137 Art. 135. Separation

"Dogora, Cecil!

 Dogora and Cecil disappeared during a battle with a B-ranked monster. Dogora stepped on the transference trap at their feet. Cecil is involved, and the two of them are now alone on the same level somewhere.

(Good grief, of all things, those two?)

 Dogora and Cecil, who have no healers, have been sent somewhere in this vast labyrinth. There are B-ranked monsters wandering around.

 Allen immediately sprung into action. There are three squads of summons always working to collect experience and magical stones, but they're all gone. Delete them, open the holder and start creating the summoner of Spirit C. (First, you'll find out where they are.

(First, we need to find out where they are and bring the recovery potion with us.

 Leaving Krena to finish off the still-living Cyclops, Allen begins to move the grimoire. He skips the Spirit C summons that have already been created, starting with the Spirit C summons that have already been created.

 The Spirit C summoner goes straight through the dungeon wall under Allen's direction. In his hand, he holds a leaf of life and some seeds of magic power.
 Normal restorative pills can't penetrate the walls, but a restorative created by a grass-type summoner can.

"What do we do now, Aren? Are we going to look for it too?

We can't just keep looking for them in the dark, so let's first check their location and send Maria and the others to support them.

 I've already defeated a B-ranked monster, and Klarna and Kiel, who are on Allen's side, are also worried.

(I've given Dogora and Cecil the recovery pills as well. Also, the effects of the buffs shouldn't go away yet.

 I've given Dogora and Cecil the Leaf of Life to restore overall health and ten magic seeds to restore overall magic power. Of course, Krsna and Keel are also here. I wasn't expecting this time.

 I assumed that Allen himself would lose consciousness or die. Since there are no absolutes in adventure, this was an insurance policy to ensure that my companions would be able to return from the dungeon after Allen's departure.

 And to defeat a B-ranked monster, I'm using fish specialties and awakening skills for the entire party. The fish buffs are effective as long as they are within a 50-meter radius.

Fish C's Special Skill "Shark Oil".
 Heart attack rate increases. Effective for 24 hours.

Fish D's Awakening Skill "Scatter".
 Certain probability of physical and magical attacks disabled. About 10 percent. The effect is one hour. Cool time for the next skill is 1 day.

Fish C's Awakening Skill "Shark Skin".
 A certain probability of meeting with a violent demon. The effect lasts for one hour. The effect is about 10 percent. Cool time is one day.

 You will not always be attacked by the enemy. There is a fixed probability to evade attacks, but this "evasion" is based on the enemy's quickness, skill level, and the attacker's quickness.

 Evading takes no damage.
 As for magic, the formula seems to be different from that of physical attacks, and it takes more damage than physical attacks.

 Fish D's Summoner's special skill "Scatter" increases the evasion rate of physical and magical attacks. I don't know the speed or skill level of the hexenbiest, but the increase is noticeable even in a physical sense.

 And Fish D's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Scatter" absolutely nullifies 10% of such enemy attacks. No matter how quick the enemy is, or how powerful his magic is, it will not hit them one in ten times. It expires after an hour, but I honestly think it's an incredible ability.

 And the concepts of meet-and-greet and demons are found in physical and magical attacks. The damage is doubled. This also depends on the attacker's speed and skill. It also seems to be more likely to occur when attacking a vital point.

 When I was cut by Dagraha, I remember taking a lot of hits at the heart of the attack.

 And Fish C's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Shark Skin" causes 10% of such heart-to-heart and demonic attacks to occur absolutely. No matter how fast the enemy is, it's 10% of the attack that hits.

 I just buffed four of them when attacking the Orc King and Cyclops.

 It's been 30 minutes since I sent Spirit C's summonses flying in all directions.

 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!'

 "Flame burst!

(There it is! (Over there!!!!)

 The summoner of Spirit C had penetrated the wall and was advancing, when he heard the voices of Dogora and Cecil.
 The place I found was a small room that was a dead end.

 The first thing you see is Dogora, covered in blood, fighting with Cecil at his back.

 Surrounding Dogora are three B-ranked monsters. They seem to be two basilisk kings and an ogre. They seem to be cornered in a small room.

 They may have already used up their recovery items in the last half hour, and one of their eyes is blocked by blood from their forehead.

 Dogora, clutching an axe in one hand, is engaged with a nearly seven-meter-tall ogre. Behind him, Cecil returns fire with magic.

Oh, shit. Maria, it's a poltergeist!

