Allen wakes up on the stone pavement. He looks around and sees his friends peering at him.

"You awake? Wouldn't Allen have been better off taking an alarm pill after all?

(Oh, you fell asleep in the sleep trap. I've been waiting for you.

 Allen realizes what has happened to him. This is a small room on the sixth floor of a B-class dungeon. The dungeon is so wide and long that the small room is about the size of a 25-meter pool.

 Near the center of the room, everyone looks anxiously around Allen. The reason why everyone is worried is that Allen is the only one who hasn't taken his alarm pills.

"Maria, did you use the spice?

"Yes, Death!

"How long did it take you to wake up?

"It didn't take me more than 10 seconds!

(Waking up in seconds? That's pretty fast. So if you're this clear, it's easy to come back to life in combat?

"Allen, what's up?

 Crenna looks in worriedly.

"No, I'm fine. I'd like to do some verification on this trap, if that's okay?

Verification. . okay.

"Oh, validation, huh? Okay, Krena. Help me train a little.

"Yeah, I get it!

 Cecil agrees, as if to say, "Validation again. Allen has done a number of verifications in dungeons. There's a lot we don't know about C-ranked summons and awakening skills. I want to clear up any uncertainties as soon as possible.

 The dungeon attack can sometimes be interrupted in this way. My companions also think that Allen's summoning skills are unfamiliar to me. And I know that you are without a teacher and a teaching manual, so I won't stop you.

 The strategy is important, but when you are in a pinch, this kind of verification can make the difference between getting through or not.

 Allen is a person who goes to the limit to find out what he wants to know.
 This time, we'll be examining sleep.

 Allen's examination can last several hours, so Dogora will ask Krsna to practice with him. Dogora, who doesn't yet have access to the skill, believes that if you swing the axe with the skill in mind, just like Krsna and Sage de Bergh trained, the skill will someday kick in.
 Krsna helps him practice it.
 This dogora training is done almost every day. When I return home from school, I go around the dungeons, but I still find time for an hour or two.

 There's a trap from a B-class dungeon. It could be arrows or poison. I don't have any scouts in my party, so this party is full of traps. This is a brainstorming chart that tells you that you can heal arrows and other injuries with healing potions.

 I thought they were restorative for physical strength and magic, so I thought they must be restorative for abnormalities. However, we have only used poisonous traps and arrow traps so far, so we haven't been able to verify this. If I'm wrong and I accidentally die from the poison, I'll be lost. Allen kept waiting for the sleep trap to appear.

 Leaving the four of them in the corner of the small room, Allen stares at the trap in the center.

(I can't even tell this trap apart.)

 It looks completely the same as the other cobblestones. According to Spirit C's summoner, when you step on these cobblestones, they will be depressed and emit white smoke.

"Use the condiments when you sleep again.

"Yes, Death

 Saying that, Allen steps on the cobblestone trap. Shiro smoke comes out of the area.

It's the same as the poison trap. The range is about five meters from where you step on it. (The smoke should wear off in a few seconds.)

 Though the smoke is gone, Allen's consciousness is clear. There seems to be no effect of the white smoke of sleep.

(The effect of the condiments? I don't feel sleepy. (The effect is different from over-the-counter wake-up pills.

 Effects of over-the-counter wake-up pills
Drinking and being able to wake up from sleep
Drink in advance and the effect lasts all day
The effect is one time only
The price is 3 silver coins

 Grass C's special skill "condiment" does not seem to lose its effect once it is activated. I activated the trap again, but there was nothing.

 As I scratched my face to see if anything else was missing, I felt some discomfort and scratched my face, and then something red and black came off. You notice that there is a scab around your mouth.

(Huh?) When did you get hurt? (And like that, Fran was on the move)

 Allen reminds himself of something important. It was on the move that Allen fell asleep in a sleep trap. He's a bird-C summoner that can run at 50 kilometers per hour even when he's not using his special skills.

(Did I lose consciousness and fall off the flan in my sleep?

"Maria, what happened to Fran and the others with the smoke?

"Everyone is asleep.

 Spirit C's summoner tells me the situation at the time. While on the move as a group, the bird C summoner was put to sleep by the trap. All but Allen had taken a bottle of the medicine beforehand, so he was able to passive and survive, but he says he was injured by the summoner's fall.

 After hearing that much, Allen took out his grimoire to check the status. You will be able to see that everyone's health is still intact, including Allen.

Maria, was it Keel who cast the recovery spell?

"So Death

 Apparently, everyone's strength has been restored by Keel's recovery.

(Okay, more validation of this green peppery looking condiment.)

 Allen pulls out a summoner and begins to step on the trap.

 He wants to see which summons will and will not fall asleep. Allen was inadvertently misled. Since Spirit C's summons were repeatedly exposed to white smoke and remained unperturbed, I wondered if the summons were resistant to sleep.

 I took the time to examine them all.

 I found out that the effects of sleep, which is an abnormality, differed depending on the strains, not just the rank.

 How well does sleep work?
100% insect strains
Beast strains 100%.
100% bird strains
Grass strains 0%.
Stone system 0%
Fish strains 100%.
Spiritual lineage 0%

(I see that the living systems are almost 100% effective, and the non-living systems are not. Grasses are living things, but they are plants, so they need to sleep.

 Uniform and easy to understand.

 To summarize the results of the condiments so far.
Release sleep
It is also effective against summonses.
The effect lasts

 Things that could not be verified
Is it also effective against poisons?
Duration of the effect

(If it has a duration, you might want to take it beforehand. I mean, the summoner fell asleep, and we all got in danger.

 As I was about to say to my companions, "Hey, let's go then," as I got some validation results together.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. !!!! There it is! !!!!

 Dogora gave a roar.

'Yes! You did it! Dogora!

Dogora, you've learned to use your skills?


 The potato-faced Dogora has a big smile on his face. Dogora seems to have become skilled a little later than Krena.

 Allen will check the magic consumption in his grimoire.

(Oh! (Indeed, Dogora's skill experience has increased)

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 12
 Occupation: Axeman
 [Level] 35
 Physical strength] 772
 Magic power] 416
 Attack Power] 1016
 Endurance] 670
 Quickness] 424
 Intelligence] 282
 Fortune 458

 Skill: War Axe <1>, Full Length <1>, Axe Technique <4>.
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 59,630/70,000

Skill level
 Battleaxe] 1
 Best of Body 1
Skills Experience

"Hmm? ALLEN. Are you done looking into it yet?

"Yeah, that's perfect. Everybody wait.

Okay, well, let's keep going in the dungeon! I don't want to forget this feeling!

 Dogora carries an axe and straddles the summoner of the bird C first. I urge you to continue your dungeon attack. She can't wait to use her skills against the hexenbiest.

 Allen said, well, thank you for waiting, and resumed the dungeon attack.