130 CHAPTER 128. Psycho

"Shouldn't we let Maria have her way while we eat?

It's okay. Maria would like to be on my lap too, wouldn't you?

"Yes, Death...

(You're totally domesticated. I've never owned a cat, but it's the relationship between a catty owner and a cat that wants to be free)

 Allen watches as if it were someone else.

 Kiel's sister, Nina, has been with the spirit C summoner ever since she came to live at the base. Either she misses him or she likes him very much and sleeps with him.

 I'm still having breakfast, but Keel has just warned me that he has the spirit C summoner on his lap while he's eating.

 It's been five days since Kiel and his servants came to live. It's still a little awkward, but you may have gotten used to it.

 I'm currently running through three C-class dungeons every day. Thanks to the treasure chest that is the reward for defeating the lowest level boss, I'm earning about 3 gold coins a day. One-sixth of the money is used for base management and operations, such as food and servant salaries, so that's 50 silver coins a day.

 Sometimes it's quite close to the edge.
 But Allen doesn't care about that at all. He thinks that soon the financial problem will be solved.

Come on, get ready. Today, we're going to attack a B-class dungeon.

 That's because it's the start of a B-class dungeon.


 One word from Allen, and everyone who's finished eating responds. Keel taps Nina's anxious gaze on her head as she leaves the base. It's a tradition that we do when we go out to the dungeon.

 There are two B-class dungeons near the base.

 The monsters that appear in B-class dungeons are characterized by their characteristics, such as insects and necromancers, but we'll attack the beasts. The beast attacks are easy to read, and they have only traps and treasure chests for poison and other abnormalities, so they are easy to attack.

 After a short walk, you'll see a building of a B-class dungeon. The adventurers lined up in line look stronger than in a C class dungeon.

 Eighty percent of adventurers conquer C-class dungeons.

 Only about 20% of Class B dungeons are B-class dungeons. In B-class dungeons, if you accidentally fall into a trap, you will die. And if you can't defeat the lowest boss of a B-class dungeon, a B-ranked monster, it's useless.

 Without talents, you'll never be able to defeat the bottom-level boss of a B-class dungeon. You should attack with a party of mainly talented players.

 This is the wall that cannot be crossed by having or not having talents.

 I heard from the Adventurer's Guild that there are five to ten parties in Class A dungeons.

 When you enter a building in a B-class dungeon, it seems to be unusual for a party to be young and consist of 5 people, are you okay? I was told by the receptionist that there was no problem, I showed my C-rated adventurer's card and walked into the building.

Welcome. This is dungeon system B304.

 Just like in a C-class dungeon, when you enter the room, there is a cube-shaped object floating in the air.
 Again, you'll be told about the traps and other precautions. I wondered if this was a precautionary measure due to the large number of deaths, so I listened to the end just to be sure.
 Since there doesn't seem to be anything more important than what I found out yesterday, I ask you to skip to the dungeon.

The atmosphere is just like a C-level dungeon.

 Dogora, with an axe on his shoulder, looks around. It's a stone-paved, stone-built dungeon. I don't know what's brightening it, but it's not dark at all.

Yeah, but there's a trap. We'll move carefully.

 I've given everyone the antidote as a precaution. They say it works for a day if you take it in advance. It's not so cheap since I spent three silver coins.

 Get ahead of Bird E's summoner and start looking for a way in. As you explore the path in the share, think back to the explanation you received earlier in the Adventurer's Guild.

About B-class dungeons in general
B-class dungeons have 10 to 12 tiers
B-class dungeons, about 12 hours of travel time on one level
The upper levels of the dungeon are D-ranked monsters, and the lower levels produce C-ranked monsters.
Bottom tier bosses are B-ranked hexenbiests

(Let's see, this is a dungeon with 12 floors. The minimum travel time is 12 hours, so if you walk at 5 km/h, you have to walk 660 km to the 11th floor. (I'd like to capture it within a month).

 Organize how long it will take to capture it. This time I don't know the way and will hunt mimics again. There are a few things I want to verify, such as the performance of C-ranked summons.

We've got a general idea of the path. Come on out then. Frans.


 Do not use the special skill "run through" to start. Only D-ranked monsters will appear, but I won't skip ahead from the beginning because I have to deal with traps.

 And it's lunchtime.
 The clock mage costs 50 gold coins, but I'll buy it soon.
 For now, we'll take a guess at the time. As expected, if you go to the dungeon every week, you can get a general idea of how hungry you are.
 Still, it's going at 50 kilometers per hour, so I entered the dungeon around 8:00 in the morning and was two levels ahead before noon.

"You don't see too many treasure chests or anything.

 Cecil talks to you while you eat your bread. Master Cecil has gotten used to eating outside in the last two months.

