112 Episode 110 Base

 Allen and the other four came to the real estate guild the day after they registered as adventurers and registered their party at the Adventurers Guild.

Welcome, how can we help you today?

(Hmmm, came in with four 12 year olds, but not a blowout stick. (Is this what the whole city is like?)

 I feel a service-mindedness that was almost absent in the village of Krena.

 As yesterday, I was shown to a low counter seat, where one of the Real Estate Guild employees was available to help me.

"So, what kind of property would you like to buy?

We need a house that can accommodate five or six people. It should be close to several dungeons, with a magic train and easy access to the school.

 Allen asks for a favor, as if it were a property near the station and a convenience store.

I see.

 A staff member takes notes on parchment and flips through a kind of booklet that records the property to see if there are any properties in the condition.

You got through on the magic train. I'm not sure if this is the right way to call it.

 After returning from the Adventurer's Guild, we've talked about the terms of the rental property. I asked if there was any problem with four men and four women living under the same roof again, just to be sure, but there didn't seem to be a problem. I lived in the same building with Cecil for four years, and I slept in the same room with Crenna.

 Dogora just said, "I see. He doesn't seem to have any basic objection to Allen's methods.

"I suppose the dungeon is still near the C level?

It would be nice to have C-class nearby, but it would also be nice to have B-class and A-class nearby.

 The staff determined that the students would be attending the school this year and thought they would be going to a C-class dungeon, but were told that a B-class or A-class dungeon would be better.

 The booklet is further rolled up with the current conditions.

Hmmm, that would be a property on a main street with several densely packed dungeons.

(Mmmmmm, I like that one.)

That's not a good idea.

 Cecil agrees.

"It's just that those properties are a little big,

 The staff will briefly explain to you. Many adventurers' parties of 20 or even 50 people are required to conquer such difficult dungeons.

(A dungeon can hold as many as 50 people.)

 So, properties near difficult dungeons will inevitably be larger. They say there are no properties that can accommodate five or six people.

It doesn't matter if it's a little bigger. You'll have to look for something else first.

Then this is a rather small, 20-person building.

Maybe. Do you want to take a look at it? We don't want a drunken adventurer running amok in a battered house.

 I told the three of them that it is possible to preview the property, so I told them to check it out first, and they agreed to do so. I take the magic train with the staff and head to the property you are looking for.

This way, please. How about this one?

It's nice to be close to the station. Where is the dungeon?

"The dungeons are as shown on the map we showed you earlier, walking in that direction and in that direction.

 Explain the appearance and location of the building. As Allen listens, he checks the distance of the actual dungeon by flying the bird E's summoner.

(The adventurer gets sucked in, but is that building, about three stories high, a dungeon? It's nice to be close to the station and dungeon on foot . (There are also a lot of restaurants)

 None of the four of them, including Allen, can cook. When Allen was in the village of Krsna, he helped to cook for them, but his expertise in boiling and mashing is not really cooking.
 When I was a servant, the only thing my head chef taught me was how to cut down a hexenbiest.
 If possible, I would have eaten everything out, but as there are many adventurers in the area, there are many food stalls and restaurants near the station.

(Well, a gamer who cooks for himself is not a gamer. I don't have time for that.)

 With that in mind, you go through a solid gate and enter a large three-story building with a garden.

This property can accommodate 10 people on each of the second and third floors.

 A staff member explains the building to you.
 On the first floor there is a multipurpose room, which is mainly used for eating together, a reception room, two bathrooms, and two toilets. The city is equipped with a sewage system, and the toilets are flushed by inserting a magic stone into the tool. The bathrooms are also hot with magic tools.

 The basement floor is an armory where you can store items you've acquired in dungeons.

Is this 10 gold coins a month?


(Hmmm, I don't know how much a gold coin is worth in a previous life, but if a gold coin is 100,000 yen a month, the property is worth a million yen a month in rent.

What about you guys? I don't think that's a problem.

 Apparently, there is no reason to object. He has a look on his face as if Dogora is too expensive, but he doesn't say anything.

 Then I'll go back to the real estate guild, sign a contract, and rent a key to live in the same day. I've given you 120 gold coins for one year.

