110 Episode 108: Adventurer Registration

 After confirming the school's acceptance announcement, Allen and his friends will take the grimoire train to the Adventurer's Guild.
 The train costs a silver coin no matter how many times you ride the train.

 When you look at the whole city when the grimoire ship arrives, it looks like a circular city. The grimoire train tracks run in a circle from east to west, north to south, north to south, and around the city. Traffic convenience seems to be good.

 I heard it was a college town, so I thought it was full of students, but that's not the case. Maybe it's because there are many dungeons or because we are heading to the adventurer's guild, but there are quite a few adventurers.

 You get off the grimoire train and go in front of a large five-story building.

It looks like this place.

 The Adventurer's Guild in the city of Granville also has a sword, staff and shield symbol. It's a big building, but you just walk in as usual.

Welcome. What can I do for you today?

 A pretty lady calls out to me as soon as she enters.

"I'm here to register as an adventurer.

From the looks of it, it looks like a student?

"Yes, I will be a student in April.

Do you have any exam numbers from when you passed?

 That being said, all four of us will show the tickets that were given to us at the appraisal ceremony. You are led to the second floor, where you are told that students are on the second floor. There is an attendant at the entrance on the second floor, and he asks you to wait for a while as it is full at the moment.

 There are quite a few other students besides Allen and the others. I thought I'd come straight after checking the results, but if there are so many students, they might be students who passed the exam on a different day. There are more than 10 counters, called low counters, with partitions where you can sit and listen to the conversation. It looks like a bank teller seen in a previous life.

 This is a sight not seen on the first floor, and they seem to favor the students quite a bit. I wonder if the Adventurer's Guild is also cooperating with the university city.

 After a while, your turn comes, and you sit at the counter at the number given by the usher. Allen and Cecil are sitting in front of you, and Krsna and Dogora are sitting behind you.

 The lady at the counter brings you four crystals.

"We'll be issuing adventurer's certificates. First, I want each of you to place your hand on this crystal.

 Place your hand on each of the four crystals for the number of people as you are told. I don't know what the crystals responded to, but they glowed faintly.

(So is the appraisal, but it's basically a crystal. Who's making these?

See also.

 You are then given a parchment to write your name, hometown, talents, etc. When you have written all four, take the crystal and parchment and go behind the counter.

Please wait a moment. In the meantime, let me tell you about the adventurers.

 A pretty lady tells you about the adventurer. You itemize the explanations and record them in a grimoire.

The adventurers are managed by the Adventurers' Guild.
An organization independent of the kingdom
There are ranks for adventurers, starting with E and ending with S
All adventurers start with E rank
An adventurer is a person who takes requests and is paid for them
There are three types of requests: normal requests, emergency requests, and nomination requests.
Emergency and nomination requests can be received by becoming a C-rank adventurer.

(That's just what Raven said around here.)

 I met Raven when I was eight years old and I think I have some understanding of adventurers. Some of it is new to me, but it doesn't matter now.

That'll be all. Do you have any questions?

"I have a lot of questions, is your time OK?

"Of course. Being an adventurer is a dangerous job. Ask me anything you want.

 I'm told to ask rather a lot of questions.

I guess I can go to the dungeon if I become an adventurer, is there any kind of condition?

"There are a few requirements to enter the dungeon. You are all E rated adventurers, so you can only enter C level dungeons.

"Is it a C-class dungeon. Tell me what it's like, tell me about the dungeon.

 The lady at the counter will tell you about the dungeons.
There are 20 dungeons in the city.
10 C-class dungeons, 6 B-class dungeons and 4 A-class dungeons.
The dungeons are divided into three levels of difficulty
C-class dungeons are the least difficult and contain EDC-ranked monsters.
B-class dungeons are of moderate difficulty and contain DCB-ranked magical beasts.
A-class dungeons are the most difficult and contain CBA-ranked magical beasts.

How can I get rid of my dungeon entry restrictions?

 Officials will tell you the conditions for opening the dungeon entry restriction.

