111 Episode 109: Abandoned Gamer

"Can I still ask the question?

Do you?

 Some adventurer's guild employee sister is pulling out to see if there are more.

"Can you get magical stones for the magical beasts in the dungeon?

 In Allen's mind, the hexenbiest in the dungeon and the hexenbiest outside the city live by some other rule. Check to see if you can get a magical stone.

Of course. Oh, I didn't tell you this either, but you can only get magical stones.

"Only magic stones?

 In the dungeon, you can only get magic stones. When you defeat a hexenbiest, only the magic stone remains, not the corpse. They say it's different from outside the dungeon.

 There are only three things you can get in the dungeon: magical stones from defeated monsters, treasure chests that are sometimes found in the dungeon, and items that are rewarded by defeating the lowest-level boss in the dungeon.

 If you want to get more monsters, there are forests and mountains a few days' walk away from the academy city, so you can hunt them. I heard there are a lot of C- and B-ranked monsters in there.

(Okay, okay, I didn't expect to see only magical stones, but other than that I was right. I'll see you then.

I'm looking for a D-ranked magic stone. I'm looking for a D-ranked magic stone. Is there an upper limit for recruitment?

"Well, yeah, how long is it?

I'm thinking of at least two million.

"'What? Two million!

 The guild staff and Krsna and the other three are all surprised.

"That's how much we'll be recruiting eventually. We're thinking of recruiting about 10,000 pieces at a time. We have 100 gold coins, is it okay if we make the request together?

 With that, Allen put down the bag of 100 gold coins.

I'm sure it's no problem. There are plenty of magical stones in this school city. However, we don't know how much, but if a large number of them are recruited in a short period of time, it may take some time to accomplish your request.

I'll have to get up to 10,000. I'll have to get fired up for this one.

 D-ranked magic stones are 1 silver coin each, so 10,000 pieces will cost 100 gold coins. I was told it would cost me 10 gold coins for the commission. As you might expect, they don't accept requests for free. The fee seems to be 10% of the price of the request. And I'll give you an additional 10 gold coins.

How long do you think it will take to get 10,000 of them?

Well. If I refer to the Muggle Guild's request, I should be able to give you a week's time.

 It seems to be a vendor-by-vendor recruitment. Allen tried to do the same kind of recruiting in the city of Granvelle that we're talking about now.

 I went looking for magic restorers and D-rank magic stones, but I was told that 10,000 of them would be hard to get. Since Allen had hunted all the goblins by hunting ogres and goblins in the first place, magic stones were in short supply.
 Also, even if you tried to buy a potion to restore magic power, you were told that there was a limit to the number of medicinal herbs that could be used to make the potion, and that you couldn't even buy 100 of them. I couldn't buy medicines that adventurers and others buy recklessly.

 But this is a school town. There are 20 dungeons and a constant supply of magic stones. If there are people who want them, the number of people who will hunt for them may increase.

 And it turns out that the world is about to be destroyed by the demon king. Please forgive me if the supply of magic stones decreases a bit and they rise in price. I heard that there are tens of thousands of adventurers, so the price won't rise by tens of times, but in the short term, the price might increase by a few times. I'm going to do my best to mass recruit for about three years.

 Check the grimoire's notes

 To be confirmed by the Adventurers Guild
Existence and availability of magic recovery rings
Recruitment limits of D-rank magical stones

(Alright, we've done all we need to do for now. Now we just need to go to the dungeon and ask if there's anything we don't understand.

Do you have any more questions?

"It's all right. . no more.

Then, we will issue the adventurer's card.

 Finally, the question is over and you hand over your adventurer's card.

 Allen checks the adventurer's card he was given. On a board the size of a jet-black business card, his name and rank are written in silver lettering.

"Allen E.

(Hmmm, God is going to make do with all the grimoires and grading rituals as well, all in jet-black plates and silver letters. (Well, it's nice to have a sense of unity.)

"Certainly, sir. Is that the end of the procedure?

 Allen will make sure this is the end.

"There is one last thing. Are you four friends or is this a gathering of some sort?

Well, I'm from the same town. I'm from my hometown, so I think we'll continue to go into dungeons together.

Then will you register for the party?

