141 Chapter 139 Lesson ②

 The royal messenger who had made an oral promise to Keel was in the service of the Dauphin. And the king didn't know about Keel's promise to serve.

 That doesn't mean he would do anything immediately. Since I said I'd leave it to the viscount, I'm going to wait and see until something comes up. The viscount hasn't said anything.

 Allen thinks his move will depend on the outcome of the viscount's move. And if disaster befalls the viscount's house or keel, the viscount's guests will move.

 At the end of lunch break, I thanked Rifol for telling me about the castle. She just wanted to share the hustle and bustle of the castle. She's always giving me information.

 Allen will head to the playground in front of the school building. In the afternoon, it will be a class for each talent. Swordsmanship class for swordsmen.

 Allen is now taking sword class. Before the summer break, we saw wizards and such, but from now on, I think I'd like to unify with sword class. The reason is that we can't keep hearing about things we can't remember, such as magic. Allen has a mage, Cecil, as a companion, so he doesn't need to know everything himself.

 That's why he's taking sword lessons, but Allen's party has placed Krsna and Dogora on the front lines. Instead of letting the two of them fight at the front lines, Allen covers for Cecil and Keel to prevent them from being attacked by magical beasts.
 In short, it's a position called the middle guard. Even so, Allen still holds the sword and fights against the monsters.
 There are many opportunities to hold a sword in battle.

 To improve your swordsmanship, you will take all afternoon sword classes. My goal is to have my swordsmanship skills up to level 4 by graduation.

Hey, over here! Line up!

 A gifted swordsman is the homeroom teacher of the swordsmanship class. Your homeroom teacher speaks loudly.

 Students come together to learn the sword class. All the gifted swordsmen in a grade will be there, so there will be more than 200 of them. Next to them are Krsna and the swordsman-talented Refol.

It's the end of summer vacation, but the lesson will be the same. Do 100 swings and you'll get a mock fight.


 The students respond with a spirited reply that does not sound like the same generation as the first graders in Allen's previous life. At equal intervals, they make bare swings with their steel mock battle swords.

(As expected, they've all conquered the dungeon. Something about the way they move is different from the way I felt before summer vacation.

 Allen also gestures, feeling the difference in movement and atmosphere from when he participated in the class before the summer break. The homeroom teacher is also checking everyone's movements with a stern look.

 All the students here have conquered the dungeon during the summer vacation.

 But if you ask me if they all did, I'd say some of them are down. Even in a classroom with a capacity of thirty students with Allen, there were about three empty seats. They probably didn't complete their summer assignments.

 Someone with no talent would have been admitted. A C-level dungeon is not a tough dungeon for the talented ones. But not everyone came to the academy to fight.

Allen, come play with me in a mock-up.



 Refol asks Allen to join a mock battle. In response, Krsna, who was planning to have a mock battle with Allen, complains about it.

No, it's Krsna. It's hard to play against an opponent with 3200 attack power. Ask your homeroom teacher to simulate the battle as usual. It's like she came all the way from King's Landing for you.

 There are 3 squads of summons in a class A dungeon right now, and they are still hunting demons. The number of Beast C summons, which increase attack power, had dwindled a bit by the time it was past noon, and there were currently only 10 of them, so even with the blessings, Allen's attack power was only 1300.

"Hey, hey, what's the matter?

 As I was thinking about this, sure enough, my homeroom teacher comes in carrying a sword. It seems that your homeroom teacher, who is a great swordsman like Krsna, will take Krsna in.

 Unfortunately, Krsna heads a little further away.

 And then a mock battle with the Refol begins. You can hear steel swords clinking everywhere.

(The level of the Refol has improved quite a bit. My attack power is around 800 or so. I'd guess it's around 35 levels. Dogora had about 1000 at the same level.

 Anticipate the offensive power in sword fights coming from the refol. Maybe this is the strength of the swordsman's talent in the first year.

 The normal mode requires about 330,000 experience to reach level 35. I expect this is what you should be able to achieve in a C-class dungeon as you level up.

 Crossing swords with Refol reminds me of Cecil's brother Mihai. I can't help but wonder what he was thinking when he attended the school.


Hey, hey, you broke that big sword of yours!

"Are you serious, Dr. Karlovac?

"Krsna's sword is broken too!


 A cheer goes up from a little distance as Allen is lost in thought, having a mock battle with Refol.

 Both of the two large swords for mock battles have been damaged by the offensive force of Krsna and her teacher, Karolova. A deafening metallic sound echoes in the school's playground.

"......, wait a minute.

 The homeroom teacher returns to the schoolhouse, clutching the sword that has been snapped off from its base.


 Allen sees his homeroom teacher returning to the school building and resumes a mock battle with Refol. And summons the summoned beast of the bird E high in the sky.

Wait! Mr. Karlovac, you are in trouble. That's not a mock battle sword!

"Huh? It's okay.

"What, what's okay?

 The homeroom teacher comes back. There are about 200 gifted swordsmen here, so there are several instructors. The homeroom teacher carries two unsharpened mithril swords on his shoulders, and one of the instructors rushes in to stop him.

'It's a small place. Krena, let's do it a little farther back.


 Crenna and the homeroom teacher move away from the other students. Then the mock battle resumes. Both of them wield the great mithril sword without a care in the world.

 They're quite a distance apart, but the sound of their swords clashing is music to Allen's ears.

Karova is slightly ahead. Just a little bit. Is this a status quo match, or is Sensei's swordsmanship and other skills higher than yours? (And Krena's swordsmanship is still 5)

 Although Krsna has been raised to level 57, her homeroom teacher still has a slight advantage over her swordsman talent.

 Perhaps because her homeroom teacher has a slight advantage, Krsna looks very happy. She is furiously swinging her sword.

 The reason Allen dives into dungeons is to get stronger. Even if you don't get very strong after diving a dungeon, it's still fun if it helps you get stronger. It doesn't bother me if I keep hunting 10,000 goblins to get stronger one day.

 But Krsna isn't hiding in dungeons to get stronger. It's because she enjoys wielding the sword and fighting. Fighting itself is Krsna's goal. And it's fun to swing the sword with all your might.
 She practices with Dogora, who has nearly 2,000 attack power, but Krsna is holding back.
 The B-ranked monsters are starting to feel weak as well.
 A-ranked monsters are very strong, which makes the dungeons more fun to play in.

 And now there's someone stronger than me. Before the summer break, he was my exclusive partner, and I'm still very happy that he's not a match for me.

I wonder if it's okay. I have about three hours of afternoon classes.

 It's the afternoon practical training, which lasts about three hours from 1 p.m. Crenna and the homeroom teacher both look like they're at their best.

 About two hours later, the chime rings.

You've conquered a Class A dungeon: ......

 Breathing on her shoulder, the homeroom teacher praises Krsna.

(Hmm? (I feel like I'm getting a glare from my homeroom teacher)

 Apparently, he thinks that Allen is the reason why Krsna is so strong. He might be wondering what made him so strong. I wonder if that wasn't what my homeroom teacher had planned.

Oh, thank you very much. I'll see you tomorrow!

 Crenna is also breathing heavily with her chest. We just finished practicing, but I'm already thinking about tomorrow's practice.

I'm sure. And, oh, yeah. Krena, Allen.

 Everyone else is cleaning up and heading back to the building for homeroom at the end of the day. So does Allen.

 Then, as if remembering, the homeroom teacher calls out.

What is it?

The president of the university called. I'll come with you to the president's office later.

 The dean has called Allen and Krena and asked them to go to the dean's office with their homeroom teachers.