135 Art. 133 Auction

 Allen told all his friends, including Keel, that Viscount Granville had taken care of Keel's case.
 Keel simply said, "Okay. In front of him, I've muddled through the falsehood of the royal messenger, but I feel that Keel has gotten the message. Maybe he knew about it at first.
 And he told me that he would continue with his dungeon solving days as before.

 Keel thinks that no matter what happens, he still needs money for his family.

 We are in the middle of August.
 The school is on summer vacation, so it's all about dungeons.

 There's more to do than just dungeons, so four days out of a six-day week you'll be in a dungeon.
 For two days, I just beat the bottom-level bosses in the two B-ranked dungeons and three C-ranked dungeons that I do as part of my daily routine. If I only had to do the lowest level boss, it would take me half a day.

 Today is neither of those days.
 It's a day off from dungeons because we have things to do that take all day.

 Allen and his team of five have come to the Adventurers' Guild. The Adventurer's Guild is basically just for collecting magic stones and asking for recruits, but today is a different matter.

Welcome. What can I do for you today?

"I'm here to renew my adventurer's card and ask for the magic stone. And I need to check something else.

 Allen and his team finally conquered the third B-class dungeon as the summer vacations and the days of entering the dungeon increased.

 I was told to wait a little while and waited my turn in a corner of the second floor.

There are a lot of students. I guess everyone goes to dungeons during the summer vacation. Not only freshmen, but also sophomores and juniors.

 The Adventurer's Guild's student-only floor at the school on the second floor has a lot of students.
 If this many students are coming, it's understandable that there will be a dedicated floor for them.
 Considering the history of the Demon King that you will be learning after the summer break of the second year, the third year students are likely to be there quite a bit. Third-year students will be on the battlefield in the next six months or so.
 You'll want to train them as much as possible.

 With that in mind, it's your turn.
 As usual, you will be led to the low counter and asked your business. Since we recruit magic stones almost every week, the staff looks familiar.

"Do you want the magic stone again today?

 He understands the request as if it were a favorite restaurant.

"Yes, I'm here to renew my adventurer's certificate because I've conquered three B-class dungeons, as well as the request for the magical stones.

 The official was a little surprised, but said he would take your adventurer's card for renewal and bring it to the back of the custody counter.

"It may take a moment to change it. Would you like me to complete your request in the meantime?

I was looking for a D-ranked magic stone, but I would like to recruit an E-ranked magic stone. I have been recruiting D-ranked magic stones, but I would like to recruit E-ranked magic stones as well. Is there an upper limit to the number of stones that can be recruited?

''Yes, that's right. I think we can recruit as much as a D-ranked magic stone.

 Allen begins to collect E-ranked magic stones in preparation for the battlefield in three years.
 The staff asks for about 100,000 stones per month, or 20,000 per week, and you agree. Fill out the request form for E and D-rank magic stones. The maximum number of D-ranked magic stones is 50,000 per month.

Please note that you will be going to an A-class dungeon.

 Listen to the officials. Compared to B-class dungeons, these dungeons are more dangerous than B-class dungeons, and there are few adventurers who focus on A-class dungeons.

 To begin with, it is said that there is almost no point in attacking A-class dungeons because the lowest level bosses are A-class monsters.
 The reason why people go to dungeons is to get the reward for defeating the lowest boss.
 If you can't beat an A-ranked monster, there's no reason to go there.

 I've heard this before, but there's only a party that can capture five to ten of them.

I understand. I'll check the data later. And there's one more thing I'd like to know, okay?

"Of course.

 He says he will answer you well.

I would like to know about the auction.

 The weapons of Allen and his team have not changed much since the capture of the C-class dungeon. Allen had invested about 200 gold coins to equip everyone.
 Perhaps it's because they bought mithril or similarly priced equipment, but they haven't updated their equipment since then.
 In C and B class dungeons, you won't find such expensive equipment.

 Leveling up isn't the only way to get stronger. The higher you go, the harder it is to level up. In such a situation, you have to improve your equipment to become stronger.

