113 Episode 111 Class

 Allen and his team have found a base of operations in the academy city. Since the academy starts the next day, we talked about their plans for the future.

 I asked the viscount to check out the academy, and he told me that there will be four days of classes and two days off.

 Based on this, I told him that on the way back from school, I'm going to stock up on daily necessities, buy weapons and armor, and go to the dungeon on the weekend. Basically, two weekends are for dungeons.

 Allen has decided to pay for everyone's armor and weapons. We'll take care of the initial investment, but I heard that better weapons and armor can be found in the dungeons, so we'll update our equipment in the dungeons.

 And we need a lot of magic stones for our own growth. I asked them to let me use the money earned from the dungeon to pay for the stones when I can afford to live in the base, and they said of course.

 I will pay the rent of the base and invest in weapons and armor upfront. They seemed to take it for granted when I asked them about their future goals.

 Allen thinks that a month or two in the dungeon will give them some breathing room.

 Allen and the other four arrived at the school at the time they were told when they were accepted. Look at the numbered list in front of the school building where the numbers for the appraisal are written, and go to your assigned classroom.

(I think there are about 3,000 people who have passed the test.)

 There are 20,000 people taking this exam, and only about 3,000 have passed it. In my past life, that's a good ratio for a college entrance exam. There are 100 classrooms of 30 students in this one class.

If you drop a lot. Well, a commoner with talent is not obligated to serve in the military, and the League of Five Continents is not completely monolithic).

 The members of the Five Continents Alliance are not completely monolithic. The situation differs from country to country and continent to continent.

 The countries that feel most threatened by the demon king's army are the central continent of Ghiamut Empire, the dwarf kingdom of Baukis Empire and the elven kingdom of Rosenheim, which are fighting directly against the demon king's army.

 With the survival of the nation at stake, they are fighting with all their might.

 However, there are quite a few countries that are not directly fighting the demon king's army on their borders, like the kingdom of Latash, which is on the same continent as the Gearmut Empire.

 And the two continents to the south have never been attacked by the demon king's army. Maybe this world isn't spherical, or they don't know how to attack the southern continent, or the Demon King's army has completely ignored the southern two continents so far.

 In this situation, it's difficult to expect all countries to have the same sense of crisis.

 It's against this backdrop that I'm being asked to join the battle with the Demon King's army. Countries with little sense of urgency have been reluctant to send their talents. That's right. Domestic monsters have been exacerbated by the Zauberuber king. They have to be defeated, and the dungeons produce magical stones and items that enrich the country. You don't want to have as many talents as possible.

 As a result, only princes and nobles will participate. At the meeting of the Confederation of Five Continents, the claims of the two southern continents, along with the claims of countries other than the central continent's allies, were strongly asserted. It was said that defending the country was essentially the duty of the royalty and aristocracy.

 Whether to send tens of thousands of talented men, including commoners, to the battlefield, or only a few hundred of the royalty and aristocracy, the answer will be determined. Of course, a few hundred commoners is not an option. This defeats the purpose of reducing the number of participants.

(I think it's about 10 percent of 3,000. (I think it's about 10% of 3000 people.)

 Every year, out of about 3,000 first-year students, about 300 seem to be royalty and aristocracy. I wonder if a few people in this class of 30 are also nobility.

 When Allen is sitting in his seat thinking about the Five Continents Alliance, they are not late, and they all take their seats voluntarily. Some are from the same hometown, or they are chatting amiably together. Some are sitting alone, sleepily. Everyone is waiting for the class to start.

 Then a man in a uniform, who appears to be a teacher from the academy, enters the room. He's a man over 40 with a crew cut and horns. He doesn't look like a hard man. His muscles are too big, and I suspect his uniform is one size too small.

Hey, there's everybody.

 Standing in front of the teaching table at the front of the classroom, he looks around at the whole classroom and speaks out.

My name is Karlovac, and I will be your homeroom teacher for the next three years. I'm going to introduce myself.

