Kiel and his sister Nina, the servants of the Karnell family came to live in the base. The reaction to Keel's words about living with them from the older servants, who are about 15 years old, is not serious.

 The next day, I ended up helping them move in and buying bedding, dishes and other daily necessities.

 I checked their ages and decided on the monthly salaries for six servants. It will cost me 3 gold and 40 silver for 6 people.
A 15-year-old squire, 1 gold.
15 year old handmaiden 1 gold coin
10-year-old servant 50 silver coins
10-year-old maidservant 50 silver coins
One male and one female 8-year-old male and one female 8-year old are maidservants, 20 pieces of silver

 As for the servants, I set it up about normal. There is a per capita tax of 3 gold coins for those over 15 years of age and 1 gold coin for those under 15 years of age, so in light of that, it may be less than the general public.

 Since you're going to be attending a B-class dungeon or A-class dungeon from now on, I think you can ask the next head of the Karnell family, Keel, who has good earning potential, to help you with that.

 Now that the monk-talented Keel has come to live in the base, everything seems to be fine, but that doesn't mean everything is fine.

 I've noticed a major discrepancy in the story of Keel that I heard on the day of the welcome party.

 It's the action that Viscount Karnel took toward Kiel. A nobleman who finds out his child is gifted through a testimonial knows that he will take two kinds of actions.

 The first is to grieve for his child and move to see if his service can be excused. House Granvelle is this one. You have hurried the mining of mithril ore to relieve your daughter of her nobleman's duties.

 The second is to rejoice in your child's talent. In fact, it seems that the nobility have always been more numerous here. The reason for this is the preferential treatment for those who have served. If you serve in the castle, you are promised a key position in the castle. If you are a nobleman with a realm, you get a tax break.

 For example, there is this story. Suppose there was a noble family that always produced generals. The child born from such a noble family was a wiry, slender man. If he is not, he will be removed from the shogun's seat of power in his next generation.
 But this boy had the talent to be a swordsman. If he goes to the school and serves for the next three years, he'll come back as a changed man. And the privilege of having done your duty is waiting.

 This is the story of the Hamilton family. I was told by Rifolu that his father had told him to go to the school for pleasure.
 A nobleman who puts his family's prosperity first will be pleased if his child has talent.

 Kiel seems to be neither. I thought he did it to hide the cute little keel from the royals since he was kept away from home, but he seems to have been treated pretty coldly.

 And what was the messenger of the royal family that came to the place where Keel was held captive?
 In Allen's mind, the credibility of the royal messenger has fallen to the depths. I need to find out from now on, including whether the rebirth of the House of Karnell is really promised once Kiel has served for five years.

 Today you are in the third floor of the Adventurer's Guild in a research room that has nothing to do with Keel.

 The research is about B-class dungeons. I mainly needed to know about traps.

 When I went to apply for a C-ranked adventurer's certificate, the staff of the Adventurer's Guild told me that I should look into it. It seems that in this school town, adventurers who have been C-ranked for less than a year are the most likely to die.
 It's said that adventurers who are able to go to B-class dungeons are not able to go to C-class dungeons because of the differences between them.

 Currently, Allen, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel are digging through the material.

"Wow, I'll look into it too: ......

 Klarna is going to cry.

"No, remember what Krena wrote in there.

"Ugh ...... terrible ......

 Krena has another assignment. I'm having her review for next month's written test in the liberal arts. Allen is organizing what he has learned in class into a grimoire. He also organizes these lessons while he's on the move to capture the dungeon.

 Krena is preparing for next month's test by looking at the grimoire that Allen has spent two months organizing. I think I can handle failing the test, but it's better to not fail.

 I've heard that the Demon King's army is not a bunch of monsters, but has a chain of command and wisdom. The strategy also changes from moment to moment, so those who don't have a certain amount of brains can't understand the instructions of their superiors. With this in mind, the academy puts a lot of emphasis on general education during the year.

 I started looking early in the morning and had lunch at a restaurant near the Adventurer's Guild.
 And it's past three o'clock.

 The five of you share what you found out about the same seat.

"Looks like the summoning traps are tricky. I hear dozens of C-ranked monsters are going to come out of nowhere and surround you.

