109 Episode 107: Examination ②

Okay, now we can do some analysis. I don't know why there was a brave man hanging around the exam room, but this could be a good start.

 Allen goes to the battlefield in three years. How strong will you be on that battlefield? I want to know what the value of a brave man who has restored the borders of the empire in five years will be.

 When the brave man evaluates the crystal, it's not as strong as Aren's, but it emits a very strong light.

 Name] Helmios
 Physical strength] S
 Magic] A
 Attack Power] S
 Endurance] S
 Quickness] S
 Intelligence] A
 Fortune A
 Brave man

(Hmmm...there are only A and S.) It's more of a physics type. (Just as I imagined.)

 As you analyze your abilities, don't forget to record them in the grimoire.

I've shown you. Show me your summoner skills.


 Furthermore, because of the situation, both the students and the examiners are watching the exchange between the brave man and Allen.
The president is there, and while everyone is paying attention, Allen thrusts his palm in front of the brave man.

 While everyone is staring at him.

(Get out the choroske)

 In the palm of Allen's hand, the summoned beast H summoned by a rat-looking beast appeared .


 Helmios, Rector, Krena and Dogora look at the summons like they're looking in. It's the first time Krena and Dogora have also seen Allen's summons. I wonder if it's just my imagination why Cecil is so proud of them.

 And now we're letting the rat out of our hands, and I can hear people saying, "We've got the beast out of the middle of nowhere.

"We got the beast out of the middle of nowhere. That's why you're a summoner.

(The word "summoning" itself exists in this other world, too. That's right.

 Hermios analyzes the summons from Allen, looking at it.

"So this is one to follow. Well, it does resemble a Hexenbiest, doesn't it? It should have been destroyed by the demon king. Is the beast from the summoner different?

 The dean also seems to be analyzing Allen's skills. He's mumbling while looking at a rat.

(What? (You said the Hexenbiest was destroyed by the Hexenbiest King.

 I had heard from the adventurer Raven that there are no demon hunter in this world, but I wonder if there used to be.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have shown my abilities as promised.

 I am aware that the only condition for passing the appraisal was to show your abilities.

 Without waiting for the deans' replies, the examiner gives you a ticket and you head for the building with the summoned beast of Beast H. Everyone follows as Allen begins to move. Neither Helmios nor the dean seems to have anything more to say.

"You almost failed the exam!

Well, in its own time.

(And even if you fail the test, you can still go to the battlefield.

 Apparently there are several ways to get to the battlefield. I looked them up in case you fail in school.

The first is to graduate from the academy and go straight to the battlefield.
Second, volunteer to go to the battlefield
Third, follow the nobles to the battlefield
Fourth, go to the battlefield as a sentence for committing a crime

 First, I'm taking an entrance exam now.

 As for the second, it seems that you can apply for admission regardless of your talent. However, since information is controlled within the kingdom, no one will raise their hand. Basically, the people of the empire who have trouble making ends meet will raise their hands. If you don't have talent, you won't participate in the battle, but there are plenty of work opportunities such as carrying supplies, cooking and medicine.

 Third, it is common for a serving nobleman to not go alone, but to take his subordinates with him. The kingdom approves. Many noblemen do not take Mihai, but do take their attendants with them. Some of them may want to be saved and take ten or more servants with them. Allen thinks this will be the option if you fail the examinations. If you have the talent, you can be an adventurer or a mercenary as well as a squire.

 Fourthly, if a particularly talented person commits a crime, he can get rid of his sentence in exchange for time served in the army. Depending on the severity of the crime, the sentence can be one, three, or five years, and 70 percent of those who serve for five years will still die during their service. After five years, you're close to the death penalty, but if you survive, you get off scot-free.

 Allen and the other four hand each of you a ticket and head to the exam room.

It looks like a school building. The classroom looks more like a primary and secondary school classroom than a college auditorium. Well, I'm 12 years old.

 From the corridor of the building you can see the classroom. You're going to aim for the classroom you were told by the building's receptionist. Although Cecil is a nobleman, Allen is becoming the leader as he takes the magic train and enters the building without any hesitation.

 You will be sitting in the classroom with the four of you. You will have to wait a little longer to take the exam in the classroom. When this classroom of about 30 people is full, the test will begin.

 Soon after, the classroom is filled with 30 students and the departmental examinations begin.

