132 130. Growth

"Porgy, alright.

"One! One!

 Fluffy and Allen cuddle against a dog wagging its tail. This dog is a beast F summoner.
 Normally, it would be as stern as a big dog, but now it's a small dog that looks like a chihuahua.

 Is that "Is that fun? And there's a cat staring from the top of the cupboard. This cat is a summoner of the beast E. It should be a saber tiger. It should be a saber tiger, but it is as docile as a clear cat. It occupies the empty shelf at the top of the cupboard and grooms itself.

 These two summons change their appearance upon awakening.

 Beast F summons
 Awakening Skill "Loyal Dog

 Beast E summons
 Awakening Skill "Borrowed Cat

 The effect is that a loyal dog becomes like a little dog and misses. Even a borrowed cat becomes like a house cat and relaxes. Once you use the awakening skill, it lasts for a month.

 At first glance, the look and effect seem meaningless. But Allen disagrees.

 As the beast lineage rises in rank, it essentially uses the higher ranks. Since their role is to attack, the holder will have the highest rank with the highest status.

 That's where you come in, mimicking your dog and cat. This allows you to keep them in the house to camouflage and guard them. If there are intruders, they will be caught off guard. It has been enhanced and its attack power and strength have been increased by 500.

 Kiel's sister Nina caters to Spirit C's summons, so these beasts, F and E, are the servants' exclusive pets.

 The verification of the awakening skills is in progress, but the duration of the effect varies and it feels very well thought out.

Well, shall we go now?


 Dogora's energy is good . After nearly three months of frustration, I finally got to use my skills, and my enthusiasm for participating in dungeons is halfway there. He's in the state of Krsna, having learned his skills. I'm glad to see that you've discovered the joy of your own growth.

 Today is a vacation for the school.

 It's already July, so three months have gone by. Two years and nine months until the battlefield feels like a blur.

 Today is the day you're going to hunt the first boss of a B-class dungeon. We arrived at the bottom level of the level like in a C-class dungeon, so we didn't try to kill the boss while we were at it.

 As usual, you'll be skipped from the building to the bottom level of the B-class dungeon. In other levels, you'd jump to a passage, but at the bottom level, you'll be right in front of a big door.

 Open the door with a heavy pattern and you'll see a round hall with the lowest level boss sitting in the middle.

What was it again? I think it was a huge bore,

Oh, I think it's a Great-Boar supreme hexenbiest.

 In the center of the lowest boss's hall, there are about 10 C-ranked great boas that were hunted in Krsna village. In the center of the hall is a giant boa that is as tall as five meters.

 I think it's worthy of being the lowest-level boss of a beastly dungeon.

(I went back and made a plan, but I don't think we're going to lose, you know? (There was a time when I thought only summoners could get blessings, too.

 Once you enter the space between the bottom level bosses, you can't get out until you defeat them. You can't escape or stop them because they look too strong.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 37
 Body strength] 1520 + 900
 Magic power] 586
 Attack Power] 1520 + 900
 Endurance] 1068 + 900
 [Quickness] 1027 + 900
 Intelligence] 606
 Fortune 735

 Skills: Swordsmanship [3], Slashing [3], Flying swords [3], Rigid body [1], Swordsmanship [5].
 Extra] Breakthrough
 Experience] 46,630 / 100,000

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 3
 [Slash] 3
 Fei Jian] 3

Skills Experience
 Slash] 252/1,000
 Flying swords] 285/1,000

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Mage
 [Level] 37
 Physical strength] 637
 Magic power] 1069 + 600
 Attack Power] 406
 Endurance] 664
 [Quickness] 628 + 600
 Intelligence] 1470 + 600
 Fortune 592

 Skill: Magic, 3, Fire, 3, Earth, 3, Wisdom, 1, Kumite, 2
 Extras] micrometeorite
 Experience] 57,430 / 100,000

Skill level
 Magic] 3
 Fire Magic] 3 [Earth Magic] 3
Skills Experience
 Fire magic] 690/1,000
 Earth magic] 690/1,000

 Name] Keel
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Monks
 [Level] 37

 [Physical strength] 475
 Magic power] 899 + 300
 Attack Power] 358
 Durability] 505
 Quickness] 575
 Intelligence] 793 + 300
 Fortune] 723
 Skills: Monks <3>, Recovery <3>, Firmness <3>, Faith <1>, Swordplay <3>.
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 12,350 / 100,000

Skill level
 Monks] 3
 [Recovery] 3
 Solid] 3
Skills Experience
 Repetition 380/1,000 
 Solid] 310/1,000

 Keel turned 13 years old the other day. He's the first one to turn thirteen among his friends. We had a solid birthday party at the base. I think keel has recently started to get into the groove. Or maybe he stopped to think about it.

