134 CHAPTER 132 Pigeon ②

 Allen comes back to the city of Granville, becoming the summoner of the bird F.
 He descends to the mansion where he lived in the attic until five months ago.


 Pecking at the window, using the beak.

 Viscount Granville, who was in the room, notices a dove pecking at the window from outside. Wondering what's going on, you open the window and a caged pigeon naturally enters the room and lands on the desk.

"It's good to see you. This is Allen.

"What? Allen?

 Surprised to arch his back, for the dove spoke. Allen waits for Viscount Granville to calm down.
 After a while, the viscount regains his composure. He seems to recall the report from the Knight Commander about the parrot speaking in Allen's voice.

 Allen talks about Cecil's letter in the basket and the fact that he and Cecil won't be back for the summer vacations to capture the dungeon.

 Viscount Granville frowns for a moment at the mention of a dungeon attack, but doesn't blame you. It's a famous story that the school has been making students pass the god's test through dungeons.

Thank you for taking the trouble to tell us.

 You also give a firm word of thanks to Allen in the form of a dove.

You'll be able to find out more about it. In fact, as written in the letter from Cecil, I would like to talk to you about the Karnell family.

"What, the Charnel family?

 Viscount Granville looks at me dubiously. I'll tell him about the turmoil in the Karnell family, from when I met and became friends with Keel.

That's why we're living together in our base.

That's why ....... Does that mean that CeCe and Cecil are together?


"Yes ......

 The viscount takes his gaze off the dove and looks out the window. He presses his fingers to his eyes and wonders if the summer sun is hitting him in the head.

"So, I've come to see if there is any talk of rebuilding the house after five years of service, as the royal envoy said.

 Let's talk about what happened to Kiel. Allen came all the way back to Granville this time to check this out. If it's the rebirth of a neighboring lord's house, there may be talk to Viscount Granvelle.

If I'm not mistaken, that sounds like news to me. It's still a lie.

 Of course, I've told my friends, including Keel, that I'm telling this story to Viscount Granville. I even asked Cecil to confirm the fact in his letter.

...... I'm not sure if that's true or not.

(After all, you don't know about Viscount Granville. Maybe he only talked to Kiel.

 As Allen thinks, the viscount continues to speak.

"I don't know about the promise, but if Keel's talent is a monk, that's a common story.

"Is that common?

 The viscount told me a story prefaced by saying that it was not about Kiel, but about general things.

 It was a story that said that the royalty and the nobility would run out of talented nobles for monks.

 Both royalty and nobility have lovely children of their own. Even parents who are willing to send their children into battle for the family would certainly prefer to see them return.

 However, children with restorative talents, such as monks, are few and far between, partly because of the church's commitment to take them in. If possible, I would like to have someone who can recover at my child's side.

"There are so few?

 I think 50% of people die in three years because there's no rescuer.

No, well, yes. No one goes out of their way to place a healer for the nobles. The lack of healers is partly due to the fact that we have a small group of elves from Rosenheim to play the role of healers, by agreement.

(The Baucis Empire is supporting the Central Continent with magical tools, but Rosenheim is supporting it with magic? The Central Continent is always being saved . Well, if the central continent falls, both continents are going to be attacked from all directions .

 We are not troubled by the lack of restorers, because the elves are with us to protect us.
 They say that the shortage is not enough, but that they are prepared for it.

 But the elves are there to win the war, not because of the selfishness of royalty and nobility.
 They say they have come across the continent to support you and have no intention of protecting the nobility.

 If you are too selfish to give unreasonable orders to the elves, they might return to Rosenheim.  
 It would mean the collapse of the front line.

 So the question is what to do.

 At first I hired some commoners and serfs with restorative talents.
 They would take the restorative geniuses because they were going to give money to their families or guarantee their status.

 However, the church objected to this. They say it's not right to use the talents given by God for such a nobleman.

"So the church and kingdom are at odds with each other?

Yes. In an empire, the emperor has absolute power, but in a kingdom, the churches and guilds have a certain voice.

 The church's strong position seems to be a national trait. In addition, various guilds, including the Adventurer's Guild, seem to have a certain amount of power as well.

 So what's going to happen is that they are going to crush the aristocrats who are talented in recovery.

 If the problems of the nobles are to be solved by the nobles, the church can't be too forthcoming.
 There is a situation where you want a healer to be at your side at all times because the child of one of the princes and nobles is always on the battlefield.

 Even after the healers have done their job, you want them to stay on afterwards.

 Usually royalty or great nobles reward or guarantee the prosperity of the family and ask them to stay after they have done their duty. But there are also children of noble families who stay on the battlefield until they die by a promise made by their parents.