 You have to solve the arithmetic, Japanese, and history exams.

(Hmmm, this is pretty hard. Huh? (What year did this happen?)

 Open the grimoire and check your notes. There is a mixture of rather difficult and easy questions.

(Is the perfect score not easy to get?) I think the difficulty level is about 60% if you study. (Is it not easy to get a perfect score?) If you study hard, you should be able to solve about 60% of the problems.

 It reminds me of a college entrance exam in a previous life, and I'm going through the test.

 When you finish the academic test, you will be told that this is the last one and you will be given a piece of parchment. This is just like a test.  Unlike the previous questions, there are only a few lines of questions. Try to read the questions with a lot of margins.

 Question 1Q
 There are three goblins and an orc. If you were a swordsman, which one would you kill first?

 Question 1A (Allen's answer)
 Kill the three goblins first. Then, in a one-on-one situation, take down the orcs.
 Because in a situation where you are surrounded by four goblins, the chances of being attacked are much higher. You will waste your strength and medicines. Start with the easiest one to kill, the goblin.

 Question 2Q
 An orc is about to attack a monk and a villager. Who would you protect if you were a swordsman?

 Question 2A (Allen's Answer)
 Protecting the villagers.
 As a reason, I don't know how long the monk will be able to withstand an orc attack, but I assume that, unlike the villagers, he will not die from two or three blows. If that is the case, then perhaps you can protect the villagers who would be killed by a single attack, and the monk can withstand the orc attack while recovering himself. That way, you can save both the monk and the villager.
 However, if the villagers are too far away to help, or if the monk has no armor and is in danger at any moment, the one in more danger, or the one who can help, will be the one to help rather than the other.

(What is this, an essay-type thing, perhaps? (Does this mean that you need to have a minimum of consideration, ethics, and also a minimum of knowledge about the ranks of magical beasts?

 Think about why Allen would pose such a problem. This world has a level and a status called intelligence.
 So as your intellect improves, you will remember things better. But an increase in intelligence does not make you a better thinker. It doesn't make your mind pure and right. I suppose it's a test of your knowledge of and ability to judge hexenbiests. I wonder if this is to keep people with obvious moral problems from entering the school.

 I think I've seen the motive for establishing the school, which is to train students to prepare for the battle against the Demon King's army.

 There are about three similar questions left, and you have to answer all of them before you can finish.

 The exam is over, and the examiner tells you that your answers will be posted in front of this building at noon tomorrow.

 Soon it will be dark, so you will find a hotel and stay the night.

 And the next day at noon.

(I thought the answer result would be available pretty quickly, but there is no detailed score. I think the grade of "C" or better is acceptable. I thought it was quite difficult, but I guess I got an S.

 Dogora B grade
 Cecil A grade
 Crenna C. Passed
 Allen S, pass

(Hey, hey, Crenna, aren't you on the edge. You don't let her get her clogs because she's a swordsman, do you?

 If you get a B or better, the Granvels will pay part of the exam and tuition fees. The procedure is complicated, so we don't make such a request.

 The examination fee is one gold coin. The annual tuition fee is 10 gold coins. The minimum fee for graduation is 31 gold coins. I wonder if the noblemen of the respective fiefdoms will bear the cost of the best people, even if they are serfs.

If you have passed the test, please gather in front of the building.

 A flock of successful candidates gather around.

 They head toward the one you called and are briefed on how to enroll.

 Apparently, you will be provided with a uniform. After the explanation, you will be asked to bring back a uniform that fits your measurements.
 Also, you must decide now whether you will live in the dormitory or go to school.
 And you must obtain your adventurer's license before entering the school.

Allen, do you live in the dorm?

 Crenna asks what we're going to do. Cecil doesn't seem to mind, even though Cecil is a nobleman. Allen's behavior over the past few days has solidified the perception that he is the leader of the four of us. The Viscount also told Allen to take care of everyone.

 While Cecil is also waiting for Allen's answer.

No, let's rent a house to live somewhere else and we'll all live there.

"Okay. So, you're going to the real estate guild now?

 Cecil agrees with Allen's answer and says let's go find a place to rent.

No, I'll go get my adventurer's license first. We'll look for a place later.

 First, Allen says that they should go get the adventurer's certificate. Thus, Allen and the other four passed the school's exam and headed for the Adventurer's Guild.