126 124. Welcome party

"Oh, you have a customer?


 Spirit C summoner normally comes out through the wall with a fluffy . Come to think of it, I forgot to tell them to go upstairs to be quiet .

"Well, cute!

"Thank you, thank you.

 So the summoner of Spirit C is held by Nina. The girl and the French doll fit together in this way, and everyone who sees the smiling one and the other thinks it's a good match.

 There are a lot of small children watching the food with excitement.

Then I would like to have a welcome party with Mr. Keel and his family.

 Since everyone seems to have eaten, I think I'll just say the beginning of the meal.

I'm going to eat. Let's eat!

 Crenna also insists on eating quickly.
 Kiel and Nina have taken their seats, but the other six won't take their seats.


(Oh, why not take a seat?)

"Yeah, guys, I've told you before. That's all right. Let's get some food together.

"Yes, yes. Mr. Keel.

Oh, come on. Don't call me that.

...... Sorry.

 A man about fifteen years older than Keel apologizes for Keel's mild caution. From the way they look and the way they look, they never look like brothers. Keel and Nina are the only blondes among these eight people.

(After all, that's what family means, right?)

 Allen remembers hearing from his servant Rikker about the family's ideas long ago.

 Cecil seems to have picked up on the situation.

"Come on, there's plenty of food for you to eat. I still have more for you.

 Each one replies and begins to pick up a large slice of bread or meat that was placed on the table. Some of the children seem to be quite hungry and are gobbling up their food. Krena and Dogora also start to eat, and the food they bought at the store is dwindling.

 It's a good thing, Allen thinks, that he bought more food. There's more food than will fit on this table. They were a little nervous to come to a strange building, but the food seems to ease their nerves.

So this is what it looks like. She's ridiculously young. I think I can understand why Keel is getting skinny due to lack of workers.

Nina, about 9 years old
Three boys aged 15 to 8 years old
Three girls between the ages of 15 and 8

 Calmly think about the seven people who came with Kiel.

"No, Allen. No, Allen, I have to admit, you were very helpful with this whole base thing.

 Life seems to have been pretty close to the edge.

No, no, you're welcome. Mr. Keel.

I mean, after what you've done for me. I don't want to hear "Mr. Keel". You need to talk to me like the other three.

(Oh! Nice! (It's like going from a stray to a fixed party!

 While everyone is chatting and chattering, Keel asks to speak to you a little more crudely.

Then I'll do it, Keel.


But I didn't know that Keel was a nobleman.

 Cecil seemed to have guessed by the conversation between Keel and the servant-like person.

Oh ....... I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's just, you were a nobleman.

Was? What does that mean?

 Kiel talks about being an aristocrat. There was a commotion recently and the house was torn down. The house is gone, but he has a sister. And he has unattached servants who served him. He took them all in.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

"Never mind. I didn't have a very noble upbringing. So my language is a little crude. So you sound more like a nobleman than Cecil.

"Huh? I'm a nobleman, you know?

 Cecil wonders if I haven't told you. Apparently, I've barely been able to introduce myself. For the past month or so, since Allen's initial introduction of everyone, we haven't had a solid introduction or conversation.

 Keel couldn't even afford to listen.


 The conversation between Keel and Cecil surprises all of Keel's servants at once. Some of them have taken their seats together and try to get up.

Oh, it's okay. There's no nobility or anything in the academy.

 In a panic, Cecil tells him it's all right. Now sitting here are children who have been educated on how to treat the nobility. At Cecil's words, the servants say, "I see," and sit down.

(I wonder if the recently demolished noble families may be ......)

 I have an idea of an aristocratic family that was recently demolished.

"But, brother Keel, are you sure you want to live in such a nice house?

 As Allen is thinking about the situation with Kiel, Nina, holding the summoner of Spirit C in her belly, calls out to him. Somehow, it sounds as if she is trying to change the subject.

Yeah, I know. They offered to pay you if you did this house for me. Work hard.


 The little ones also reply loudly.

(No, I didn't know you were this small. But hey, I've been a servant since I was 8 years old. (Is that normal in this world?)

Yeah, well, just take it easy. I may be out of the house, but I'll look after you.


 Kiel's servants reply.

Are you still going to the dungeon, being away from home? Big brother.

 Nina looks quite worried. Maybe she's worried about him more than he's bringing in more money in the past month or so.

 That conversation makes Cecil's face sad. Nina's concern for her brother's safety, Mihai and herself seemed to overlap.

Yeah, Nina. But don't worry. Everyone is strong.

Is that so?

 and looks at Krsna, who is crunching down on a large chunk of bread.

"So, what do we do now?

 Dogora asks me about my future plans, meat in hand.

 Dogora has seen what Allen did in the village of Krsna, so he doesn't have much to say about his plans. But they often ask me what I'm going to do or what I'm going to do at the base.

 He didn't say anything about it when he got Kiel to join us. He doesn't seem to have the personality to say that this kind of company is good or bad. Allen thinks that Dogora is becoming somewhat of a warrior.

Tomorrow I'll help you with your stuff and if there is any missing furniture or other items. I'll probably collect some money from you guys.

"Oh, okay.

 Since we have been handing out rewards for nearly two months, we all have more than a dozen gold coins, including Allen. They say they're going to collect what they need right away, little by little, and buy it.

"Everyone gets along, don't they?

 Nina asks to see how Allen and Dogora are doing.

"Yes. That's right." "I'm from the same village as Crenna and Dogora.

Yeah, that's what we were talking about.

 Keel also joins in the conversation. Allen tells Keel that the four of you are from the same hometown.

Well, me and Krena are from the serfs. For a long time now, we're commoners.

 I'll take this opportunity to tell my story too.

"Huh? Is that so? Sorry to say, but it doesn't look like that at all.

 You told me about Kiel's complicated situation, so I'll take this opportunity to tell you about Allen's as well.

"Allen has always been like this. Even in the village they say you don't look like a peasant.

"Yeah, yeah, Allen's still the same.

 Dogora and Krena agree.

(No, I'm growing up, too.)

"Hmm? You mean that Cecil was a nobleman of that territory? Lords or something like that?

 Keel notices that Cecil, who seems to have been acting as the fourth person all along, is not there.

"Yeah, Allen served his lord as a servant when he was eight years old.

"Oh yeah, I didn't expect you to come to school with me!

I'm jealous. I haven't had any friends from back in the day. Where are you from?

"Huh? I'm from Granville. Huh? Didn't I tell you?

"Granville? Didn't you just say Granville? Huh? Well, what about Cecil?

 Keel's hand stops holding the meal too. And then his gaze turns to Cecil.

"Yes, yes, I'm from Granville. Cecil is the daughter of the lord there.



 At Klarna's answer, both Kiel and the servants stand up. Krena and Dogora are surprised. What is the matter with them?

Master Nina, please stand back!

 Then, the oldest servant tells Nina to back off, to hide from Allen and the others. Nina can't follow the conversation and is confused. So are the little servants.

"Oh, no...that's a lie! Oh no, that's a lie!

 Keel's tone of voice is one of disbelief as he looks at Cecil.

'What are you talking about? I'm Cecil Granvelle of the House of Granvelle.

 Keel's expression changes from surprise to hatred. His eyes are filled with hatred as if he were avenging his parents.

That's right: ....... I'm sure you've been there. You crushed the Karnell family!

 Kiel was screaming at Cecil, as if to spit.