140 In 138, Prince.

 October came, and the fun dungeon-going summer vacation was over.

 Since October came, Allen turned thirteen years old.

 At the end of the summer vacation, Allen and his friends conquered an A-class dungeon. They received a "Class A Dungeon Conqueror's Certificate" from the dungeon management system, a cube-shaped object.

 Aren and the others went to the Adventurer's Guild with the Class A Dungeon Conqueror's Certificate. We've talked to the Dungeon Management System to some extent, but we also wanted to get information about the Adventurer's Guild.

 When I showed the staff of the Adventurer's Guild the A-class dungeon conqueror's certificate, the staff lady said to me with a straight face, "You're lying. There are only a few A-class dungeon conquerors in the school city.
 The staff all know Allen because he comes to ask for the magic stone every week. They also know that you are the first year of the school.
 It seems like a ridiculous attack speed. If you don't have a summoned beast to check the path and get around, it might take you a year or so to complete the attack.

 As for the S-class dungeons, the Adventurer's Guild has told me some things I know about them. It seems that presenting this certificate of attack is a condition for being informed.

 The Adventurer's Guild staff says that there are indeed S-ranked dungeons. If you collect five marks, a cube-shaped object will guide you to an S-class dungeon.

 When I asked if there are adventurers who go to S-class dungeons, the answer was no. He says that there is no advantage for adventurers to conquer multiple A-class dungeons in the first place.

 Allen and his party want to get as many rewards for the lowest level bosses of A-class dungeons as possible. That's why they wanted to continue to capture A-class dungeons in the future.

 However, adventurers who are attacking A-class dungeons say that one is enough for their party. Of course, I don't go around multiple A-class dungeons in a day.

 If you come across the occasional dragon-type bottom-level boss, it will cost your party members a lot of money. The lowest level bosses do not appear in all types equally.
 There are many adventurer parties that disband after earning a certain amount of rewards from A-class dungeons.

 Some dream of conquering five of them, but no one has been able to go to an S-class dungeon in the kingdom for decades.

It's amazing that you've managed to complete an A-class dungeon. I was satisfied with my C-class dungeon.

 A slender boy is listening to Allen's story.
 When you enter the classroom in the morning, it seems that he has heard from somewhere that Allen's party has conquered an A-class dungeon, even though the attack was only a few days ago. The students who completed the summer vacation assignment asked me a lot of questions.

 Then a boy sitting in front of me asked me if I had time for a lunch break, since I couldn't talk to him because he was surrounded by students. Apparently, he had something important to say.

 He asked me to tell you about the dungeon before talking about the call. We skipped the S-class dungeon story, and C just told me about the A-class dungeon.

 I was summoned to a room in the school building, where Allen and the other five are located.
 The person who called you out is Refol-Hamilton of the Hamilton county.

 Although only Allen, Cecil and Keel have business to attend to, they decided to talk to Krena and Dogora, who are also in the same party. Refol says there's no problem with the two of them coming together.

 With Allen, Cecil, and Keel, you can guess what we're talking about.

"So what brings you here? I don't think you called me here to ask me about the dungeon?

Oh, it's about the Charnel family.

(At last!)

 Keel reacts about the Karnell family.

 Refol knew that Kiel is of the House of Karnel. He also knows that Cecil is of the House of Granville.

 As for Cecil, it is fairly well known in the classroom that he is a child of the House of Granvelle. Perhaps a student from Granville got wind of Cecil's presence in the classroom, or perhaps a student from Granville comes over every morning to say hello to Cecil and say hello. It's like he wants to sell you a face.
 The only person I didn't know was Keel, who was sitting off to the side.

"Is this the Karnell family, or is it Keel?

Yes, that's why the castle is in ruins again. If you ruin the castle, my father has a lot of problems.

 Rifol has a puzzled look on his face, furrowing his brow.

(Hmm? I haven't heard anything from the Viscount, but does that mean he's working pretty well? (But still, is that what a leaning parent would say?

