107 Episode 105: School City

 Allen is now at a magical ship landing site in the school town.

Allen, you're in college town!

 Crenna is thrilled to be getting off the magic ship. Cecil and Dogora are also behind her.

 Allen has come to the academy city with Cecil, Kurena, and Dogora. They're here to take an exam for the academy in late March. If you pass, you'll live here for three years.

 The landing site is filled with students who, like Allen, have come to take the academy's exams. Nearly 20,000 students from all over the kingdom come to the academy city to take the exam.

 Because there are so many students, the magic ship that normally goes through the royal capital to take the examinations has been adjusted to increase its direct service during this time of year.

 The official name of the city is the Latash Kingdom Academy City, but it is rarely called that. The city is called a school town, a school town, and boasts a population of several hundred thousand, which is much larger than Granville.

 The airport is large and the city is huge.

 When you land at the landing site, you can hear an announcement.

"Attention all candidates to the academy, please head to the green-roofed station. A mage train will take you directly to the academy.

 Follow the announcements and the flow of people and start moving from the depot.

(A magic train is a train that runs too!

 When I entered the green-roofed building as announced, there was a station attendant who told me that I could go directly to the school with a silver coin. I paid the fee as I was told and proceeded from the station platform.

"Oh! The train!

"'Train'? Oh!

(Train! It's a sizzling train. (You mean from Baucis?)

"Hey, you want to ride this?

I guess so.

"How can Allen be okay with this?

 Allen shows no resistance to get on the train, and Cecil wonders why he is not surprised. Around you, commoners and serfs from the village are watching the magic train in a daze, unable to get in right away.

 The Baukis Empire, which is located in the northwest of the central continent and is ruled by dwarves, also provides funding and technology for the operation of this school town. It's said to be easier to live in than the royal capital, and the academy city seems to use a lot of technology.

(Looking at it this way, Mihai-san didn't talk about the school town very much. I didn't know this kind of train existed, and the president of the university is a high elf.

 When Mihai returned home for spring break, I don't think he told her anything about the school. Maybe he was conflicted about not giving Cecil too much of a chance.

 Soon after, the magic train began to run.




 Kreena has her face snugly against the window pane attached to the magic train and is looking out at the scenery. She seems to be having a lot of fun, looking to her right and to her left. Cecil is slightly taken aback by the scene. Maybe he's thinking that this is the Swordsman.

 Compared to the rural barony of Granville, the city of Granville, five story buildings are along the main street, which is very developed as a matter of course.

 Looking at Crenna, I'm worried that she'll fail her exams after studying for the last two years.

(Well, it looks like she's improving, so I'm okay. (Well, it looks like your level is improving and you're okay.

 Krena and Dogora said that they began to participate in boa hunting when they turned 10 years old. They started with a long spear for beginners. With their improved status, I think two years would have been long enough for both Klarena and Dogora to study for the exam.

(There's no sword-wielding or other practical skills on the entrance exam, apparently. It's totally a departmental thing. I didn't even have four months to study for the exam, okay? (And about the fact that I was just going along with Cecil's review for the exam)

 I was rushed to the school at the end of last year. If you wanted me to be Cecil's bodyguard on the battlefield, you should have told the viscount about it earlier. If I had asked him when I was eight years old when I became his servant, he would have agreed to it. Four months later, I still can't find any reason to refuse.

 It seems the viscount couldn't bring himself to say no until the last minute. The viscount gave me a note that his appraisal was wrong and that Allen had talent.

 The magic train stops at a station near the academy, which is located in the center of the city. As more and more people are getting off the train, Allen and his friends get off together and start walking towards the school.

How many of you will take the exam today out of 20,000 people?

 This Latash kingdom seems to have a population of about 20 million people. With a population like that, I think the number of children born each year would be around one million. If the birthrate isn't too low like Japan's in the past, it's probably about that many.

 Assuming that only about 100,000 talented people make up 10% of the total, and subtracting those who are not suited for combat, such as merchants, or who were not able to take the exam, the number of students who take the exam every year seems to be about 20,000. Commoners and serfs are not obligated to serve in the military even if they graduate from the city. Graduates of the academy city are given preferential treatment in terms of job opportunities in the kingdom, and a great number of students come to take the exam every year.

 The examinations are not held in one day but over several days. For this reason, the flights of the magic ship are adjusted to prevent the exam room from being flooded.

