128 CHAPTER 126 Confusion ②

"The reason you are at ...... school. It's a long time ago, isn't it?

 Kiel's arrival at the school can't seem to be explained by what happened last year. He asks if it's okay to talk about the old days.

He says, "No, thank you.

Well, go to .......

 Kiel says that he was carefully raised by his father, Viscount Karnel. It was a long time ago and I don't remember much, but I remember that he had many servants and bought me everything I wanted.

 But that blessed environment soon changed. It was a five-year-old appraisal ceremony.
 Keel had the gift of being a monk.

 As everyone rejoiced at the results of his testimony, the look of despair on Viscount Karnel's face was unforgettable.

 Not long after that, he and several servants left the city of Charnel and went to live in another city. I didn't hear the story for sure, but he said it was at the behest of Viscount Carnel.


 Cecil has a look on his face that says such a thing is possible.

 And then lived there for seven years without any aristocratic education. The living expenses coming from Viscount Carner were very small.

 The last time I remembered him was when I was five years old. My sister Nina was the only one who adored me and came to visit me about once a year.

 When I turned ten years old, a teacher was sent to me because I had to go to school. It is a nobleman's duty to make sure that all talented noblemen go to the school, so they must pass the exam.
 When I heard that story, I realized that I'm still a member of the Karnell family.

 Then at the end of last year, there was a commotion.

 Suddenly the knights surrounded Keel's house and grabbed everyone. Without knowing what was going on, the knight who came in asked if he was sure it was the child of Viscount Carnel.

 When I said yes, he said okay and wouldn't tell me anything, and then the situation continued like confinement under the knight's watchful eye.

 Then one day, many days later, a messenger from the royal family came to Keel.

 He told him that the royal messenger had told him. This is the work of House Granvelle. And with the Royals on their side, the house of Karnell is in danger of being overthrown.

 Kiel and your sister Nina will be sold off somewhere or, at best, live as commoners in the city, and you don't even know what will happen to them.

 He says he was so desperate to hear that. I said at least my sister, but I was told that it was all up to His Majesty the King to decide.

 I didn't know what was going on, and I thought my life was over. But the royal messenger's story didn't end there.

 He asked me if you had a valuable monk's talent.

 When I said yes, he said the royal messenger told him.

The royal messenger said, "The royal messenger said. The royal messenger said, "The royal messenger told me that when you had completed your five years of noble service, His Majesty said that you would be allowed to reestablish House Karnel in your own lifetime.

 I was told that there is a dangerous region that is infested with magical beasts, and that the nobles are responsible for fighting for the kingdom for three years. A nobleman is responsible for fighting for the kingdom there for three years. Your house has been charged with a crime, and you have five years of service. Then all your sins will be paid for.

 Kiel said immediately that he would do it. And I want Nina to go with him to Gakuen City. He told the royal envoy that he would like to take in the servants who cared for Kiel and Nina, as well as those who had no one else to come with them.

 They agreed to do what they wanted, that's fine with me. And until April, I was back in the city of Karnel under the care of the church.

 The royal family apparently paid for my schooling. The money they gave me to live in the school was lost when they gave me the money to travel for all of us.

...... I've always hated this cursed talent, but this talent was meant to be. There was a meaning. ......

 From inside the keel, something overflows. Maybe it's something I've thought since the days when I was unhappy, but I never said it out loud. Everyone is silent and listens to the end of Keel's words.

I must rebuild House Karnell again. I decided that when I was born, I would take back my place for the family that stuck around for me when I was nobody.

 With the words "this is all I know," Keel finished his story.

 Both Krena and Dogora listened with sad faces as they talked about the life that had befallen them.
 In the midst of all this, Allen speaks up and says, "Hey, there's that hexenbiest.

"Hey, what's this place called a place of monsters?

"Huh? What does that mean?

(After all, you've only heard that there are a few too many Hexenbiests. I guess we don't need to tell you everything. We'll learn about the history of the Demon King in school next year anyway.