 The homeroom teacher speaks up alone. One who listens intently. Some listen in a daze. I listen in various ways, but perhaps because of the impact of my appearance, everyone is silent.

"I'm usually the head of the adventurers' guild in the capital. Your talent is a swordsman. I'm an A when I was an adventurer. I heard that the swordsman is coming to the school this year. That's why I was nominated.

 Scratching his head, he says, "I'm going to give up and talk to you. It seems that I'm going to be loaned by the Adventurer's Guild to be the homeroom teacher for Krsna for three years.

So there's such a thing as a dispatch from the Adventurer's Guild. The Adventurer's Guild seems to be independent of the kingdom, but what about the League of Five Continents? I wonder how well it works with the League of Five Continents.

 I remember that he was very attentive to my application for the adventurer's certificate.

I'll be in charge of teaching this class, but I'll also be in charge of teaching the sword, so if you're a swordsman or anyone else who is talented with a sword, I'll be the instructor.

 As it is, we start talking about what you will learn this year at the school. I wonder if we're just going to listen to our homeroom teacher today.

 First-year students study general education in the morning. In the afternoon they train for each talent. A swordsman trains with the sword and a spearman with the spear. There is an instructor for each talent who will guide you. He starts to give out parchments to all the students, because the meeting place is marked for each talent.

Oh, yes. In July and February. Because you have a culture test in July and February. You fail the test with a score below 40. Study hard. "Oh, Allen.



I heard you got the highest score of all time.


 Allen is sitting in the back, and the class is looking at him.

"So don't study by yourself. If you all want to graduate together, you should help your friends study too.

 For some reason, only Allen is here to remind me.

(This is about Krsna, right? I'm sorry, I thought you passed the test with your clogs on.

 Crenna is watching from her seat beside me with a wow-factor look at Allen. I don't think he understands.

Okay, yes. Sir, I understand.

...... Oh, and . As you know, this classroom includes serfs and commoners as well as noblemen. You may come in all walks of life, but you are still students of the school. That's why you don't need to call each other by your titles. Just get along.

 Allen's use of language reminded the homeroom teacher of something.

 He tells you not to call each other "sama" or "like". She also says that any unnecessary hierarchy outside of the instructor and students will be subject to reprimand.

 Royalty or serfdom doesn't matter, he says. They say there is no need for serfs and commoners to be overly arrogant in conversation.

 The students who have been listening quietly begin to wonder if it's true.

 Seated behind Allen is Cecil. Allen turns his body to the front and speaks to Cecil.

"Cecil, from now on, you won't have to call me by my title.


 When Allen spoke to her with his full "I'll call you Cecil from now on," feeling, Cecil froze.

"Hmm? What's going on? Cecil

What's going on? Cecil

 Allen and Crenna spoke to Cecil's condition. It was then that I called out to them over and over again.


Oh, Allen. How can you use such language without hesitation? What do you usually think of me?

 Cecil sat up and, using his arms firmly, delivered a bare choke to Allen's neck. A so-called choke sleeper.

What? The "Go

Is this what you were learning to do in the house for self-defense? That was nice of you to show up so quickly. It's so annoying. I mean, durability, work harder. You're not supposed to have that kind of power.

 The level is increasing and the endurance is also increasing, but for some reason I feel like it's not working as well on a daily basis. Even if the attack power is increased too much, I felt that it is adjusted so that it does not interfere with daily life. Your endurance also feels like it's being adjusted.

Say it. What did Allen call me in his mind? Is it still Cecil?

 Cecil whispers in a voice just thin enough for Allen to hear. If you get the answer wrong here, you'll be in trouble.

"Of course, of course, Uncle Cecil. There's no other way.

 I've always thought of you as Miss Cecil. Even though I'm the school's retainer, it's still painful, you say, and you make a desperate excuse. I can barely speak due to my throat being strangled.

Oh, come on. I didn't ask you to be so friendly: ......

 Seeing the condition of Allen and Cecil, the homeroom teacher muttered to himself with a disgusted face.