138 136. Meteo (provisional)

 The end of September. The summer vacation will soon be over.

 Cecil and Dogora were split up and sent over while attacking a dungeon, but this hasn't happened since. I try to keep everyone within range of the transporter and run summons to check traps before they are sent out.

 We've discussed one policy at the base, as well as a policy of no scouts.
 We're talking about adding more party members.
 We have five members now. As for whether we should increase the number of people, we have decided that we will basically continue with five members, and if we have good friends, we will invite them.

 Allen said that with the current structure, we could have auxiliary jobs. Allen and Keel are skilled in assistants, but they are not specialized in assistants. This party would be stronger if they were skilled in auxiliary skills.

 Or even a tank would be nice to have. Crenna and Dogora have large two-handed weapons, known as two-handed weapons. Or you can have a guard, a shield, so to speak.

 It's summer vacation and everyone is probably already forming a party with their friends to conquer the dungeon, so don't feel compelled to ask them out, but if there are students who are in good condition, we'll call on them.

 According to Viscount Granville, they often work in class units on the battlefield. The situation changes from moment to moment, but it is common to be in the same grade, in the same classroom, at the same fortresses and other battlefields throughout the year.

 I was told that there are only about three fortresses that the kingdom is entrusted with. Most of the fortresses are guarded by the empire. There are not only the kingdom of Latash and the Gearmut Empire in the Central Continent, so there are also fortifications guarded by other countries.

 It seems that fortresses are basically guarded by a country. It is said that this is to strengthen the chain of command. Having an imperial general directing the kingdom's soldiers is demoralizing and doesn't work well. When you mix them together, they cannot work together as a unit. As a result, many fallen fortresses have fallen in the past.

 We have the summonses of Bird F waiting in the house of Viscount Granville as much as possible since we discussed Keel's story. He's our man to call when something goes wrong.

 I have nothing to say about Keel, but I haven't prompted him either. The viscount said "let me handle it," so I'm going to wait until things work out. He's been to the capital several times, so he's working on it.

 Aren and his team have been working on the dungeon attack. We've reached the bottom level a little while ago, but in order to make sure we're ready, he said we'll have to raise our level and skill level a little more before we can fight the boss.

 I've decided that it's no use raising the level blindly, so I've decided to challenge after everyone's skill level has been raised to 5. This way, we can try it over the summer break.

 And today is the day for the A-ranked monster challenge, which is the lowest level boss.

 Have a meal at the base, have a quick chat with the servants, and then head for the dungeon. If you can defeat the boss of the lowest level of the A-class dungeon, you'll finally be able to get the magic recovery ring.

 Enter the dungeon building and ask to be transported to the bottom level.
 Open the heavy doors and enter the room between the bottom level bosses.

(Oh! Armor. (I really wanted a beast.)

 There are various patterns of bottom bosses. I checked the Adventurer's Guild's data to see what kind of monsters are in the lowest level bosses.
Dragons The difficulty of defeating them is high. The strongest of all the bosses in the lowest level. They spit their breath over a wide area.
The spirits of death make full use of advanced magic. Physical attacks sometimes fail to connect.
The armor types have high physical resistance. Its physical strength is endlessly high.
They have almost no resistance to beasts. They have a high attack power.
Insects They attack with abnormalities.

 There is no difference in strength between the two types of monsters, even if they are of the same rank. The Orc King and Murder Garsh are both B-ranked, but they are almost twice as strong as each other.

 Since the lowest bosses are determined at random, I thought that hitting a dragon type would be quite an uphill battle, but there were ten huge, full plate armor and orc kings, nearly 10 meters long, sitting in the middle of the bosses. Apparently, dragons are rarely seen.

 I preferred the easiest beast line to kill, but the defensive armor line is not bad either.

"Wait a minute. I'll change the cards.

(Armor. I'm guessing that the bug system won't work, so I guess it's like this. (The potpourri in the building is about to expire, so bring it back.

