108 Episode 106: Examination ①

"Hey! Why is Allen rejected?

"Allen, are you rejected?

 Allen is handed a failing grade by the examiner, and voices emerge from Cecil and Crenna. Dogora is staring at the words on the board.

Everyone, good luck on your exams, because it looks like I didn't pass. Shall we decide where to meet after the exam?

"Hey! What's going on?

 It's so plainly stated that you get a comment from Cecil.

(Well, if you can't attend the school, you have things to do if you can't.)

 Allen is willing to fail the test. I knew it would be marked E for all abilities, and I was afraid I wouldn't pass. In this situation, the letter of approval from the viscount is not going to help you.

(Nevertheless, it's valuable information to drop a low ability value even if you have talent.

 Not all E's and Allen had seen one in three or so students in line and had seen one in three or so candidates being handed a fail on the spot.

 Why is that? The question naturally arises, "Isn't talent enough? It is not enough to have a talent.

 I wonder if the following can be determined by each ability value of status
Even if you are talented, there are differences in ability values, and your ability after growth will be different.
The ability value will tell you how strong you will be when you grow up.

 For the former, there are differences in the ability values for the same talent. There seems to be individual differences in ability values, such as low attack power despite being a swordsman. A swordsman is expected to have abilities typical of a swordsman and a wizard is expected to have abilities typical of a wizard. According to the examiner's response, Krsna, Cecil, and Dogora seem to have the right ability values for their talents.

 For the latter, it seems that their growth is fixed according to their ability values. The strength after growth can be determined at this point with little or no error. The academy would have no reason to make you take a written test if you can't become strong, or to spend three years training at the academy. They may say they're useless on the battlefield anyway.

 And I conclude that this is why there are no practical skills on this exam.

 Some of the candidates we have now are raising the bar and some are not. If the level of the exam is raised, you have passed, and if the level of the exam is not raised, you have not been judged on your real ability.

(I see, until now, acceptance or rejection was based on the results of the evaluation at age 5 and the written test. Because of the talent fraud, nowadays, you have to reappraise the test at this point in time, and if the test is bad, you have to take the written test as well. (That's reasonable and prevents talent fraud.

"What's the fuss about? Don't. Don't make a fuss about falling.

"Yes, no, actually ......

 The examiners are all wearing similar uniforms, but a young man with light blue hair, who is clearly not an examiner, approaches. He's a vaguely carefree young man. Beside him is a mature, gray-haired elf.

 An examiner explains the situation to the two men who come in. "Is that so? This is the first time I've seen such an appraisal result," the young man said as he listened to the report.

(Oh! (There really is an elf)

 Allen finds an elf for the first time in another world.

"Hey, what's going on! It's funny that Allen would fall!

 Cecil approaches the man with the light blue hair who is only talking to the examiner.

"Is it funny that it's Allen?

 A young man with light blue hair reacts to Cecil's words.

'Yes! Allen would even beat Murder Garsh by himself!

 Cecil's anger doesn't seem to subside as he watches Allen and Mardergarsh fight to the death in front of him.

"One Murdergarsh at your age, that's amazing. And all of his abilities are "E". It's really happening.

(Were you really?)

Well, I've never seen such an appraisal before. All E boys, all E's, really coming this year. Master Rosen was right.

"Rector, didn't Rosen say otherwise? I don't know what you're talking about on this one?

(Oh, what. What?

"The Spirit King is not good at foresight. It's not really the spirit's domain. And don't call the objects of our faith names for good.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not very good at honorifics.

So, Helmios. I'm sorry, is there any doubt in your assessment?

"Hang on. I'll look into it.

 The gaze shifts from the elf who calls the dean to Allen. As the light blue-haired man looks at Allen, his golden eyes begin to glow faintly.

"'Rector? Helmios?

 Aren and Cecil react to the name Helmios. It's the name of a brave man born in the empire who learned it from a magic instructor in the mansion.

