142 140 Recommendations

 When the afternoon practical training was over, I was told by my homeroom teacher that the dean wanted me to come to his office.
 He asks me to head to the president's office so he can talk with me.
 He says that it's all of Allen's party.

 As Allen and his friends head to the president's office with their homeroom teacher, they think about the day's plans.

(Hmm, it's auction day.)

 Today is October 1. Today is the first day of school after summer vacation.
 And it's the day of the auction run by the Adventurer's Guild.

 I haven't been able to go to the auction since I heard about it in August.
 I haven't saved up enough money yet, so I don't plan to rush to participate, but I wanted to go today if I could.

(Well, participating in the auction would give me one less day to go to the dungeon, so I'll probably hire a professional intermediary from the Adventurer's Guild for this area. I think that would increase the chances of getting a gold box in the dungeon. (See if there are any items on the 25th of the previous month that you might want, and ask for an intermediary if you need one, even if you have to pay a fee.

 The dungeon rewards include a wooden box, a silver box and a gold box. So far, there is no gold box in any level of dungeons. There may be a limit to the number of gold boxes that can appear in a dungeon, maybe one per day.

 On the 25th of every month, you can find out what items are sold at auction. Since the 25th is a school vacation, I'm thinking of checking the status of the auction and requesting the item as it is.

 After the president's talk, I'm going to discuss this with everyone at the base.

 Here, the homeroom teacher says. I'll walk into the president's office, which is located in a different building from the school building where Allen and his students usually take their morning liberal arts classes.

 The president was not in the president's office.

Tsk, well, I guess it's no use. Wait here a minute.

 The principal is royalty of the elven kingdom of Rosenheim. The homeroom teacher, who clicks her tongue at such royalty from another land, thinks that rank and file don't matter. My homeroom teacher is going to call for the president. I'm relaxing on the couch and waiting for her to come back. She'll be here soon.

"So, how was your A-level dungeon conquest?

 While waiting for the principal to arrive, the homeroom teacher sits in front of me and asks me about the dungeon.

The dungeons were quite large, so it's a good thing we were able to capture them during the summer vacation. The traps were harder than the monsters.

 Allen usually responds with what he thinks.

"Yeah, right. What are you going to do? You got a certificate of capture, right?

 I'm going to ask him more bitingly. I wonder if he's wondering what we're going to do in the future.

''For now, I think we'll spend a year or so conquering the three remaining A-class dungeons in the academy city, and then spend the rest of the year conquering the other A-class dungeons in the kingdom.

"Oh! You're going for an S-class dungeon while you're in school!

 The homeroom teacher reacts to Allen's words in a loud voice. His expression is quite happy.

(Hmm? Doesn't this look like you care what we're up to? The dungeon conqueror is a bit of a wanderer. (He's a former adventurer, after all.)

 Allen and the others have already discussed how to conquer the S-class dungeon.
 We've decided to try to complete the S-class dungeons while we're in school.
 You may be able to get more valuable items.

 However, the A-class dungeons will take about 4 months to complete if you attend school. Three of them would take 12 months to complete. Considering that the spring break is next March, I aim to complete them in about 10 months. This will allow you to complete all four A-class dungeons in the city.

 Then, I set a goal of conquering the other A-class dungeons in the kingdom in two months of next summer's vacation.

Can you go to an S-class dungeon, Karova-sensei?

No, I got three A's. It used to be that all the talented guys went to dungeons.

 My homeroom teacher had conquered three A-class dungeons.
 With a sigh of relief, he says.

 He said that adventurers once risked their lives to capture dungeons. That's why your homeroom teacher became an adventurer, or so she tells you.

(Well, until the demon king came to attack, there must have been many talented people who could capture dungeons. There used to be many adventurers who wanted to make S-class dungeons.

 I guess there were much more items coming out of dungeons in the past.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

 Then the dean comes in. He apologizes for keeping you waiting and sits down on the sofa.

What can I do for you today?

"I heard that your party has conquered an A-class dungeon. I wanted to talk to you about your participation in the school martial arts tournament.

 I'll tell you why I called you here right away.

School Martial Arts Tournament?

(Huh? I don't know. (Was there such an event?)

