127 CHAPTER 125 Conflicts ①

"You were the daughter of the House of Granville!

...... Yes. You are the son of Viscount Charnel.

"Yes! Viscount Charnel is my father!

 Keel and his servants rise up and turn completely against him. Cecil responds to such hatred of Keel in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Hey, hey, what's the meaning of this?

Yeah, Dogora, well, you didn't tell them about what happened at the end of last year, like you did with Crenna. At the end of last year, we had a bit of a tiff with the neighboring territory of Karnel.

 You haven't talked to Dogora or to Klarena about the turmoil between the Granvels and the Karnels at the end of last year. It wasn't much of a public talk, but because of the situation, Allen answered Dogora's question.

"Hey, Allen, you destroy people's homes and now you're in a fight!

(Hmmm...so Keel is a member of the Karnel family. I heard he was recently crushed. Well, come to think of it, that could have happened. That's because those in the classroom were students who took the exam on the same day.

 The Karnell family's keel did not happen to be in the classroom by accident. The entrance exam for the school, which has 20,000 students taking the exam, was divided by students in certain areas to prevent congestion.

 The Earl of Hamilton, governed by the house of Rifol, is also bordered by the Viscount Granville. I thought it was the two domains at the same time, but it seems that the former Carnelle domain, which was demolished and became a royal domain, is also taking the exam together.

That's right, a quarrel.


 Allen balked at Kiel. Then he takes the dagger out of the chamber. A dagger with a silver ornament that represents House Granvelle's guest.

Dogora, I did much to help bring down House Karnel on that occasion. And this was my reward for doing so.

 Show the dagger to Dogora and Krsna so they can see it.

"Seriously? That's how you got the Granvels' guest?

"Hey! What did you do to contribute!

(Hmm? Keel does not know? We're not told the details? (You've been acting like that for a while now)

 It's enough to tear down your house, and you're throwing such words at the man who crushed it.

I've been advising Viscount Granville on how to win over the royal family in the castle. I also told him to use my hard-earned mining rights for mithril ore to make sure that he would destroy House Karnel. And now I have something for you.

 Showing the dagger, Allen tells Dogora and Krena what he did in a nutshell.

You are the one!

(Okay, okay, direct your anger at me. Honestly, it has nothing to do with Cecil. Oh, come on, Maria, don't give me that look. Don't attack at all.

 The Spirit C summoner reacts to Keel's hostility towards Allen. You can see his smiling face change from being smiling to being embraced by Nina. The expressionless Maria thinks it's a bit of a horror, but restrains herself from ever attacking.

 The summoner of spirit C nodded lightly, with no expression on his face.

"Hey, Allen. It's not good, okay?


 It was Cecil who chided Allen's behavior.

This is a problem between the Granvels and the Karnels. It's not like Allen is going to suffer anything. The dagger was a thank you for saving us from the tyranny of House Charnel.

"Tyranny! What has the Karnell family done!

"Oh, you don't know anything? Yes, it's just that if you're a descendant of a nobleman, that's not the way to behave. Why don't you take a seat?

"You don't know anything about it. The royal messenger told me! The Granvels set it up and the Charnel family was crushed!

"Huh? I'm sure they caught that royal messenger too.

"What? Caught? What's going on! Explain!

"Sit down!

 Cecil told him to take a seat. Allen decided to watch the proceedings in silence as Cecil stepped forward and started talking.

When you sit down, you're going to tell me what happened last year, aren't you?

Okay. But would you mind telling me what happened?

 Cecil thought it was strange that Keel didn't know, when he could have listened to the situation at home. Then he tells her to talk about his purpose for attending the school as a student, despite his poverty. This is on the condition that I tell you about the turmoil that happened last year.

 Cecil is a member of the House of Granville. We need to know the background of Keel and what he smelled like a royal messenger was behind it. Maybe the ruckus is not over yet.

 The castle is a power playground. If there are any conflicts of interest behind Kiel, as a member of House Granvelle, you need to know.

Good, then talk to me.

 When Keel takes a seat and agrees to sit down, Cecil suddenly looks at Nina and the servants, who are anxiously observing the circumstances of this situation.

...... I'll leave the talking to Keel alone. The rest of you can go upstairs to an empty room.

Do not, do not! "Leave Master Keel alone at a time like this!

 Our oldest servant says that he can't do that. Keel looks at the servant once and then speaks to Cecil.

"Why don't you let them hear it. They are my family.

This is a matter for the Granvels, too, right? It's not something I can tell everyone.


 There is a silence at the words. Another servant, perhaps a maid, about fifteen years old, says, "Let's leave the table. Perhaps Cecil has realized that all but Keel are to be excused.

 Afterwards, he convinces them all to go upstairs and downstairs, including the servant who had just said he couldn't leave Keel alone. Nina also confirms with Spirit C's summoner that she is with the servants in the room on the third floor.

 In a complete change from earlier, there are only five people in the multipurpose room. Crenna and Dogora also tried to go up to the second and third floors, but since they're my friends, I asked them to listen to me as well.

Okay, I'm all alone. Tell me what happened to you last year.


 I'll tell you the truth, but believe it or not, you can do what you want with it," Cecil says up front, and then he starts the story from the beginning.

 It began with the story of how Viscount Carnel came to the mansion with an envoy from the royal family and offered to co-manage the house. When I refused, three bandits arrived that day, kidnapped Cecil and Allen, and brought them to Karnell territory on a magic ship.

 Every time the story goes on, Keel gets angry that this is happening, but every time Keel stands up, Cecil stops talking and makes him sit down. You can not believe me if you want, but listen to me to the end.

 Later, while fleeing assassins hired by Viscount Karnel, you aim for the city of Granville but are finally found. He was almost killed when the Knight Commander saved him.
 After returning safely to the city of Granville, Baron Granville made a direct appeal to the royal family to resolve the matter.

 To make sure they would act, he relinquished one of his five Mithril veins.
 As a result, Viscount Charnel and many of the nobles on his side who were involved in the turmoil were discovered to be dishonest and imprisoned, and their families were undermined.

 Viscount Charnel and many others in the realm involved in the turmoil were imprisoned. Viscount Carner's wife is under house arrest in a detached palace near the castle.

That's all I know. What do you think?

Oh, no. No, no.

(Seriously, Viscount Granville. That was quite a big move.

 For the first time, Allen also hears the full story of what Viscount Granvelle did last year, which was dreaded by the nobles as the "Granvelle Oddity".

 And Allen is also aware of the reason why Cecil has moved Nina and the servants upstairs. It was to prevent them from hearing the tyranny of their parents.

I've said it many times. Whether you believe me or not is your business. If you don't believe me, why don't you go to King's Landing and find out? Maybe you could show me the co-management letter signed by Viscount Charnel?

 Keel is sobbing with shock.

"So, I told you. Can you tell me what you came to the academy for?

"...... Oh

 Keel, who had been staring at the table with a droopy face, raised his head and started to talk with a purring voice.