 And so it's evening. I'll buy dinner and the bare necessities, and I'll leave the rest for tomorrow.

 I'll use the first-floor multipurpose room as a dining room, and we'll eat the food we've all bought.

Now that we have a base, I think we should talk about the future.

 Allen says so and looks at Cecil. Cecil nods.

"In the future?

Yeah, about the next three years. Me and Cecil have a goal. I want to share some information with you about it. Just hear me out over dinner.

 Then Allen spoke up. We spent nearly an hour slowly talking about the war against the demon king that is happening in this world and what the academy is for, which was taught by the magic instructor.

Cecil, as a nobleman's duty, must go to that battle after three years. And so does Crenna.

"Me too?

 The history of the demon king will be taught after the summer break of the sophomore year. It seems to be a policy to teach it only to students who have cleared the freshman and sophomore assignments. Students who fail the assignment do not need to be taught, so I have a minimum of information control.
 The House of Lords in the capital is also taught in the second year. Since there are no flunking out of the House of Lords, as a nobleman, you'll learn about the service of the demon king and his nobles.

 Also, it is not possible for a nobleman to transfer to the House of Lords after failing school. The talented noblemen who fail are all disqualified from being nobles.

Does this mean that Aren will go into battle to protect Master Cecil?

 Dogora seems to understand the story and asks about the future of Allen. Cecil nodded, with a look that said that's what's going to happen.

No, that's not it.

"Huh? Why not?!

 The expression on your face changes at once, as if you didn't expect Allen to tell you differently.

I'm planning to fight with Cecil-sama and destroy the demon king's army. After that, I'm going to defeat the demon king as well.


Yes, I'm going to take it down. Isn't that right, Krena? Let's fight the Demon King's Army together.


 Crenna smiles and agrees with me. She seems to think that's just like Allen.

 Cecil is surprised to hear that he was assigned to destroy the demon king's army. But there's a part of me that agrees with that idea. I won't say anything else to you.

"What about Dogora?


"Do you want to fight with me against the demon king's army and be a hero? Or do you want to be a knight in shining armor for some nobleman?

"Hero or knight?

"Honestly, I'm talking about this lightly, but I think it's going to be a pretty tough fight. You'll have to make up your own mind.

 I'll add that you can go to school with me for 3 years without choosing to go to war.

Oh, I'm going with you. I see, so it was my little dream to be a knight.

 Dogora replied with a smile.

"What do we do now?

"We have a few things to do, and we're all going to have to go through the dungeon together and go through the trials and tribulations and get equipped.

 To Crenna's question, explain your plans for the next three years.

'I certainly do,'

And I'd like to have a companion. But I'm looking for a monk.

"'Companions? A monk?

 The voices of Crenna and Cecil match. Allen thinks that this party needs someone who specializes in recovery.
 You can use grass summons to recover, but it also consumes magic stones, and you need someone who specializes in recovery.

 Allen tells everyone that the academy will be looking for talented monks in the future.

You're looking for a ring or a large quantity of magic stones, what's that all about? There was a big book that came out or something,

Oh, about the Adventurer's Guild. Hey, I should explain this too. I'm a slow learner than most. That's why I almost failed a test last time.

(Okay, okay, I'll tell you this one while it's hot.)

"Slow growing?

 Allen talks about the ordeal of 100 people. He says that to get through the ordeal, he needs a lot of magic stones and magic recovery rings.

 Together, he explains about the grimoire that appeared in the Adventurers' Guild. It's a visual representation of Allen's talent.

"Wha! Eh! That's not possible. You can't do that for 100 people.

I see. That's why Allen was trying so hard.


 Cecil said it was impossible, and Krena convinced him. Krena's conviction surprised Allen. It seemed that Krenna had been watching him closely.

"So that's why you were going over all this stuff at the Adventurers' Guild, Allen?

That's it. So it's going to be a busy three years.

 Everyone seemed to understand that three years would fly by in a flash.

 Thus, with the same goal in mind, Allen and the others, who had secured their base of operations, would continue to work in the school with dungeons and activities.