You must be a C-ranked adventurer or higher to enter a B-class dungeon.
You must be a B-ranked adventurer or higher to enter an A-class dungeon.
Conquer a C-class dungeon and you get a D adventurer rank.
Conquer three C-class dungeons and get a C adventurer rank.
Conquer three B-class dungeons and you will get a B adventurer rank.
Conquer three A-class dungeons and you will receive an adventurer rank of A

 Bullet points in the grimoire.

(Okay, well, here's the thing.)

I've heard that the dungeon yields valuable items. What form does it take?

 Allen has a big goal to accomplish in his three years in the school city.

 That is to find the Magic Restoration Ring.

 The reason for this is that I want to do something about raising the level of my skills, which I'm still struggling to do. I still want to raise your skill level before the battlefield three years from now. To do so, it depends on how much magic you can recover.

 I learned about the magic recovery ring when Aren also fell asleep when Cecil was kidnapped. I went to the mage shop to see if there was some kind of protective gear that wasn't affected by the sleeping potion. They don't carry such things there. I was told to go to a magician's shop.

 I went to the magic shop where I was told that there was such a store, and they did indeed have items that completely prevent you from sleeping. It's an accessory in the shape of a ring that prevents you from sleeping, and it's called a "sleep defense ring. But he says such a valuable item is not available.

 Not only are they hard to find and few in number to begin with, they are bought by royalty and aristocrats and the wealthy who want to protect themselves, so they can't be found in a barony like this. I've been told that I need to go to the royal capital or the school town to get it.

 A complete sleep defense ring is said to cost about 100 gold coins at the market price.

 And I asked if there was an item that could restore magic along with it.

 He said he had never heard of such a thing, but he had heard that there was a ring that could heal your wounds just by wearing it. It's a "recovery ring". I've heard that it was found in Gakuen City a long time ago. I'm not sure if it's hazy or not, but I was told that even if it existed, you wouldn't be able to get it for a thousand gold coins.

 Allen thinks that if there is a strength recovery ring, then there must be a magic recovery ring as well.

 When I asked him how to get those rings, he said that you can get them in dungeons sometimes.

You can get them in dungeons. This is how you can get items like this.

The dungeon has a treasure chest.
Each dungeon has a boss at the bottom of the dungeon, which you can defeat to get items.

Is it the lowest level. What is the hierarchy of each dungeon? Also, tell me how long it will take to move forward without hesitation.

"The lowest level depends on the difficulty of the dungeon,

C-class dungeons have 4 to 6 tiers
B-class dungeons have 10 to 12 tiers
Class A dungeons have 15 to 20 tiers
Travel time for one level of a C-class dungeon is about 6 hours
B-class dungeons, about 12 hours of travel time on one level
A-class dungeons with a travel time of about 24 hours

(Hmmm, even the lowest level of difficulty, Class C, takes 6 hours.

The dungeon is quite large. Is it true that a strength recovery ring was found in the school town?

You've done a lot of research. It's true that the energy recovery ring was found in a dungeon. It's said to have been dropped by the lowest level boss in a Class A dungeon some 70 years ago.

(Gee, 70 years ago, this was before the Demon King strengthened his Hexenbiest. About the difference in difficulty between now and then. But oh no! Just the word "hard to find items in dungeons" is enough to get me excited.

 By the King of Demons, a hexenbiest has gained one strength above its rank. The old A-class dungeons are different from the current A-class dungeons in terms of difficulty.

 The lowest bosses in A-class dungeons are A-ranked monsters. It looks pretty tough for us now. Items that you might not be able to get might be obtained under pretty impossible circumstances. That alone will make me believe that coming to Gakuen City is worth it.

"I still have a question, if that's okay?

"Too, of course.

 There is already an adventurer's card in front of the staff, but Allen's questions don't seem to end there.

Cecil and the others had heard the day before that they had something to check with the Adventurer's Guild, but they had a lot of questions. They listened silently to Allen asking serious questions and the Adventurer's Guild staff at the counter.