 You'll head to the walled grounds. If you compare it to a school, the playground in front of the school building is filled with a huge number of students.

All candidates must first take the examination in the square. Those who have passed the test should come to the reception desk in front of the building with the numbered tag they were given.

"Appraisal Ceremony?

 Crenna tilts her head tautly and responds to the voice on the loudspeaker, which appears to be a magic tool set up in the square.

I guess I'll have to evaluate it before I take the test.

 Allen answers Krsna's question.

 If you look closely at the square, there are several lines. It looks like you'll get in line somewhere in this line for the appraisal. The four of us talk about whether we're going to get in line for the appraisal.

(Oh, so you're appraising me.) I didn't hear about it, but there could be some untalented people in the mix.

 I remember a time when a nobleman called himself the swordsman and yet was the swordsman's sage. The knight master said that he failed to take an active part in the battlefield where he was supposed to.
 Now that I think about it, I wonder if he wasn't talking about being unable to play an active role as a swordsman on the battlefield against the demon king's army. If you don't have the expected strength, then the battlefield is going to be in trouble.

 Line up at the end of one line and wait your turn.

After an hour or so of four people standing in line, the line has progressed considerably.

"Are there any noblemen among them?

"I'm the Granvels,

Well, I'm going to appraise you now, and I want you to put your hand on the crystal one by one.

(Hmm, checked for nobility.)

 An examiner-like person is taking notes in response to Cecil's words.
 I was told to appraise the testimony, so I will proceed with the appraisal from Dogora.

 Name] Dogora
 Physical strength] B
 Magic] D
 Attack Power] A
 [Quickness] C
 Intelligence] D
 Fortune C
 Talent] Axe wielder

"You're an axe man. That's a great value. I recommend you take the science exam.

 You give Dogora a sign like a ticket. A number is written on it, as if it's a sign that you've passed the evaluation.

(Hmmm, Dogora's talents don't change with age. Age doesn't change the ability value. Isn't that great?

 There's something in Allen.
 And the examiner says, "Oh! A voice said, "I don't know what to do. Then Cecil put his hand on the crystal.

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Physical strength] C
 Magic] A
 Attack Power] D
 [Quickness] B
 Intelligence] S
 Fortune B
 Talent] Mage

This is great . Your talent and ability level are in good hands. Please take this and give it to the receptionist in front of the building.

This is Cecil's ability value. I should write it down.

 It looks like Cecil has passed the grading process on the first try. Allen will make a note of this in the grimoire. Krena will continue the evaluation. Krena holds her hand over the crystal, and as usual, the crystal shines brightly.

 Name] Krena
 Physical strength] S
 Magic] C
 Attack Power] S
 [Quickness] A
 Intelligence] C
 Fortune B
 Talent] Swordsman

It's the Swordsman. Are you Krsna the Swordsman?

"Huh? Yes,

 How do you know me? It seems that the information about the Kensei Krsna exam this year has been passed around to the exam room. The examiner seems to have figured it out right away. You'll be handed something like a ticket as well as Dogora and Cecil.

(As expected, ability values do not change with level or age. Is a three-star swordsman rare indeed? One of the best in the decade?

 The probability of the Swordsman appearing in the kingdom is only about 1 in 10 years. It's very rare, but not so rare that only one of them appears in the kingdom. There are apparently dozens of Swordsmen in the huge empire north of the kingdom. It seems to be proportional to the number of children born.

 I've learned a lot about talents from the viscount and magic instructors

1 star 1 in 10
1 in 1000
3 stars Kingdom 1 in 10 years
5 stars existence is a miracle

 The officer in charge was startled for a moment, so Allen held out his hand to the crystal.

"Oohhhh. !!!!

 The crystal that Allen held in his hand emitted a tremendous light. A light far greater than that of the Crenna filled this square. The examiner exclaims loudly in anticipation of the light.

 Students and examiners waiting for the exam and their turn to take the test gather around them.
 And then

 Name] Allen
 Physical strength] E
 Magic] E
 Attack Power] E
 [Quickness] E
 Intelligence] E
 Fortune E
 Talents] Summoner

What is the result of this appraisal. All the ability values are E. Huh, you failed.

(The appraisal results say summoner. Still, I guess I didn't pass. I had a feeling when you said you'd be appraised. Is this part three complete?

 Allen was told by the examiner that he had failed.