 Dogora will tell you from the documents.

 It seems that when you step on a switch that looks like a stone floor in a dungeon with corridors and small rooms, you will be surrounded by magical beasts. In B-class dungeons, most of the summoning traps are of C-ranked monsters, and only five to thirty of them are summoned at a time at random.

There's not only summons, but also poison, sleep, arrows, and a lot of traps. I still haven't learned the anti-poisoning recovery magic. Shouldn't we have scouts?


 Kiel also somehow joins the conversation. Because Allen talks to him like it's normal. It was Keel who said we don't need to add "san" to the list. No do-overs.

"I'm not sure I'm going to get any more friends.

 I've told everyone that we don't hire scouts or bandit-type professions to disarm traps. Even if you have the scouts with you, you can't take them into battle against the demon king's army.
 There's no such thing as a bandit fighting the demon king, according to Allen. There's no need for a party that's exclusive to this college town.

 Allen can use summons that have various useful skills, such as spotting. And since there seems to be a potion that prevents poisoning and sleep, I'm thinking of buying that at the apothecary. The special skill of Grass C's summoner, "Yummy Taste," may be the answer.

 I spoke with Keel again about the Demon King. He seems skeptical. There's little evidence of trust, so it's probably a natural reaction. Well, I told him we'll learn about it in History of the Devil King.

 Keel hasn't learned how to counteract poison and other abnormality magic yet, but he'll be able to deal with poisonous traps and poisonous hexenbiests as soon as he learns them.

"There are some hexenbiests that use poison as well. There are also death spiders. And a B-class monster mimic is mimicking a treasure chest?

 Allen also talks about what he's found out. More and more monsters will be able to use status abnormalities. The monsters that appear in each dungeon also change. B-class dungeons are characterized by insects and necromancers. If it's an insect type dungeon, you'll have to deal with poison and paralysis. If you're a necromancer, physical attacks are less effective.

 Many adventurers also fall victim to the mimics of B-ranked monsters that mimic treasure chests. B-ranked monsters are a threat. Some of them can even lock you in a small room together.

Hm, are you sure you'll kill all the mimics?

"Yeah, apparently defeating a mimic can result in the dropping of valuable items.

"Oh! Then we'd better beat it!

 Keel seems to agree with you that the priority is to find the treasure chest.

 The goal of the dungeon attack is to find a gold strategy, valuable equipment, and a magic recovery ring. Mimics are said to drop items from time to time, but the quality of the items vary widely, and there are records of weapons with more than 100 gold coins in them. If you hunt aggressively, you might get some amazing items.

But what is this dungeon all about? Apparently it was there a thousand years ago.

 Cecil muttered, looking at the old material.

(Hmm? (Cecil just misunderstood the meaning of research)

 As was the case when Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he rarely looked into the game's setting, story, or background. Even though the setting may be an epic story of good and evil, all you have to do is level up and become stronger. Even when I went to conquer a new tower, I never read the description of why the tower was here.

 I also believe that gamers are like that.

 Cecil tells us what he's found out. They say dungeons are everywhere in the world, in kingdoms and empires. There are various theories that they are designed to bring in adventurers, or that there is a god who rules the dungeons, but we don't know.

It's just that I've looked at the data and there's something about it that goes back almost a thousand years. I can't find anything older than that.

 The dungeon records of all the materials seem to be up to 1000 years old.


 Krena gets the material from Cecil and begins to read it.

Did you finish reading the grimoire, Crenna?

"Ho ho, ho ho!

 In a stretched voice, Krsna hid her face without reply and read the parchment.

Well, Krsna can go back to his base at ......

 That's when it happened. Krena is running toward the exit at a high rate of speed. But Allen catches Crenna as she runs away.

Heguyu ......

 Let out a sound like your life is over. The rest of the gang looks at Krena with sympathy, but they don't seem to help.

 Krena is growing a hundred times faster than Allen. However, both Allen and Krsna have an A rating for quickness. Allen has risen to a higher level during his time as a servant, so now it's still up to Allen.

(Now that we've done our research, let's go try a B-class dungeon.

 The destination was a new dungeon while Allen caught Krsna.