 With the increased use of skills in B-class dungeons, everyone's vocational skills have reached skill level 3.
 The newly acquired skills were Rigid Body for Krena, Wisdom for Cecil, and Faith for Kiel.

 Rigidity increases four stats by 900
 Wisdom increases the three statuses by 600
 Faith increases two statuses by 300

 Allen thought that summoner, an 8-star rare occupation, was a special occupation and therefore came with a blessing.
 However, other professions have skills that increase status similar to blessings.
 I don't know how far normal mode will grow, but everyone will grow at 100 times the rate of Allen's.

(Seriously, my prediction was correct. Normal Mode isn't weak at all. If such a strong Normal Mode keeps losing battles, then maybe the Demon King's Army is too strong).

 The Knight Commander and the assassin Dagraha were both ridiculously strong. It was hard to believe that their status was only leveled up as normal.

 There was a battlefield where half of those well-trained normal modes would not survive in three years.

'All Protect'

 Allen thinks and Keel applies the firmness skill level 3. Steadfast level 3 increases the defensive strength of everyone in your party by 10 percent. Krena's defensive strength increases by nearly 200 on its own. It also adds up to the status increased by the protection of the rigid body and summoning techniques, so it's a very useful skill.

Let's go then!



 On Kuleena's signal, Aren and the others on the summoned beast of Bird C ride toward them in formation.

 While Krena and Dogora are in the front row, a giant boar-shaped beast C summoner runs alongside them, performing a special technique called 'rush' as they rush in.

 This is to prevent the C-ranked monsters from ignoring Krsna and Dogora and going after Keel and Cecil. Demonic beasts will target the weak and rearward ones first. Especially at C-rank, this tendency is becoming more and more apparent.

 Normally, Allen is the one who guards the rear of the pack, but for the lowest boss battles, he'll stay behind Krsna and Dogora and give instructions to the summonses. Keel and Cecil are at the back of the line.

Flame Arrow!

 Cecil hits the fire magic level 3 ranged attack. The C-ranked monsters will be burned to nothing and disappear. This is to reduce the number of monsters to some extent before Krena and Dogora engage them.

 The plan is to take out the C-ranked monsters with Allen and Cecil to kill the small fry, and then let Kurena and Dogora take charge of the lowest-tier boss, the hyggeboa.

 Then a few minutes


 Crenna's slash, which reached skill level 3, dealt a glancing blow to the hyggeboa's head. She had been hit several times before, and this was what stopped her.

Oh! I beat a B-ranked monster! All Heels!

 Kiel casts a full recovery spell to restore everyone's strength.

(After all, it's great to be able to cast a recovery spell on everyone at once.

Good job, you've conquered a B-level dungeon now. Oh!

 The reward treasure chest was a silver box.

Oh! That's silver! There's a silver box!

 Keel looks happy too. Keel goes first to open the treasure chest. Inside the chest is a pair of knuckles of a baboon. The vermilion glow looks very high class. A baboon's weapon is worth over 100 gold pieces if you sell it.

(There was a time when I also thought that Keel was obsessed with money for his family.

 The first is that I have a debt and I need money to pay it off
 Second, I need money because I have a family to feed.
 Third, I just love money!

 Allen had previously considered why Keel would ask for money. It was thought to be the second one, but when we acted together we often saw him say and do things that seemed to be the third one.

 He is comfortably holding his knuckles of baboonkane to the sky. Keel loved money.

...... a gold-digger, or in Keel's case, a gold saint.

 Cecil gives us a dumbfounded voice to say what Allen is thinking. This might be the moment when the mysterious word "golden saint" was born in another world.

 This is how Allen's party finished attacking the first B-class dungeon.