106 Episode 104 Departure

 It was March, a few months after the upheaval in the Granvelle household. Allen is dressed as a servant in the garden, helping the gardener with his work.

 Last November, Allen went from being Granvelle's servant to being a guest of the Granvelle family and no longer has to work, but until he goes to school, he intends to fulfill his duties as a servant.

(Hmm? (You came?)

 A carriage comes into the inn.
 Allen stops tinkering with the dirt and walks up to the carriage parked in front of the entrance.

 A pink-haired girl gets out of the carriage.


 She's a naive girl who smiles as soon as she sees Allen.


 The Crenna got down from her carriage. She had come from the village to the city of Granville.

Long time no see.

"Dogora too.

 Behind him is Dogora, who has become more potato-like. Dogora has always been bigger than Allen, but there's already a head-size difference between him and Allen.

 The reason why the two of them came is because they're going to take an exam at Gakuen City in three days. I arrived with some time to spare and stayed at the mansion under the arrangement of Viscount Granville.

 Naturally, it was Krsna, the sage, who made the arrangement, but as a bonus, Dogora will also be staying with you. She's looking up at a large three-story mansion that doesn't exist in Krsna village.

 The two of them are carrying luggage on their backs. It seems that when you go to the school town, you go to the exam room without staying overnight. I have a minimal amount of clothes and a worn-out sword for practice.

As expected, no Pelomus. Well, I heard about it.

 Peromus did not come today. The mayor's son, Peromus, who has been practicing his sword, is not going to the school town. For the purposes of the city, which was created by the League of Five Continents, it is not a place for a talented merchant to go.

 Peromus said he was going to attend a commercial school founded and operated by the Commerce Guild.

 Why did I hear from Peromus?

 About two months ago, Allen got some time off and went back to the village of Krsna. I was going to tell them that I'm no longer a servant, that I've become a guest of Viscount Granvelle, that I'll be going to the city in April, and that the Rodins and Gerda's family no longer pay any per capita taxes.
 It's the first time in 4 years that I've been back home, but I wanted to let my parents know about my future before I go to the academy town.

 I've also given the village chief a letter of no-head tax for the Rodin and Gerda families, approved by the Viscount.

 When I showed Rodin the silver treasured sword given to me by the viscount, he said, "What did you do? I was told. He didn't say anything about quitting as a servant.

 Teresia anxiously told me to take it easy. Allen's way of life seemed to suggest that he was in a hurry to live.

 He gave me 100 gold coins, saying he couldn't send me money in the future. Rodin and Teresia's faces went blank. After a long pause, they said, "How can I receive this much! I told Rodin that I still had more than 600 gold coins. What have you really done ......?" muttered Rodin, holding a bag of gold coins.

 I've told him about my adventures in the goblin village, the orc village, and the armor ant nest. I didn't talk about Mardergarsh as he happily listened. I had no taste for traumatizing my brother.

Sorry to bother you!

"Mm, well done.

 The entire baronial family is waiting at the door when Krsna enters the mansion. They are there to greet the swordsman Krsna.

 The viscount asks for a handshake, and in no time at all, Krsna returns the handshake. I think it's too big a deal. This is the first time the viscount and Krsna have seen each other. When I went to observe the boa hunt, I returned to town without seeing Krsna.

(Well, the swordsman may become a marquis one day.)

 The Swordsman is a valuable presence in the kingdom. Born from a serf, the Swordsman Doberg is said to still be active on the battlefield and currently holds the title of marquis. A marquess is two or three titles higher than the lower noble barons. It could be said that the money-less royal family in the war is using the title as payback.

 According to Viscount Granville, Crenna will become a baron upon graduation. Only a nobleman has the responsibility to go to war.

 Viscount Granville doesn't seem to have any anger or resistance to Krsna's attitude. He responds with a smile. We've already discussed Krsna's character.

"You must be Krsna. It's nice to meet you.

 Cecil also greets Krsna.

"Oh, Cecil-sama, it's nice to meet you!

 It seems that Krena has noticed something. She squeezes Cecil's hands and greets him.


What's going on? Mr. Cecil?

(That's right, answer me, Cecil.)

"Hey, it's nothing,

I see?

 Cecil manages to reply. I told Kurena to be good to him in the village. I told Cecil to get along with Kurena. Cecil seems to have been taken aback by Krsna's unhesitating attitude toward the nobles.

(Hmm? (I feel Cecil staring at me, but is it my imagination?

 Allen and Cecil's relationship had decreased a lot over the past four years, but at the beginning of this year, the twang came back. It didn't seem to be cured.

 Allen, who had resigned as a servant and become a guest of Viscount Granville, was squeezed badly by Cecil. With whose permission I resigned as a servant! That's what they say. I had to go through the motions to return to my world. Lately, the anger seems to have died down.

 There's a reason I invited Krsna to the mansion this time.

 Allen and Cecil will fight with the demon king's army three years from now. That's the plan for now.

 A low-defense mage and a summoner. Allen can increase his defense with the help of summons, but if he keeps raising it, he'll have stone summons to occupy the holder. As a result, the choice of summons is greatly reduced. Tactics are no longer available.

 That's why Krsna, the most physically powerful sage, will join Allen and Cecil in fighting the Demon King's army. If you're planning to go to the battlefield, Krsna will go with you, so why don't we destroy the demon king's army? Today is also a chance for Krsna and Cecil to meet each other.

 I'm not sure what will happen after graduation. I've asked the viscount to go to the capital to find out how we'll go to the battlefield.

 The battlefield is strongly influenced by the empire of the Five Continents Alliance and the central continental alliance. Therefore, even the royal family has no idea where the Swordsman will be placed.
 There are many battles that the royal family does not know about the Swordsman Doberg, who is in the service of the royal family.

 The warfare is ever-changing and strategies can change drastically over the course of a year.

 For now, Krsna will be working with Allen and Cecil at the school. There's also a dungeon to conquer.

(I'll need to raise Krsna and Cecil in the dungeon, so let me check their status in the grimoire.

 Every night, Allen sends telekinesis to the gods with his grimoire. Next door to Allen's house was born Krsna the Swordsman. The nobleman she worked for had a mage's daughter. It's absolutely not a coincidence. If you want the demon king's army to be destroyed, you must confirm their status.

 As for Dogora, I don't know if she'll join us to fight with you against the demon king's army. It's going to be a tough battle since Mihai, who also has one star, lost his life. I think it will be tough in Dogora, but it's up to him to decide.

 I'm going to secretly tell both Krsna and Dogora about the battle against the demon king, which my magic instructor told me not to tell anyone about. It's not clear how you will fight against the demon king's army after graduation, but I hope you will spend your three years of school life with the same goal.

 Then it's time for the evening meal. Krena and Dogora will eat in the dining room with the rest of the barons.

(Hmmm, that makes Dogora look normal.)

 Next to Dogora, who eats nervously and quietly, Krsna is eating like avenging her parents. It's like a feast for the first time in a long time, and she's holding a fork of meat in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other. Thomas is staring at Krsna with an expression as if all common sense has been broken.

"You're not going to eat it, Allen?

I'll eat it when I'm done.

"So, this is Allen. Get everyone back to school town.

"Yes, of course.

 You're not going to be able to find that thing, but you're going to find it.

I'm sure that the thing is there, so I must find it. I have to go to the Adventurer's Guild to get information. Otherwise, it might be tough to deal with the Demon King's army in three years.

 Allen has a more important purpose in the city than going to the academy.

 Thus, Allen, along with Krsna, Cecil, and Dogora, will be heading to the academy city three days later.