"Yeah, first years don't usually participate. I'm sure Ms. Karlova didn't say anything about it.

 With a question mark appearing on the faces of the Arens, the president gives us an overview of the school martial arts tournament.

 It's held in October every year. Participants are mainly second and third year students.

 It takes place in the arena set up in the school.
 As it is a martial arts tournament, the participating students are talented in physical attacks such as sword, axe, spear and fighting.
 It's a tournament format, with about 100 participants. The number of participants is reduced to 16 in the preliminary round, and then the final round. The last one is the winner. It takes one day for the preliminaries and one day for the finals.

(There are about 3,000 students per school year, and only 100 participants?)

 Allen thinks that's a lot less.

"There will be guests from all over the world. There will be royalty from the kingdom.

 Dignitaries from all over the world come to the convention.

Oh, I see.

 That's what I heard on some level.

"So I'd like to have Allen and Crenna go to the convention.



(How does that make me a participant in this conversation?

 I've been listening to Krsna's joy at participating in the tournament, and the question of what Allen is saying comes up.

What's going on?

No, why am I talking about participating in a convention? Is Dogora wrong?

No, Dogora is not a proper candidate. You need a recommendation from the school to participate in this tournament. Dogora would be a challenge at this point.

 The President clearly says it's not possible at Dogora.

(Hmmm, that's a pretty tough cutoff for a 1-star freshman? A freshman with 1-star talent is a tough sell?


 Dogora doesn't say anything. He seems to think that's true.

"I'm an E in offensive ability, and if you're talking about a martial arts tournament, you're no better than Dogora, right?

 A martial arts tournament, but Allen's ability value says that he is not suitable for fighting with a weapon in the rear guard type.

This tournament is open to the use of skills. It doesn't matter if you use your summoner's talents.

(Are you inviting to see the talent of the summoner? You asked me to show you the choroske when you took the exam. (I showed you the choroske.)

 The dean bites down on you.

 Allen basically doesn't want to do anything that doesn't interest him or make sense. If it's for the family, or for your friends, or because you've been good to me, I'll do it, but otherwise, I basically don't.

 And Allen is convinced that the most useless thing in the world is fighting and the tournaments that come with it.

 This is a battle between humans, not monsters. If it's for training and skill leveling, I understand, but otherwise, it's useless.

 There's a saying in Allen that 'PvP (Player Versus Player) produces nothing'.

"No, no, my summoning skills are not something that can be presented to the best senior citizens in such a school.

"Really? If I win, I will be able to challenge the Swordsman's Doberg?

 If you win the tournament, there's a bonus for you. That's the right to challenge the holy man, Doberg. It seems Doberg comes all the way to this tournament.

Huh? This would be nice. I'd like to see how well Krsna knows her way through an A-class dungeon against Doberg. (Maybe this will give us an idea of how far Krsna has come.

I see, that's great. I'm wondering how well Krsna will be able to communicate with an active swordsman.

If Crenna is . I'm just going to have to attend.

You can, but you'll lose the first game, right? There's nothing to benefit from participating, is there?

 If you put me out, he declares, "I'll lose the first game in a lethargic match. Both my fellow students and my homeroom teacher listen to this exchange between the president and Allen. My homeroom teacher says nothing and seems somewhat impressed. I'm sure this is the right attitude from an adventurer's point of view.

 Cecil is still sighing as if it can't be helped. I thought Allen would be easy to get in your face if you made him do something he didn't want to do, even in the city of Granville.

"Profit. Yeah, the kingdom's royalty is coming. I hear you're being treated well when you win.

"Are you royalty?

"Yes. Are you ready to join us?

"No, not at all.


 Well, it seems to be resigned to the fact that there is no choice. Is this a recommendation to participate in the tournament or are they not forcing you to do so?

Are there any royals coming by the way?

"Hmm? I heard the Dauphin is coming.

 A thousand-year-old Rector doesn't seem to have such a polite way of addressing royalty of other countries.

(Hmm? The Dauphin is coming. (I should at least remember his face for this one.

 The school martial arts competition takes place in the second week of October. Allen does his best to turn down the nomination and Krena joins him for the championship. Then the fated Dauphin arrives.