136 Art. 134. Transition

 Allen and his team have begun to attack A-class dungeons.
 The summer vacation is half over and it's early September.

 The goal is to level up, to get more expensive weapons and armor, and to get a magic recovery ring.

 Although Aren and his team have been able to successfully complete the C- and B-class dungeons, the A-class dungeons are taking longer than ever to complete. I thought about looking at the auction in September, but the priority now is to capture the dungeon.

 Information on Class A Dungeons
The most difficult A-class dungeons will have CBA-ranked monsters.
Four A-class dungeons in the school city
Class A dungeons have 15 to 20 tiers
A-class dungeons with a travel time of about 24 hours

 24 hours of travel time per level is very bottlenecked. This dungeon is half a mile wide.
 Assuming you walked at 5 kilometers per hour, the shortest you could have done is 120 kilometers, but the path is a long labyrinth with complicated paths.
 Even if you send the summoner of bird E to find the right path, the path is too divided to reach the goal. There are numerous paths in the vast labyrinth.

 If you don't give up and start, you won't be able to move from the starting point forever, so you have to keep going, but it's not uncommon for you to turn back after a long time.

 If you connect all the paths in the dungeon, it will be over 1,000 kilometers in total.

 And a few new traps have been added from A-class dungeons. One of these traps is called a "transition trap". When stepped on, the trap will randomly send the magician into a dungeon somewhere in the dungeon.
 Of course, a hexenbiest may be waiting for you at the destination, but that's not the threat of this trap.

 I don't know where in this vast dungeon I was sent. Aren's team doesn't use skills like virtual windows to see the map or rely on them to capture the dungeon. If you step on a transposition trap disguised as a floor stone, you will be sent somewhere in the vast dungeon.
 That means you don't know where it is. You're using the grimoire to create a map as you go along, but you must return to your original path from where the map path was ruptured.
 If you don't get back on your path, you won't know how to get back.

 Thanks to this, the first A-class dungeon has taken me weeks to complete.

Good morning.

"Oh, good morning.

 Dogora, who is sleeping beside you, responds.
 Allen didn't sleep in the same room as Dogora at the base.

 This is the 12th level of the A-class dungeon. We're more than halfway through a Class A dungeon. I must complete at least one A-class dungeon during the summer vacation.

 Since they can't complete the dungeon in one day, they're staying in a small room in the dungeon. Naturally, Krsna, Cecil and Keel are here.

 The room is about the size of a 25-meter pool.

 You'll build a fire and have dinner inside the dungeon. I also have a sleepover set in the storage room. I don't take anything that won't fit in the stowage, like a large tent. Carrying something like a cart will slow you down. I stay only one or two nights, so I keep my luggage to a minimum.

Didn't the monsters attack us?

"I'm here for a little while, but I killed it.

 You're in a small room in the dungeon's dead end, but the monsters don't stay still and don't move. They attack adventurers who come to the dungeon as they move around.

 And this is the halfway point of the A-class dungeon. The number of C-ranked monsters is decreasing and the rate of B-ranked monsters is increasing. B-ranked monsters are intelligent and will attack adventurers when they are around.

 I remember when I was first looking for a base, I was told by the real estate guild that a party of adventurers could be as large as 20 or 50 people. This was probably a number that would also serve as a defense when they were staying in the dungeon.

 Allen and his team were a party of five.

 Allen is surrounded by five Spirit C summonses. Since the summons do not need to rest or sleep, they are on the night watch for defense.

'It's been quiet today.

"Yes, Death. Cabeo didn't self-destruct.

(If you're prepared, they won't attack you. The frequency of encounters with monsters is uneven, too.)

 Not only do they attack, but they are also well protected. For defense, I have the stone summons to help me.

 I am analyzing the stone awakening skills and the specialties of the newly summoned stone C summons.

Stone C's special skill "MiGawari".
 Shoulder the damage of the attack against one target. Effective radius of 50 meters. You can move when activating the special skill.

Ishi E's Awakening Skill "Self-Destruct".
 If the specified target comes within a radius of 5 meters, it will be detonated. The blast's effective range is about 10 meters. The summoner will die if it explodes.
 Like grass summons, once the Summoner's Awakening Skill is activated, it cannot be turned back into a card, and it is no longer in control of the number of summons, so you can place as many Stone E summons as you like on standby to self-destruct. It cannot be moved. It will disappear after 24 hours. You can set it to self-destruct at any time with the summoner's instruction.

Stone D's Awakening Skill "Protect Life".
 No matter how many times it is attacked, it will not die. Can be deactivated at Allen's direction. Duration is one hour. Cool time is 1 day.

Stone C's Awakening Skill "Self-Sacrifice".

 Shoulders the damage of the entire party in a 50-meter radius. You can also move when activating a waking skill. Duration is 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.

 Stone summons specialize in defense, but their directions vary.

 Ishi E's Summoner's "Self-Destruct" skill will kill B-ranked monsters, although it is dangerous if they are detonated nearby. Place several Ishi E summons in the corridor into the small room and detonate them when they are close. This will not only kill them, but also serve as a wake-up call.

 There's no night watch in Allen's party. Allen prefers to sleep at night. We talked about stopping the night watch if it was well guarded.

 Stone D's Summoner's "save your life" skill is like a decoy. It can't attack, but it won't die no matter how much it's attacked. It can disperse the target of the hexenbiest.

 And I summon stone C summons a weak Cecil or Keel to protect them during battle. The damage they take is also increasing now that there are B-ranked monsters.

 Wake up, pack up and start moving.

 Summon eight bird C summons. Five of them are for riding, but three of them are ahead of you so that you can step on the trap beforehand. This still doesn't completely block the traps, but the number of times you have to step on the transfer traps has been greatly reduced and the strategy is much easier.

Two Orc Kings and a Cyclops in front!


 The three bird-C summonses ahead of you will engage the hexenbiest. They are all cavalry-armed and ready for battle.

 Crenna and Dogora grab their weapons and charge at the three B-ranked monsters.

 It's been a long time since they started attacking A-class dungeons, so their level has risen a lot.
 Even the B-ranked monsters are not afraid of them. I don't think they did this before their level was raised in the first place.

 Their specialties, such as slash and body armor, seem to increase in power as their level increases. The attacks of the skills that reach skill level 4 will drain the health of the monsters.

 Krena kills the Orc King first, and Dogora kills the Orc King shortly after. Since Kreena has more offensive power than Dogora, Cecil makes sure that Dogora attacks the monster he's fighting first. They're getting better at working together around here.

Good, now all that's left is the Cyclops!

 With Allen's words, they attacked to surround Cyclops, who was even larger than the Orc King. A B-ranked monster beast with a body of 5 or 7 meters in length is also common and has a large target. Spirit C summons will also use their special skill "Psycho" to reduce the cyclops' stamina.

 Then Krsna and Dogora attacked with a two-man team, and the cyclops was slowing down and was soon to be stopped.


 Cyclops takes a huge swing with his clenched club. Dogora catches it with his axe, but the power is not enough to kill it, and he is thrown from the bird C summoner and blown backwards.

Dogora you alright!

 I've been blown far back to Cecil's position. Cecil, who was right behind you, yells with concern.

Yeah, no big deal.

 That's when I grabbed an axe and was about to return to the front line.



 Keel tried to cast a recovery spell for the blown-up Dogora. Allen is also checking to make sure Dogora is okay.

 From Dogora's feet, a magic circle of traps emerges.
 The transposition trap has been activated.
 Then Dogora and Cecil will disappear from Aren and his friends.

 Somewhere in the dungeon, the two have been transported by the trap.