133 Episode 131 Pigeon ①

 It's been a month since we conquered a B-class dungeon.
 It's early August now.

 What's happened in the past month is that Krsna successfully passed the culture test. We all took the test, and we all passed, but we celebrated for Krsna's passing. Krsna looked happy to see the food on the table. I hope we can have another celebration after the liberal arts exam next February.

 You've conquered the second B-class dungeon. Now there's only one more class A dungeon left to go. I came to Gakuen City not knowing what the dungeons really are, but I think we're progressing fast enough. Crenna has begun to defeat B-ranked monsters by herself, and I think she's growing too fast.

 After a month-long hiatus, I've resumed asking for D-rank magical stones in July. In one B-class dungeon, you can collect about 200 C-ranked magical stones per day in one level. Divide the summoner squad into three teams and collect 600 C-ranked magical stones a day. They also actively collect treasure chests.

 The Summoner Squad must also defeat mimics. Since I'm not sure if they are mimics or not, when I find a treasure chest, I try to use Spirit C's special skill "Psycho" from a distance.

 Now I know that the maximum number of magical stones per level is approximately 200 per day. Apparently, there is a limit to the speed at which magical beasts can emerge, so the maximum number of magical stones in one level is 200.
 The timing of the hexenbiest's appearance in the dungeon is not constant, so you'll have to kill 200 of them in a day.

 To hunt more than 200 monsters, we try to find a monster summoning trap with a treasure chest. If you are surrounded by C-ranked monsters, even C-ranked summons can get beaten up a little bit, but if you find them, you can recover about 1000 C-ranked magical stones.

 The location of traps and treasure chests seem to change at midnight, so it's crucial to discover the monster summon traps as soon as possible when the date changes.

 The magical stones and money earned in a month by Allen's summons alone
34,760 C-rated magic stones
Treasure chest rewards 425 gold coins

 With the help of C-ranked magic stones, you can recruit 310,000 D-ranked magic stones.
 The staff of the Adventurer's Guild said with a grimace on their face that they want me to limit my recruitment to a maximum of 10,000 D-ranked magic stones per week. It seems that the monthly recruitment limit is 50,000 stones.

 Since the party usually receives all the magic stones from dungeons, I bought the necessary items for the party with the rewards of the treasure chests recovered by the summoner.

 I needed a chariot for the base's activities and a magical clock for the magic tools because I couldn't find the time in the dungeon, so I got them all together. Each cost 50 gold coins. Thanks to you, we have a stable in the yard, and my 15-year-old squire is taking care of it.

 This will make it easier for me to keep track of time when I'm holed up in the dungeon during my summer vacation.

 Allen is now flying around in the sky as a summoner.

(Oh! It was. (Or rather, it was far away.)

 I see the same scene I once saw from the sky in the summons of Bird G. It's Krsna village.

 I used to come here every month with the summons of bird G, but today I saw the summons of bird F in the shape of a pigeon.

 Allen and his friends have safely entered their summer vacation. It's a two-month summer vacation, but we've agreed to go to a dungeon instead of going home. I want to raise my level and skill level during these two months, and I can't wait to challenge an A-class dungeon.
 One of my goals is to get the magic recovery ring from an A-class dungeon.

 I'm not going home, but I've come back to Granville to do some things. While I'm here, I'll give you an update. And while I'm at it, I've got flight training for the bird F summons.

 Allen arrives at his parents' house. When you enter the house, you'll find Rodin, Teresia, Mash and Murat. It's a good thing that everyone is here since it's lunchtime and they're eating steamed potatoes.

I'm home. It's so far away.

 A dove came into the dirt floor and spoke in Allen's voice.


 The baked potatoes have fallen out of Murat's hand.

(Okay, okay, you all can hear me.)

 This bird F summoner can utter words just like the bird G summoner. However, unlike the Voice Maneater, it only uses Allen's voice.