 It's been nearly two months since I flew the bird F summons to the viscount.

"Well, it would have been nice if my closest parents had done more work, wouldn't it?

"...don't say that again. I mean, is Allen really a former serf? It doesn't look like that at all.

 Allen also speaks normally to the Count's heir. Since Rifolu introduced himself earlier, Allen says he's also a former peasant. If he keeps going, he's going to be the Earl of Hamilton. Since he is a step-parent's legitimate son, both Cecil and Keel are quietly listening to the conversation.

 Leaning-in and Leaning-out is like a subordinate relationship in the aristocracy. The great aristocrat who is a close relative takes care of the lower noblemen who are close relatives.

 Viscount Granville's close relative is the neighboring Earl of Hamilton. They're also bosom buddies of Viscount Carner. The Hamilton's did nothing even though they were bastards and did not get along with each other.

 It could be argued that the Carters didn't do the job of a close relative and the Carters didn't do the job of a close relative. I don't know how much Viscount Granville depended on the Hamilton family, but I'm sure they made sense.

 Incidentally, the Hamiltons also had a history of not being able to advocate strongly with the powerful House of Charnel because of their mithril extraction.

Does this mean that the royal castle is in ruins and the viscount has done something to it?

 I'll ask her what's going on in the castle. Unlike last winter, though, I haven't blasted that much, Allen thinks.

 Refol talks about what happened at the castle last month. It happened in an audience room lined with princes and nobles.

 The viscount kneels down and says to the king, "Thank you for thinking of re-establishing the Charnel territory with the work of Viscount Charnel's son! And shouted loudly.

 The king said, "What's that? And say that he was flabbergasted. The audience was very crowded. There was a lot of confusion in the audience.

 The viscount added, "What is this you are hiding? An envoy from the royal family came to the castle and told you about it. I understand that you have five years' work ahead of you and that you are thinking of rebuilding your house.

 The king heard that much, and he understood the whole story. The royal messengers are the hands and feet of the realm. Nobles can't move them. Only the king and the royalty in the line of succession can move the royal envoys.

 If the king does not know, then someone in the royal family must have moved the royal messenger. A royal envoy may act for personal reasons, but if what he says is true, he also cheated on the king's name. The king's name would never be used to do anything private.

 What does this mean? And to the princes and princesses in the same audience room the king asks. But no one answered. He shook his head and said he didn't know.

 The king again asked, "Is it true? I ask the viscount. You'll be able to find out what you're looking for and what you need to know about it.

(Last month means you spent a month researching it.)

Yeah, so you found out who did the royal errand to Keel?

No, the royal envoy said he didn't know about it, so he didn't say anything. But this royal messenger and the royal messenger who came to Viscount Granville last year are working on the hands and feet of a certain someone.

 The royal messenger is still silent. But a royal messenger is someone who works for someone in the royal family. Basically, they work exclusively for you, so you can easily find out who they work for by looking at the names in their travel records.

Well, who do you work for?

(I have a feeling it's going to be a big deal if I hear any more about it.

The crown prince. The Dauphin, His Majesty's nephew, the one who will be the next king.

Do you have a child, the Dauphin?

"I believe you have a ten-year-old princess. She's got a gift, doesn't she?

 Refol seems to be completely aware of the situation in Kiel. I think you know a lot more than you should about the dungeons during the summer vacations. I wonder if he has an errand boy coming to the school regularly.

But it seems that Viscount Granvelle has bitten one whom even His Majesty can't touch.

 I'm not sure of the relationship between the king and the dauphin, but it seems that he wanted to say this. The king is over 70 years old. I'll add that he has a short life ahead of him and that the Dauphin could become king at any moment.

So there's someone still alive and well. ...after you kidnapped Cecil.

 It didn't matter to Allen that the Dauphin would be the next king.
 But there was more that he couldn't forgive.

 Because of the Granvelle affair, many nobles were captured and the royal messengers involved were disposed of. But the king was behind the turmoil of last year's events, one that even the king could not touch.