"You don't know. But it's just as well. So, Keel has a job, huh?

(I wish you had said it sooner.)

"What? What's just right!

I have two other people working for me at this party besides Keel.

 Cecil, born a nobleman, has the gift of the sword saint, Krsna. Both Allen and Dogora plan to go to that monster-infested battlefield for them.

It's ...... so what?

 Keel glares and asks the truth of Allen's words.

"We seem to be on the same path. We'll serve together.

"Babe, silly! You've been listening to me: ....... I'm Viscount Charnel's child.

That doesn't bother me at all.

"Oh, no. ......?

 Allen's words shocked, surprised, and dismayed. That's what the explanation so far was.

 Allen is satisfied with the situation.

I've been wondering about this. It's usually something like this. It's not like we're going to be perfectly aligned on purpose right away.

 I remember that it was pretty easy to find friends in the games Allen played in his previous life. From the early days of the game, I remember that the number of friends I had increased rapidly. Some of them even went to a bar in their first town and somehow made as many friends as possible.
 I've always wondered why you risked your life for the last boss. Why were you so willing to risk your life to defeat the final boss so easily, and why were you able to share it with your friends?

 Living in another world, you can see that it never is.

 In front of you is a boy of only 12 years old or so who wants to rebuild his house for his sister and her family's unattached servants.

 This man's goal is never to defeat the demon king.

"Keel may not have heard, but I've heard that where there are a lot of these monsters, half of them die in three years. I think it's about 70% in five years. I've heard that many monsters are B-ranked or higher. What did the royal envoy say about that? Did I say it was easy?

 Kiel's eyes widen and he gulps in astonishment. A B-ranked hexenbiest is a threat known to all.

 Five years is the heaviest period of service a talented criminal can serve.

(I knew you hadn't heard.) At this rate, there's a lot of hexenbiest in there. Of course you haven't heard about the hexenbiest.

 Keel's surprised expression returns to normal.

'What about it? It doesn't change what I have to do.

You're right. You already have it.

 Keel, who spent his entire school life for his family, was more prepared than anyone else.

We go to the dungeon because we know how dangerous the place is. We go to the dungeon because we know how dangerous it is. Three years is a blink of an eye.

"...... So that was it.

 Kiel also seemed to have wondered why Allen and his friends were so obsessed with the dungeon. It was to prepare for the battle that would begin after graduation with his friends.

Keir, come with us. Come with us. This is a fight we'll have together. Shouldn't we all have our own agendas?

Fighting the Demon King's army is the same as fighting the Demon King, isn't it? You're not fooling me at all. In fact, it might speed up the rebirth of your family.

 It would be complicated to talk about the Demon King's Army here, so I'll talk about it some other day.


"Yes. Kiel can fight for Kiel's cause.

 Keel is not sure what to do after hearing that much. It's easy to walk out of here. But what will that do to Nina and the servants? We'll be back to poverty again.

 I don't need to think about what I should do or what I should do to rebuild the house as the future Lord of Charnel.

''I'm going to use the sword saint for my own purposes. I'm also going to use your strength for my family's sake. Is that what you want?

That's good. You don't have to say the words. You're a nice guy.

"Mm-hm. Let's fight together!

 Krsna reacts to the word "swordsman" and extends her hand to Keel.

...... why?

 Krena's words pierce Keel's chest. A carefree smile that makes you feel guilty.

"Done. It's settled. Will Cecil and Dogora be okay with that?

 I've always decided what's important is my mate.

Well, yeah. I never thought I'd end up living with the Charnell family. I wouldn't be the first Granvels to do so.

"No problem. Keel is one of us now. To be honest, I don't know what I'm talking about halfway through.

 Dogora didn't seem to understand what all the fuss was about.

"Well, we're not done eating yet. I'm sure you haven't had enough to eat, so let's continue with the welcome party.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll go get the guys!

What's up ......

 Crenna smiles at Allen's words and heads upstairs. Kiel can't keep up with the scene at all. Cecil sighed and said it would be nice if you could get used to it.