The bottom level boss, an armor-shaped A-ranked demon beast, was not dead in Allen's meteo. They were coming at Allen and the others, emitting smoke from their bodies. The ten B-ranked Orc kings that surrounded them were blown up by Allen's Meteor, so there is only one remaining bottom-tier boss to defeat.

Let's go!


 The bottom level boss is still alive. With Krsna's shout, Krsna and Dogora ride on Bird C's summoner and rush towards the lowest level boss.

 As Krsna heads towards them at 300 kilometers per hour, the lowermost boss swings his sword down several meters high.


"Krsna, you okay?

 Kiel panics. Crenna blocked it with his greatsword, but the sword of the lowest boss, which must weigh several hundred kilograms, shattered the floorboards and buried the leg of the bird C summoner.

'I'm okay! Hurrah!

 Crenna activates a skill and the great sword turns red. The bottom level boss's greatsword is flicked off and his upper body recoils. The strong-legged bird C summoner also seems to be unharmed.
 Dogora brings his full strength to the table with his axe.
 The target is large, so both Allen's summons and Cecil's attack magic aim for the top half of the lowest boss.

(Okay, now that Krsna has stopped attacking, the fight is going to be more stable.

 The attack of the bottom level boss, Krsna was able to withstand and find a chance to win.
 It's only a matter of time before the bottom boss is a little harder.

 They all attacked together for several tens of minutes.
 The bottom boss fell in a heap without a word.

A Great Warrior has been killed. I have gained 480,000 experience.


 To the surprise of my companions, the bottom-level boss quietly turns into a softball-sized purple magical stone.

(It seems to be okay for the level, but it's been eating up my time. This is still a tough one to deal with when there are A-levels lying around on the battlefield).

 Allen looks at everyone's status and reflects on his own.
 Allen's companions had raised their levels to 56 by the end of September.
 Excluding the summoner's buff and Keel's solid skills, their statuses are as follows.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 12
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 56
 Body strength] 2280 + 900
 Magic power] 890
 Attack Power] 2280 + 900
 Endurance] 1600 + 900
 Quickness] 1540 + 900
 [Intelligence] 910
 Fortune 1115
 Skills] Kensei [5], Slash [5], Flying Swords [5], Red Lotus Breaker [5], Thunderbolt Sword [3], Stout Body [1], Sword Art [5].
 Extras] Breakthrough
 Experience] 11,231,560/20 million

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 5
 [Slash] 5
 Fei Jian] 5
 [Red Lotus Breaking] 5
 [Gourai sword] 3

Skills Experience
 Slash] 150/100,000
 Flying Swords] 300/100,000
 Gourai Sword] 400/1,000

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Mage
 [Level] 56
 Body strength] 960
 Magic power] 1620 + 600
 Attack Power] 615
 Endurance] 1006
 Quickness] 951 + 600
 Intelligence] 2230 + 600
 Fortune 896
 Skills] Magic, Fire, Earth, Earth <5>, Wind, Wind <5>, Water <3>, Wisdom <1>, Kumite <2>.
 Extras] micrometeorite
 Experience] 11,194,060/20 million

Skill level
 Magic] 5
 [Fire Magic] 5 
 [Earth magic] 5
 [Wind magic] 5
 [Water Magic] 3

Skills Experience
 Fire Magic] 550/100,000
 Earth magic] 600/100,000
 Wind magic] 200/100,000
 Water magic] 100/1,000

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 13
 Occupation: Axeman
 [Level] 56
 Strength] 1234 + 300

 Magic power] 668
 Attack Power] 1625 + 300
 Endurance] 1069
 Quickness] 676
 Intelligence] 450
 Fortune] 731
 Skills] Battle Axe [5], Full Length [5], Axe Throwing [5], Blasting Attack [5], Avalanche Crushing [3], Axe Technique [5].
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 11,183,260/20 million

Skill level
 Battleaxe] 5
 Axe Throw] 5
 Explosive fire] 5
 Avalanche Crushing] 3

Skills Experience
 Axe Throw] 300/100,000
 Explosive fire] 600/100,000
 Avalanche breaking] 400/1,000

 Name] Keel
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Monks
 [Level] 56
 Strength] 735
 Magic power] 1399 + 300
 Attack Power] 558
 Endurance] 785
 Quickness] 895
 Intelligence] 1233 + 300
 Fortune 1123
 Skills: Monks <5>, Restoration <5>, Firmness <5>, Healing <5>, Demon Wall <3>, Faith <1>, Swordplay <3>.
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 11,297,230/20 million

Skill level
 Monks] 5
 Recovery 5
 Solid] 5
 Healing 5
 Demon Wall] 3

Skills Experience
 Solid] 800/100,000
 Healing] 500/100,000
 Demon Wall] 300/1,000

"Oh! There's a treasure chest! It's a class A dungeon treasure chest . It's a crate.