 And the young man calls the elf beside him the president. If that title is true, then he is the president of the academy and ruler of the city.

 This surprise doesn't matter as the light blue-haired man stares at Allen with a twinkle in his eye.

So this is the end of the line. Are you investigating why you're here?

Well, level 41 is great. With an attack power of 570, oh! You have 1630 intelligence.

It's a complete appraisal skill. This guy goes on and on about my status. How come a 5-star hero can appraise and I can't? I'll have to report this carefully to God.

 Swallow the words not to publish without permission. It is synonymous with knowing your status.

"At level 40 or so, with an intelligence rating of 1600, that's an S. Why is it an E? Why an E?

 Gazing at the black plate with the appraisal results, Dr. Helmiaos listens to him.

'But it's strange. Can't we beat Murdergarsh with this status?


I'm sure you'll be beaten up easily because your attack power, speed and durability are better than Murder Garoush's. You have a high intelligence but no magic skills. I don't see any magic skills in the skill section despite his high intelligence. The status alone is similar to that of a great mage. But you need to be able to use magic.

(C'mon, come on. But your analysis is correct. You're a brave man.

"A great mage who can't use magic?

Well, maybe this summoner, a talent I've never heard of, is the answer. Mr. Allen. Apparently, there was a malfunction, so I did it for you.

So it's a pass! Allen Pass!

 Cecil looks very happy.

'Hmmm, but what if you could at least show me this ability of being a summoner? And I have no idea what I'm capable of.

"Huh? Is that all you need? Allen that big bear, munching and wriggling.

 Allen closes Cecil's mouth from behind in a flash.

(Hey, Cecil talks too much. It's like you've been looking for me. (Hmmm.)

I'm sorry. Examiner, I am sorry for making such a commotion. We'll leave early as you have failed. There seems to be a long queue in the back.

"Yes, yes. Huh?

 Ignoring Helmios' suggestion, Allen replied to the examiner that he had accepted a failure. What! I'd like to say that Cecil has no voice. That's because Allen is still holding his mouth shut.

"I said I'll let you pass the evaluation if you show some talent.

 Hermios comes into the conversation between the examiner and Allen.

I'm sorry. Who are you without your examiner's clothes? You're not an examiner, are you?


 The Dean and the examiner are surprised at what Allen said. That means you know who you're dealing with.

"Huh? I'm sorry. My name is Helmios. I'm kind of a hero.

"Brave? I don't know. Is that a reason to show your talent?


 I didn't expect to be called a brave man and not be told this. Brave men also appear in the stories of the kingdom. There are no brave men from the kingdom, but it's an imaginary profession with some recognition.

(Hey, hey, hey! Maybe only the Empire can understand the word "hero".)

Let's leave it at that. It's my decision as dean to show off my talents. Will this work for you?

Oh, if you're talking about the president, I'll answer you as a candidate. I decline.


 I never thought I would still say no.

You're going to have to show your talent sooner or later. Why are you so reluctant to show your talents?

What's the matter with you? I never said I didn't want to show you my talents, sir.


They say they don't show it to you for free.

 Allen is going to the battlefield. There will be a lot of people on the battlefield. The recognition will come anyway. It's just a matter of whether it's three years from now or now.

 When Cecil and I were kidnapped, the grimoire also produced a summoner. I will continue to perform summonses in public when needed. Living a life of complete concealment of one's talents limits one's options.

 Allen believes that abilities aren't something you can carelessly give out, nor can they be hidden away.

What do you mean by "for free?

My talents are valuable talents that even the president does not know about. I expect you to pay the price.

"Huh? Are you talking about paying me or something?

No, I'm not interested in money. From your conversation with the director, it seems that you've seen my abilities, so would you be willing to appraise me with your crystal? Now we're even.

 Hermios looks at the Rector. The Rector sighs and nods. That seems to be okay.

"...... Well, that's okay.

 With that said, it seems that Helmios will be the first to appraise it. Head to the appraisal crystal.