summoned beast of Bird G.

I need to get some magic stones of rank E as well. I need the grass of life, you know?

 The magic stones are basically tied to Allen's. (I've got to go get the 10,000 D-ranked magic stones tomorrow.

(Tomorrow, I have to go to the Adventurer's Guild for the 10,000 D-ranked magic stones.

 Allen plans to obtain the magic recovery ring over the next three years. At the same time, he will raise his skill level with D-ranked magic stones.

 The number of magic stones of each rank
E2746 pieces
D6953 pieces
C9157 pieces
B54 pieces

 I had more than 20,000 D-ranked magic stones, but I spent a lot of them to make magic fruits. There are many useful D-rank summons, so I want to keep a certain number of them as insurance.

 There may be an opportunity to have a lot of summons in the long run.

 Allen now has about 200 gold coins.

 If I can recruit 20,000 more D-ranked magic stones from the Adventurer's Guild, I'll run out of money. I'm giving up my mining rights and refusing the 400 gold coins the viscount kindly offered me, so I have no money.

 It's going to take me a while to get a stable moneymaker. There's no money for an E-ranked magic stone.

 That's where you'll find C-ranked magic stones.

 What is the value of each magic stone?
E. No value
1 D silver coin
10 C silver coins
1 gold coin B
10 gold coins

 It increases by tenfold. The reason for this is that magical stones are used for magic tools. It seems that if you go up one rank, you can move your mages 10 times. B-ranked and A-ranked monsters are quite strong, but the price of the magical stones themselves depends on how well they can move their magic tools.

 Allen now has about nine thousand C-rank magic stones. I'm thinking of selling these stones by the thousand to recruit about 90,000 D-ranked magic stones for 9 weeks.

 I think I will need magical stones for C-ranked summons, but my priority is to raise the summoning level. In addition, if you sell C-rank and B-ranked magic stones on the market, it will prevent the price of D-ranked magic stones from rising. We cannot let the prices of D-ranked magic stones skyrocket.

 The stones will be bought and exchanged.

 And after a day of resting, we finally arrived at the room where the cube-shaped management system floats.

There it is, so I can go to the next level!

 Cecil looks happy. It's been more than 10 hours including a break, but she looks fine, as if she's recovered from her fatigue thanks to her regular level increases. As expected, the level of the level also increases 100 times higher than that of Hell Mode, so even an E-ranked monster will level up quickly and easily.

''I'm C328-01 in the hierarchy management system. Do you wish to return from the dungeon? Do you want to go to the next level?

"If I go to the next level, can I come back?

 Allen will answer the questions on behalf of the company.

There is a hierarchy management system C328-02 at the next level. You can return from the dungeon if you say so. If you don't go to the next level, you won't be able to enter the dungeon from the next two levels.

(Oh, if you move to the next level, you'll have a record and you can start from the beginning. That's helpful.

Then please skip to the next level first.

"Awe, sir.

 Then the atmosphere of the room changes a bit. It's like you've moved to the second level of a C-class dungeon.

Welcome. The hierarchy management system C328-02. Shall we continue with the dungeon attack? Do you want to return?

"Yes, the return, oh wait,

 Allen takes a piece of firewood out of storage. Carelessly place it on the ground. Then he summons a Bird G summoner and has it waiting in the room.

"What are you doing, Allen?

An experiment. Then let us come back from the dungeon.


 Dogora answers Dogora's question. Dogora stares at the firewood, wondering what it means.

Thank you.

 With that word, Allen and his friends are sent to a room with a door at the back. There is no cube-shaped object that calls itself a comprehensive dungeon system floating there.

Is this a dedicated exit room?

Yeah, I guess so.

 With that, leave the room. If you continue along the passage, you'll find yourself on the opposite side of the entrance. This is how Allen and his team's first dungeon attack was completed.