"Does that mean that this case is probably the latter?

"Well, I guess so.

 If a royal messenger deceives you in the name of the king, you're dealing with a demolished child of a noble family.

(Yes, Keel's recovery magic is very effective.)

 Keel's monk skills have gone up another one in the past month to 4.

 Effects of Kiel's recovery magic
Heal level 1 Recovers one target's strength.
Recovery Level 2 Greatly restores one target's strength.
Recovery Level 3 Heals the entire party's vitality within a 10-meter radius.
Recovery Level 4 Greatly restores the entire party's vitality within a 10-meter radius.

 The amount of recovery seems to depend on intelligence. The exact values of intelligence and recovery are still being measured, but they are quite useful.

 In a ten-meter radius, if you recover one soldier per three square meters, you can recover about 100 soldiers at once.

(Well, that makes my waking skills evil.)

 In July, I recruited 100,000 D-rank magic stones, all of which were digested for skill experience, so my awakening has reached level 6. Thanks to this, I have a clearer picture of all the awakening skills.

Herb, the awakening skill of Grass F
 Breathing the scent, the 24-hour magic recovery cycle becomes 3 hours
Grass E's Awakening Skill "Leaf of Life".
 Recovers 1000 times the strength of the entire party in a 50-meter radius
Grass D's Awakening Skill "Seeds of Magic".
 Recovers 1,000 times the magic power of the entire party in a 50-meter radius
The Awakening Skill of Grass C.
 Heals the entire party's anomaly within a 50-meter radius. The effect lasts for 24 hours.

 With a radius of 50 meters, one soldier per 3 square meters can heal more than 2500 people at once.

(Well, I should start buying E-ranked magic stones in the meantime so that I won't have trouble recovering on the battlefield. You don't know when you'll be able to replenish them on the battlefield.

 I have a policy after listening to the viscount this time.
 In addition to the 50,000 D-ranked magical stones we are currently recruiting, we will also recruit E-ranked stones. I think we can recruit about 100,000 E-ranks a month.

 I don't know how many years it will take for Allen to destroy the demon king's army and defeat the demon king if he goes to the battlefield. There's no shortage of healing potions. If we're going to defend the front line with the students we're studying with, we'll need a lot of restorative medicine.

Well, that remains to be seen. We'll have to talk about now.

The house of Karnell is going to be demolished. The house of a recovering nobleman that they had reserved for themselves will be gone. Are you saying that you were in a hurry and made a promise to go to war for five years?

 Allen sums up the situation in Kiel based on the Viscount's story and his own expectations.

I'm sure you're right. I'm sure the 5 years is probably for the kids who will be entering the school.

 Although he has the appearance of a pigeon, Allen's tone is filled with anger.

"Yes, I understand the situation. Thank you.

"What are you going to do?

"No, we won't bother the Granvels.

No, you're not. What are you doing?

"I will ask His Majesty the King to re-establish the House of Charnel.

"What if His Majesty refuses?

"I'm sure we'll have to do a reasonable job of petitioning to make sure we don't get rejected.

 As a matter of course, he says he will ask the king to re-establish the House of Karnell.

It would be the end of the kingdom if I refused. I'll be the second witch king. Just kidding, we have to think of a plan to prevent him from saying no. Well, there's enough time to work out a plan. I'll figure it out.

 I've known Keel for a few months, but I know. Keel is a good guy.

 He's quite greedy or money-loving, and Cecil calls him a "golden saint" rather than a "money man", but he's integrated enough to be able to say that to himself.

 It's not just that he's a "money man" but also that he's taking the money he's earned for his sister and his servants without spending it. Rather than spending money, he's living a conservative life.
 He doesn't say anything about it, but I think it's to ensure that his sister and the servants won't have to live without him for five years.

 Allen has no intention of letting what happened to Kiel go on.

 The viscount puts his fingers to his eyes and begins to think. Then, after a pause, he speaks.

"Allen. Once again, you said five years? Not three years, not seven years.

"Yes, I've heard of five years.

 "Well, five years," murmured the little viscount. I'm wondering if you have any idea what you're talking about.

I'm sorry, Allen. Are you sure you don't mind if I take care of this one?

"What? Would you be willing to move the viscount?

Yes. A messenger of the royal family has given my name, has he not?

 He says it makes sense for the viscount to move. It's not that Allen wanted the baron to move. He just wanted to know what happened to Kiel.

"Thank you, sir.

 Viscount Granville says he will go to the castle to check it out. It may take some time, but he said to wait.

 It's more than two years before he goes to the battlefield. I'll be waiting for you, replied Allen in the form of a dove.