"Yes, kill them all! Poltergeist!

 The summoned beast of Spirit C activates the awakening skill "Poltergeist". Then 100 gray volleyball-sized spheres appear and head towards the monsters at once.
 Each one has the same power as the special skill "Psycho", the summoned beast of Spirit C's total attack. The magic power consumption is 100. The cool time is one day's skill.

 Kill all three B-ranked monsters. Then use the Leaf of Life to restore Dogora and Cecil.

Are you okay?

"...... Yeah, it was a little rough, but it was good to see you. You're a lifesaver.

 Wheezing, Dogora is relieved by the reinforcements.

"'We'll be coming to help you soon, so please stay here and don't move. ......


 Before Maria can say anything, a new hexenbiest appears right in front of her. It looks like there's still a hexenbiest nearby. A fleabag and two hyggeboa are on their way.

...... We'll stay here and kill the hexenbiest.

 Cecil clutches the wand and mutters to himself. Despite the situation, there doesn't seem to be any fear on Cecil's face.

(Oh no, the fight goes on! (Maria and the others, change of location)

 Directs 20 Spirit C summons scattered in all directions to the location where they are headed. The summons of Spirit C that are looking for a completely different location should be carded and re-summoned before they are sent to the location.

Dogora and Cecil are safe.


Now that we know where it is, the three of us are heading out!

"Yeah, I get it!

 All three of them get on the summoner of bird C and start running.

Krsna, Keel, we'll use Vaidan, so hold on tight to Fran. Frans, use Idaten!




 Vikings are the awakening skills of the bird C summoner.
 The effect is that it can run at an estimated 300 km/h for an hour. The cool time for the next Awakening skill is one day.

 With a shout, Bird C's summoner's thighs begin to run with unprecedented strength. With its head parallel to the ground, it will run at once. It runs through a 90-degree curve without slowing down.
 The inertia kicks in from the side, but it's still moving forward, clutching the feathers on the back of Bird C's summoner.

 Keel says, "This is impossible! But tell them not to get shaken off because Allen will guide the bird C summons.

 Again, to counteract the trap, three summons of bird C will advance ahead of you. A hexenbiest will come out, but we will ignore them and force our way forward.

 The movement of the monsters, the confirmation of the route, the movement of the spirit C, and countless other things will be processed in Allen's mind.

(Just get there normally.)

 And even if they knew where Dogora and the others were, Allen and the others would not be able to pass through the wall. If you use Vikings, you will not be able to reach your destination immediately. Since it's a labyrinth, you may have to go around in a circle.

 But there is no time to investigate. Even if you take a wrong turn, you know which way to go when you go straight, so you make up for it with Vidaten's movement speed.

 Then, about an hour has passed since he started to move.

 The roads were so complicated that he could not go straight ahead, so he corrected his way as he went along. It's only a matter of time before we have a destination in mind.

Oh, there you are. Good.


 Dogora is about to cut down a B-ranked monster ogre, and everyone joins him.

 There are 20 Spirit C summons floating around Dogora and Cecil. They are already in perfect condition with their recovery pills.

''Thank goodness you're alright?

"Yeah, well, I knew it was a mess when I got sent away, but . I'm sorry. I walked right into that trap.

 An apology from Dogora. He seems to think that he has caused trouble for the party.
 He says no apology is necessary, and we all say we're glad you're okay.

But this was pretty bad. I wonder if we should have a scout that can detect the trap.

 Allen says what he had been thinking before coming here. Maybe if I had included a trap-sniffing occupation this time, I could have avoided it.

Hmmm, I don't know. I don't know... It's a little late to be thinking about this after all this time.

(Well, it sure is.)

 Kiel says that from now on, it's time to bring in a sixth person. As a school kid, you'll have to work together from now on to conquer three C-level dungeons.

Keel and I were too far back in the battle. I'll put you right behind Allen.

 Cecil, who was sent with Dogora, seems to be the opposite. It seems to adjust its position in combat.

Since the magic circle is of a certain size, it always moves solidly within its range.
Summon more than one Spirit C summoner at any given time, so that they are always around Krsna and Dogora at the front and Cecil and Kiel at the back.
Carry more recovery medicine with each of us.

 I'm not sure I'd be able to get one in just to disarm the trap.
 I've put the scouting on hold for now.

Now, we've gone off track for a bit, but let's get back to the plan.


 With the call of Allen, the attack on the A-class dungeon was progressing.