 Store-bought goods are good, but what you have to think about in the future is to get high quality equipment whose price is driven by market value or demand.

 This is why we have auctions.

 Weapons that cost hundreds of gold coins will be sold at arms stores, and the same goes for armor stores.
 Weapons and armor shops have told me that they are the best pieces of weaponry and armor around.
 They say that this academy town has weapons and armor that are second to none in the royal capital.

 Aren and his teammates have been earning several gold coins per person per day by defeating the lowest level bosses in B-class dungeons as part of their daily routine. He expects to earn even more in the future.

 You have to use that money to get the best equipment before you graduate.

 The equipment includes a magic recovery ring, of course, but it's not the only one. There are many things you want: the best weapons, ironclad armor, and useful magic items.

"So this is an auction hosted by the Adventurer's Guild.

 A staff member teaches us about the auction.
The staff teaches us about the auction.
Auction items will be closed on the 20th of the previous month

After the 25th, you can check the status of the exhibit in the Adventurer's Guild
5 percent of the winning bid price is commission
If you hire an intermediary, the contingency fee must be 5 percent of the winning bid price.
Sellers are also charged a fee of 5 percent of the winning bid price

(I see, because of course if a good item comes up, it might fetch a better price in an auction than in a store.

 Record what you hear in the grimoire.

Will you be exhibiting the Orihalcon sword and such?

"Oh, orichalcone? Not much. As far as weapon materials go, adamantite is the best equipment you can find at auction.

 The Adamantite sword is said to be traded for more than 1,000 gold coins. They say that adamantine weapons are not sold every month.

The sword's approximate price range
Mithril 30 gold coins
100 gold coins
Adamantite gold coins more than 1000 pieces
Orihalcon swords without price

 Krena and Dogora weapons are bigger than swords, so a greatsword or axe would be more likely.

(Hmmm, Orihalcon weapons are unlikely to be available. (I guess this is the area I want to get out of the dungeon)

 In Allen, items such as weapons and armor are divided into three ranks.

 The lowest rank and least difficult to obtain are store sales. In this alternate world, they would be a few hundred gold coins at most.
 The next ranks are weapons that are not sold in stores, such as auctions or private transactions, but rather are priced by market value. I've just heard that there are some that are worth more than a thousand gold coins.

 And the highest-ranked weapons can't be bought with money.

 In his previous life, when he was Kenichi, Allen wanted the most powerful weapons and armor. Those weapons and armor were never available with money.
 There were trading restrictions, stats and levels, and I remember having to complete certain quests in order to equip them.

 This is why Allen doesn't care much about money. Equipment you can buy with money is just a passing phase. It's never failed to pass. I'm certainly only making enough to graduate from selling in stores right now, but I'll have the highest-ranked weapons and armor in this other world as well.

Can you tell me what kind of items will be on display?

"Of course.

 The auction will produce dozens to thousands of items in gold coins.

Strength ring
Attack Power Ring
Intelligence ring

 Officials say there's also a ring that raises your status. He says it's only about a few hundred gold pieces.

(I don't know how much it raises your status, but it's a pretty good price. It's going to be in demand by noblemen who go to war.

Poison resistance ring
Sleep resistant ring

 I heard about its existence in the city of Granville, they say a resistance ring around here costs around 100 gold coins.

(The reason they don't cost that much is because they also sell sleeping pills and antidotes in the market. If you take them beforehand, they will detoxify you.

 It also tells you that there are armor that has a fairly high resistance to magic and breath.
 Dragon material armor is very expensive, with some pieces of armor costing over 1000 gold coins.

 I haven't participated in any auctions yet, but I'm excited to see how they're growing. I get excited when I hear about your equipment.

Thank you.

No, no, no, this is the new adventurer's card.

"Wow! It's a new adventurer's proof.

 Krena was delighted to receive her adventurer's certificate. She wasn't sure about the auction.

I'll have to check out the dungeon and figure out what to do about it.

 Dogora is also clutching his adventurer's certificate and seems to be in high spirits.

(Okay, finally, we can go and conquer an A-class dungeon!)

 Tomorrow, the attack on A-class dungeons would begin.