 Keel reacts to the treasure chest that appeared a little behind the place where the bottom level boss was standing in place.
 Unfortunately, it looks like a wooden box this time.

 In addition, it appears in 90% of wooden boxes and 10% of silver boxes, but no gold boxes have appeared in any of the dungeons since I started going to dungeons in April. I thought the probability of the gold box was about 1 percent, but it might be about 0.01 percent.

Wow! It's the axe of the baboons!

 When you open the crate, you'll find a baboon axe that's obviously bigger than the crate. I don't know how it works, but sometimes something bigger than a treasure chest comes out.

"An axe, right? So we're out of mithril.

"Ah! That's okay.

 Allen says that Dogora is really good for you. With a baboon of this size, it's going to cost about 300 gold coins.

 The reward for killing the lowest level boss in a class-A dungeon is at least 100 gold coins.

We were talking about getting everyone's equipment better in the dungeon. When the big sword comes out, it's Crenna. If there's a wand, it's Cecil. If there's a rod, it's Keel. If there's a rapier or a regular sword, it's me.

 Say what we have already discussed.
 In this other world, the strength of a weapon depends on the material it is made of.
 Copper, iron, steel, mithril, gold, adamantine, orichalcone, and orichalcone, the strength of the weapon increases with the hardness of the material. Since everyone is currently equipped with weapons of mithril strength, we have discussed that when a stronger weapon is available, it will belong to those who can equip it.

 At that time, it was decided that the person who received the weapon would not pay any money or price to the rest of the team. It is the same with adamantite and orichalcone weapons and armor.

Some say our weapons and armor are too weak to be beaten by the demon king's army. ) The question is, can we have mithril weapons for tens or hundreds of thousands of soldiers?

 I think that the Demon King's army is so large that even if I prepared a reasonable number of soldiers, I wouldn't be able to have a sufficient number of weapons and armor.
 The reason why it took me so long to defeat the lowest boss this time might be because my weapons were weak.

 By the time we get to the battlefield, we should all have at least adamantite class weapons. As I was thinking that I would like to have Orihalcon weapons and armor, if possible, something cube-shaped appeared in front of me.



 It seems to be a system that operates dungeons, always guiding you when you enter or leave a dungeon.

Congratulations on defeating an A-class dungeon. Party name 'Abandoned Gamer'

(Oh, it's been a while since you called me by that name. Don't be embarrassed.

My name is Dungeon Management System. I am here to issue you with a certificate of conquest for Class A dungeons.

 A pitch-black card appears in front of Allen's eyes. The pitch black card is about the size of a business card and has a small inscription that looks like a coat of arms, which I don't understand.

A certificate of attack?

 Allen picked it up and ran his finger over the engraved crest.

Hey, I've seen something like this before. Isn't this the one?

 While Allen was thinking about other things, the explanation of the cube-shaped object that calls itself the Dungeon Management System and the reactions of his friends progressed.

What good is it to have a certificate of attack?

 Cecil will ask questions on behalf of Allen because he thinks .

"Yes. I have marked one mark on the attack certificate for an A-class dungeon. If you give me five marks, I will redeem the qualification certificate for an S-class dungeon.

""S-class dungeon!

"Oh! It's a stamp card!

"Hey! Allen

 While everyone is surprised at the existence of S-class dungeons, wondering if there are more difficult dungeons, Allen reacts greatly to the explanation. Cecil is taken aback by this reaction, saying that Allen has started again.

 It was common in a previous life. Completing quests, defeats, and conquests of the same class will qualify you for higher-level quests.
 I remember there was a stamp card that you could get a stamp for each quest you conquer, and I remember working very hard to collect stamps.
 I don't know why there is such a thing, but I remember the theory that it was to prevent users from clearing the game right away, or to buy time for the next version upgrade.

 Since this game is called "mark" again, it seems to be in the form of a stamp card.

 I'll talk to the dungeon management system that suddenly appeared in detail.

 This is how I finished the first A-class dungeon.
 And I've obtained a seal of qualification to enter an S-class dungeon.