 Bird F's special skill "Transmission" ability
Allen's voice can deliver words to targets in a 3 km radius
You can select a target, but no one else can hear the voice
Distance and obstacles do not change the volume of the voice

 Bird F's Awakening Skill "Denrei" Ability
Allen's voice can deliver information to targets in a 100 km radius
Information can be anything Allen sees or hears (even video)
Distance and obstacles do not change the volume of the voice
Cool time is one day

 It's a hell of a useful skill. It's clearly a skill with a wide range of battlefield awareness.

 My summoning level is 6 and I've learned the awakening skill. Now I'm up to my waking level of 5. I've learned a lot of things thanks to this. The other bird strains up to D rank are as follows

 Chirp" skill of Bird G
Able to emit a voice at the same time that you learned from voice imitation
Cool time is one day

 Bird E's Awakening Skill "clairvoyant" ability
Figure out what is within a 100 km radius
Can't see inside the obstacles
Valid only during the day

Cool time is one day

 Bird D's Awakening Skill "Byakuya" ability
Figure out what is within a 100 km radius
Can't see inside the obstacles
Valid only at night
Cool time is one day

"Oh, Allen?

"Yeah, yeah, I'm home. I was able to do this one today, not Pippi. I'm so heavy.

(It's really a chappy.)

 The bird G summoned by Allen named Chappie is called "Pippi-chan" by his family.

 Then he places a basket on the ground in his foot and speaks. In this basket are letters from Krsna, Dogora, and Cecil. Klarena's father can't read, so I'm going to tell him what they say. I'll give Rodin the letters from Krena and Dogora.

 Since Allen can speak for himself, this pigeon and the parakeet that used to come once a month are his abilities. And that they attend the school. I tell them that we all live together in harmony.

 I hadn't talked to him before when he was a summoned bird G, but when he started telling his friends about his skills, he decided to confide in them about his ability to tell them and not his family.

Oh, yeah. Well, I had a feeling it was something else. That bird was so Allen-esque.

(Hmm, that sounds like me. Nice work, that's my dad.

 Especially the way he treated mash and Murat was very Allen-like.

 Then we chat. As the story goes, in April of this year Murat was tested for a talent, but unfortunately there was no talent. A talent didn't come along too often. I'm sure that this year Murat will be six years old already.

Oh, and here's the thing. My lord sent me an envoy to be chief of the village.

"Oh! Dad, you're going to be the mayor.

(Finally, I was eight years old when I heard that, so it's taken me more than four and a half years to get there.

Yes, I do. Yeah, I'm f*cked.

 Allen's father, Rodin, had heard from the butler of the House of Granville that he was a candidate for village chief. That was when he was a servant at the age of eight.

 In order to fight the demon king's army, a territorial settlement order has been issued in the kingdom. Under this decree, new villages must be settled.

 In fact, we already knew the place to be settled, but the white dragon has moved on, and due to the mining of mithril ore, the new frontier village has been put on hold. Now that the mining of mithril ore is in sight, Mayor Rodin says that a frontier village is about to begin.

 Rodin talks about the future plans. Apparently, the village will start next April. Krsna's father, Gerda, will accompany you then. And we were talking about recruiting people from the territory who want to go to the frontier village.

 The place is about a two-day walk from this Krsna village. It's adjacent to the woods where the great boars come in the fall.

Well, my father is 32 years old now. Mom is 30. Maybe the timing was right.

 It takes a lot of time to build a pioneer village. It takes ten or fifteen years to take shape. The village chief may have resistance from those below him if he is too young, but if he is too old, he will not be strong enough. Rodin's age now is probably just right.

Okay, give him a letter for me.

 Next April, Rodin's pioneer village will begin. I wonder if there's anything I can do to help, Allen thinks.

Well, the next stop is the town of Granville. I guess I should thank the chief for his help too.

 Having spoken to some extent, the bird F summoner flew out of Allen's family home to the city of Granville.