I'm not sure if it's because I prioritize dungeon capture. There aren't that many treasure chests at each level like this.

 Expect to find only a few chests on each level, which is 60 kilometers in the shortest distance. If there are no chests on the shortest route, they are unlikely to be found.
 I have ignored the chests in C-class dungeons, but I still don't remember seeing them many times.

 And after attacking one level in the afternoon, I finally found it after the fourth level.

Oh! It's a treasure chest!

 Seeing the treasure chest at the back of the small room, Keel exclaims. He leans forward and is stopped by everyone. It might be a mimic, though we have countermeasures against the poison.

Now, then, Maria, go open the door for me.

"Yes, Death!

 Spirit C's summoner heads to the treasure chest in a fluffy manner.
 With no traps to disarm, Allen's party has a plan to have a summoner check the treasure chest for traps.

 More of Allen's summons have arms and legs. Stone D and C summons also have arms and legs. But they don't speak the language. And spirit C summons can pass through walls, so they can see what's inside without opening the chest. If it's a trap, you won't have to open it.

 Everyone looks at Spirit C's summons to the treasure chest with excitement. We are waiting for Keel to cast a recovery spell. Keel's recovery magic is naturally good for the summons as well.
 Summons can also recover their strength with over-the-counter recovery pills.

 Now that Kiel has grown to level 30, he has much less opportunity to use things like Allen's Weed of Life.
 Rather than decreasing, until now, the highest ranked magical beasts that appeared in the game were only C-ranked, and Allen's use of magic stones to recover the health of his friends has completely disappeared since Keel's arrival.

 Name] Keel
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Monks
 [Level] 30
 Physical strength] 397
 Magic power] 749
 Attack Power] 298
 Endurance] 421
 [Quickness] 479
 Intelligence] 661
 Fortune 603
 Skills: Monks [2], Recovery [2], Firmness [2], Swordsmanship [3].
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 26,550/30,000

Skill level
 Monks] 2
 [Recovery] 2
 Solid] 2
Skills Experience
 Recovery 28/100 
 Solid] 15/100

Your skills are developing nicely. I remember going to church and praying to learn recovery magic.

 Kiel had both monk level and recovery level of 1 when he was enlisted. Like Cecil, his monk level became 2 when his level exceeded 10.

 Both recovery and attack magic seem to have a level cap.

 Then you go to the church and pray to get a solid skill. In addition, although you would normally have to make an offering, the church also backs up the school, and there is no charge for students to pray for their skills.

 Furthermore, the amount of recovery skill recovery is dependent on intelligence. Although it has not been verified, it is something that Keel learned in his afternoon class. The reason why it can't be verified is because no one can take that much damage.

 While Allen is thinking about this, Spirit C's summoner will reach the treasure chest. The summoned beast of Spirit C, which Allen also shared, makes me gaze at the treasure chest.

 It's a nondescript wooden box. This can be one of the following three things.

 1 The treasure chest
 2 Traps
 3 Mimic

 I'm going to take a look at the inside of the treasure chest without opening it, which is how to tell them apart. Spirit C's summoner can slip through matter. I'm not sure if the walls of the dungeon are just matter or not, but they can slip through normally.

 If it's a treasure chest, open it. If it's a trap, leave it open. And if it's a mimic, what happens if it's a mimic?

 Spirit C's summoner buries his hands and face in the crate.


 You poke your head in, and suddenly the mouth of the treasure chest pops open. The rim is lined with countless saw-like teeth.

It's a mimic!

"Whew! You're going to die! Psycho!

 Suddenly, a treasure chest attacks and surprises me. A round gray volleyball-sized sphere arose from the hand of Spirit C's summoner and headed toward the mimic with great speed .

! Guluaa!

"Death! Death!

 Every time a mimic is hit by Spirit C's special skill, Psycho, it is blown away. Spirit C's summoner shoots without mercy. Even though she's blown up to the edge of the wall, her attacks don't stop, and at last the mimic stops moving. It seems to have died.

One mimic has been killed. I've got 20,000 experience.

(Hmmm, the enhanced Maria can defeat a B-ranked hexenbiest with half her magic power.

 Consider the strength of Spirit C's summoner. The magic power of Spirit C's summoner can be fully recovered in 6 hours .

"Oh come on! Really? I thought Mimic was a B-ranked hexenbiest.

 Dogora is astonished. The mimic has been replaced by a B-ranked magic stone and a mithril spear. It's true that mimics sometimes drop items when defeated.

Wow! The spear is out!

 Krena gets down from the bird C summoner and picks up a spear and a magic stone. This spear could be sold for about 50 gold coins.

 This is how the attack on the B-class dungeon progressed.