 Change the holder's card because the opponent is in the armor system. The monsters in the center need to get close to you to get ready for battle. Open the grimoire at the entrance and change to the most appropriate card.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Summoner

 [Level] 49
 Strength] 1240 + 1300
 Magic] 1940 + 70
 Attack Power] 682 + 1000
 Endurance] 682 + 1250
 Quickness] 1273 + 250
 Intelligence] 1950 + 1270
 Fortune] 1273
 Skills: Summoning <6>, Generate <6>, Combine <6>, Strengthen <6>, Awaken <6>, Expand <5>, Stow, Share, Delete, Swordplay <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 41,121,254/400 million

Skill level
 Summons 6
 Born] 6
 Combined] 6
 Strengthening] 6
 Awakening 6
Skills Experience
 1,200,626/100 million
 Combined] 5,100,545/100 million
 Strengthening] 30,916,320/100 million
 6,282,500/100 million

Obtainable Summons
 [Beast] CDEFGH
 Bird ] CDEFG
 [Grass] CDEF
 Stone ] CDE
 [Fish] CD
 [Spirit] C

 [ Bug ] 
 Beast] 20 C
 Birds] C5 sheets
 [ Grass ] 
 Stone ] 10 pieces of E, 4 pieces of C
 Fish] 1 C, 1 D
 C19 pieces of Spirit

 Allen and his friends have been working together since April on conquering dungeons and raising his level to 49.

 Most of the experience he earned came from attending A-ranked dungeons.
 A B-ranked monster beast has a lot of experience at around 40,000 per monster, and three squads of summons are hunting in the lower levels of A-class dungeons every day.

 Unlike B-class dungeons, you can't handle a lot of them because you may get caught in a transfer trap and lose track of them, or you may step on a summoning trap and be surrounded by dozens of B-ranked monsters that will wipe you out.
 If you let them hunt for a day, about 30% of the summons will be killed.

 Also, the magical beasts that mimic crates in A class dungeons are not mimics. It's an A-ranked Abyssal box.

 Abyssal boxes are incredibly strong. You'll occasionally find them, but there's a 50% chance they'll be wiped out by the summoner squad.
 When defeated, the Abyss Box loses more than 100 gold coins about once every two times.

 This Abyss Box is said to be one of the mid-ranked A-ranked boxes.
 It appeared during Aren's dungeons, and we defeated it with our friends and summonses.

 Even if it is an A-ranked monster beast, as long as you are prepared, you have a chance to win today's battle.

 Now that we're in between the bottom tier bosses, I'm going to put everyone on Bird C's summoner. I'm going to finish this in less than an hour, so I'm going to activate the Weakness skill. Both Krena and Dogora have gotten used to the attacks when Idaten is active.

 The five of them are getting even closer.

It's time to stop. If we get any closer, the boss might start to move.

 At the sound of Allen's one voice the five birds C summonses stop. And out come four stone C summons. They have a full plate body made of steel, with a huge shield and spear. Stone C summons can attack as well, but they are primarily defensive.

 Activate the special skill 'Mi-Ga-Wari' to strengthen the protection of Cecil and Keel in particular.

Then I'll attack as planned. When that attack is over, signal for Krsna and Dogora to move forward.


"Yeah, okay.

 Both Dogora and Krena clutch their weapons in their hands and wait for Allen to attack.


"Hmm? What?

 Since this wasn't the plan to talk to Cecil, Cecil reacts by asking him what he wanted.

"I'm sorry, but I have to borrow your magic name.

"What? Like I said before, you don't have to ask.

 This is not the first time Allen and Cecil have had this conversation. He also borrowed a magic name or something when he defeated the Abyss Box.

 What's so good about it, Cecil sighs.
 With his back to Cecil, Allen stretches his hands out in front of him, his chest heaving with excitement.

 Normally, Cecil uses magic to begin the battle against the lowest boss. But today, Allen will make the first attack.

 Because the attack you're about to make will outstrip Cecil's magic.

Well, here we go!

"Meteor (tentative)!

 As Allen shouted "Meteor", 10 stone E summons appeared in the sky above the bottom level boss and the 10 monsters surrounding it, and they began to fall freely.

 The monsters reacted to the approach of the stone E summons and moved for a moment. But the movement was only for a moment.

"Okay, Cabeo, self-destruct!

 With Allen's words, the stone E summoner with its gray wall-like body turns bright red at once. It's a hot state, instantly but clearly visible.

 And before the lowest bosses could move.


 The bright red fragments of stone E and the blast hit the monsters with a crashing sound.

 A shock wave hits Allen and the others as if to squeeze their faces for a moment.

"Oh! You did it!

 It's so powerful that Keel is convinced of victory.

"No, the boss is still alive. He's coming!

 The bottom level boss is damaged but does not appear to be dead. Smoke billowing from all over their bodies as they rush in!

 At the same time, Krsna and Dogora advance. The battle with the bottom level boss continued.