114 Episode 112 Dungeon ①

 After the briefing at the school on the first day, all the grades were gathered in the auditorium-like building for the entrance ceremony. You don't usually meet the second and third year students.

 The uniforms of the second and third year students are slightly different. The design of the uniforms seems to change a little every year.

 The school is quite large, with several large buildings, auditoriums and squares. I wonder if there are more than one cafeteria because you hardly see each other in the cafeteria.

 The brave man and the dean, I haven't seen them since. They said something about the Spirit King and so on, but I don't know what they're talking about at the moment.

 If there's anything to take away from the appraisal, it's that the brave man was in normal mode.
 And there are almost no Hell Modes in this world. This is a world where, in Hell Mode, even an ability value of S is all E. The President's elves, who have lived for a thousand years, say they don't know. Moreover, the president hasn't changed since the founding of the school. He must have seen hundreds of thousands of students taking the entrance exam, and you might be able to tell that he's almost never seen one.

 Allen goes to the school and is prepared to tell you if he has something to do.

 The first year of school is general education, but there is a class on hexenbiest research. Now they are teaching about the ecology and activities of goblins and orcs. I think this class is unique to a different world. The instructor is eager to teach you how to defeat them, their weaknesses, and what to look out for.

 In the afternoon, what you do is divided by talent, but there is no class on summoner, which is Allen's talent. When I talked to my homeroom teacher, she said that there is no exam, so I should take the class at random. Apparently, I could do some research in the library, which was quite appropriate. I'm taking a suitable class such as sword or magic. I'm going to take a class at first.

 The school is four days long, and you have two days off. Two days off out of a six-day week, so it doesn't feel too crammed.

 After four days of school, on a holiday morning, Allen and the other four are in front of a dungeon.

 Today's challenge is a C-class dungeon. As E-rated adventurers, their adventurer's badges only allow them to enter a C-class dungeon.

 The dungeon in the distance looks like a large building, maybe three stories high in a previous life. The reason why you're watching from a distance is because there's a line of people standing in front of it. Right in front of you is a long line of adventurers wearing armor. Apparently it's crowded in the morning.

It's about three stories high. I've heard that C-class dungeons are about 4 to 6 levels, but the buildings are pretty low. (It's not even halfway up, is it still a dive type dungeon?

 While Krena was happily looking out the window of the mage ship and looking at this school town, Allen was checking to see how the dungeon exists. There are no buildings with 10 or 20 floors, so I'm assuming it's a dungeon that goes underground.

It's a dungeon!

"Oh, the dungeon!

 Standing in line, Krsna talks to Allen with a wink and a wink. Allen smiles and replies.

Why do you look so happy?


 Cecil tweaks. Dogora is still standing on the sidelines.

 After a long wait, it's your turn.

"You look like a student? Do you have an adventurer's card?

 All four of you show your adventurer's IDs, just as you were told by the person in charge of the dungeon. The equipment looks good, but you are told not to take it too far.

 This time, it cost me 200 gold coins to equip the three of you. Mithril's axe and greatsword will cost me 100 gold this time. And Cecil, the Ancient Tree Wand, and the armor for the three of them. The gold is dwindling fast. Now there are only about 200 gold coins left.

 Crenna seems to like the big swords.

"It's my first dungeon today. Do I go in here?

Oh, I see. Is this your first time. So you ask a lot of questions. Here, let's go to room 205.

"Yes, yes. Okay.

(Question? Room 205? You said something about an apartment. (You thought you were in a dungeon, but you ended up in an apartment?

 Allen asked a lot of questions in the Adventurer's Guild about the difficulty and the items available, etc. He thought that once he had the equipment and knew some of the strength of the magical beasts, he would be able to handle the rest, but he realized that there was still a lot he didn't know.

 There are several groups of adventurers carrying carts. There seems to be a ramp to the upper levels as well. Other than weapons and armor, I only brought what goes into the storage skill. The storage room contains a large amount of mages of light, food, and camp sets.

 There are several large doors on the first floor, but the second floor is also lined with doors at equal intervals along the corridor, as if there are several rooms.

 Open the large door labeled room 205. A big adventurer or cart could fit in there as well, if it's of the right caliber.

 When you open the door of the room, the first thing you see is a Rubik's Cube floating in the air. There's a cube about a meter or so on each side floating in the air. It moves like a Rubik's cube, blinking in various colors such as red, blue, and yellow.

"Please close the door when you are inside.

""It spoke!"

 Everyone was surprised as a floating Rubik's Cube spoke to them in midair. Close the door as you are told and gather in front of the floating cube in the center of the room.

"Show me your adventurer's card, please.

 Despite Allen and the others' surprise, the conversation continues, sounding like a mechanical sound, like an old cartoon robot talking. The conversation is cut off in places, but it doesn't seem to be a person talking.

 For now, being surprised doesn't help you move forward, so Allen and his friends show their adventurer's certificates to this unfamiliar thing.

You must be adventurer rank E. Allen, Krena, who is also E, Cecil, who is also E, and Dogora, who is also E?


Welcome to C-level dungeons. I am managing this dungeon, C205, a dungeon integrated operations management system.

(Hoho, you mean the system that manages the dungeon is visible visually? I don't know how they do it, but it's pretty elaborate.

"Excuse me, this room seems to be a dead end, can I get to the dungeon from here?

That's right. I will take you to a dungeon in another dimension.

"Another dimension? Does that mean the mackerel is different?

(Sounds like an instance dungeon. Here comes another mackerel)

 The internet game Allen was playing often had dungeons that were created for each party, called instance dungeons. From what I've heard, it's very similar in style to those dungeons.

 A mackerel is a server. The difference in dimensions is what I associate with the fact that when Allen was playing games in his previous life, the servers often differed depending on the location in the game. Different servers in towns, fields, and dungeons were often used to reduce server load due to congestion.

I recall that the instance dungeons were all on different servers with segregated spaces.

'Mackerel, sir? I'm sorry, I didn't understand'

"No, I understand the other dimension. I want to go to the dungeon and I want you to skip it.

"Yes, sir. I see from your adventurer's card that this is your first dungeon. May I tell you about the dungeon?

(Hmm? There's more to say. (We have friends, so let's hear it.)

 Allen rather preferred to learn by doing than to be thoroughly explained. If you didn't understand what you were doing, you could look it up online. But this time, you have some friends and you want to reduce your own risk.

 I'm going to have a serious conversation with C205.

"Can you explain?

 Krsna watches excitedly as Allen and C205 talk to each other. You're wondering how Cecil is able to have a conversation without a care in the world.

"Depending on the adventurer's party and the room number you enter, you'll be transported to a different dimension. No other adventurers will come, so please be prepared for no help.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! It's a completely different mackerel!

"Hey, what! From earlier!

"Cecil don't you see! I'm telling you, the mackerel is wrong!

(You can take out all the summonses you want!

"Allen has gone crazy . It seems like the original: ......

 Cecil is stunned by Allen's reaction.

 Then, just to be sure, he asks this and that about how to return, traps, how to get to another level, dungeon attack conditions, and other important points.

 It seems that the dungeon bosses are C-ranked monsters in C-class dungeons. Other than the boss, E and D rank monsters will appear.

 Now that you've heard the story, I'm going to ask you to skip to the first level of a C-class dungeon.

Well then, good luck!

 That said, the view changes from room 205. The room is still small, and C205 is floating nearby, but the front is open, giving way.

 Allen and the others all look around.

"Did we get into the dungeon?

"Looks like it.

 Dogora answers Crenna's question.

"Okay, it's like a dungeon level. Let's go, everyone.

 Everyone nodded and Allen and his friends were going into the dungeon.