(Hmm? Come to think of it, there was one of those. (Or maybe I should sign up for a party.)

 Raven told me about an adventurer's group called a party of fellow adventurers. I've heard that if you have a party, your credibility will increase and you'll be more likely to receive requests for appointment. I'm not going to take any requests, but I think I'll make one.

"Cecil, shall we make a party for you? Do you have a name for the party?

"Huh? Hmmm.

 Suddenly dumped, Cecil thinks. Suddenly rejected, but he seems to think about it.

I don't think so. You need to let Allen decide.

 Crenna and Dogora nodded.

"So, I'd like to make 'Obsolete Gamer'

""Abandoned gamers?"

"What do you mean, Allen?

"To be a cripple is to master the path one has to follow. It is a title that can be claimed by those who have risked everything to reach it.

Wow, that makes a lot of sense. It's nice.

Obsolete gamer. So I can be a demon king or a demon stone. I almost lost sight of something important, like being a demon king or a demon stone.

 Allen found himself saying it out loud.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he was an avid gamer but not a junkie. For 27 or 8 years, since he was 7 or 8 years old, he had been immersed in games, went to school, and after graduating from college, he became a company employee.

 I played a lot of games, but I never became the best at them or the strongest in them.

 I was after all a clerk in a company. There is no way you can beat a cripple who has thrown everything into the game. There are many people in the game world who will charge ten times as much, even if they spend their meager bonuses.

 I was such a gamer that I would pack my game console into a carry-on bag when I stayed at a business hotel on business trips, so I was sometimes rumored to be a junkie on online forums. But his reputation in his previous life was top-tier, not top-tier.

 Now, Allen has chosen Hell Mode and works in a profession with only eight stars. Everything about living is a situation where you can aspire to be the strongest.

You want me to be the strongest? Can I aspire to be the strongest?

 It's been 12 years since his reincarnation in another world, and that was the moment when Allen first became aware of the strongest.

I'm sorry. The name of the party should be 'Abandoned Gamer,' please.

 The staff seems to be wondering if that's okay, so I say again.

"Okay, I understand. Now, here is the name of the party and the participants.

 The guild official hands you a parchment and asks you to fill it out.

 He fills it out smoothly and hands the parchment to you.

"Now, please wait a moment.

 The guild staff retreats to the back.

"Sorry, everyone. I'm sorry to have taken so long.

Okay, now that Allen has confirmed it, what are we going to do?

Well, it's getting pretty late today, so let's find a place for everyone to base themselves tomorrow.

"A stronghold?

 Dogora reacts to the sound of a base. Something about it tickles my adventurous spirit.

"Well, shouldn't we talk about the future when we have a place to live?

 Then look at Krsna and Dogora.

Well. We need to talk about the future.

(Well, I'll talk to Klarna and Dogora about the future when we get a place tomorrow. I don't want to leave them in a dungeon with no idea what's going on.

"From now on? Allen, you're going to do this.

"Yes. CRENA: "Yes. I have a goal for the next three years.

 I was about to tell everyone when we decided on a location.



 The grimoire of Allen appeared in front of the four of us.


 Allen checks the cover of the grimoire. There's something written in silver letters on the cover.

"Krsna is joining us.
Cécile Granvelle is now a mate
Dogora joins us.

"This book just appeared out of nowhere!

 Cecil says, looking at the grimoire.

(Yes, I can totally see the grimoire.) Thank you so much. Excuse me.

 Allen opens the grimoire without regard to the reactions of the three.

"Holy shit, that's it!

(The status of the three are listed! (Four months of praying was worth it!

 After the page of the grimoire's summons, the status of the three are listed as well as Allen's. I checked to see if there was any news coming from God, but apparently there is no news or anything. I'll check to see if there's any news from God, but it looks like there's no news or anything.

"Hey, is this from Allen? What the hell are you doing here all of a sudden?

 In Cecil's mind, Allen is a guy who can get you out of nothing.

"No, no, we'll talk about all this and more when things settle down.

 He calms everyone down by saying that he'll be explaining about the grimoire as well. After registering the party and requesting 10,000 D-ranked magic stones, tomorrow we will go out to find a base.